Brenda Song's Workout Routine

Brenda Song's Workout Routine
  • Brenda Song Works It Out
  • Channing Tatum in Eclipse?
  • Kellan Lutz talks Robert Pattinson
  • Remember Me, Robert Pattinson
  • Go backstage at DWTS with Julianne Hough
  • Adrienne Bailon: Operation Smile
  • Bandslam and They Came From Upstairs are must-avoid movies???
  • V Factory will be appearing in studio at WIXX in Green Bay, Wisc. on May 13th. If you want to meet the boys, they’ll be there around 11:30AM (WIXX 101, 1420 Bellevue St, Green Bay, WI 54311). The boys will be playing a free show the same night in Wausau, Wisc.
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  • I said so!

    yeah i guess i can live perfectly without bandslam and they came from upstairs!^^

  • piwi

    i’m gonna to watch bandslam…and i don’t think that the movies are must-avoid movies..!!!!

  • awurbii

    For some of us “bandslam” and “they came from upstairs” wouldn’t be movies we want to watch……and for others they are. With movies like this it depends usually on their age. As teenagers we would want to watch bandslam and they came from upstairs. the person that wrote that review is an adult. their not for his demographic. he favoured “up” because it was a pixar film and their always top grade. i’m not expecting bandslam or they came from upstairs to be killer films but i think they’ll be fun to watch. That’s why i see them as must-see movies.

  • Katiie

    but bandslam looks soo good! i agrree with they came from upstairrs though

  • holly

    i agree with #3 probs because the critics are writing to an older demographic, but the trailer of ‘they came from upstairs’ does look pretty awful to be honest, though i LOVE Robert Hoffman!

  • Sofia

    oh well….i like nessa but that bandslam…mmm…i doesn’t seem original nor funny nor interesting…so actually dunno if i’m gonna see it…:/
    but i agree for they came from upstairs…it sounds too silly and banal…

    btw i agree with awurbii, it’s obliviously that the review was written by an adul!XD the comment was pretty hiarious though…!;) and it’s clear bandslam would annoy someone who search a ‘serious’ movie or something really well done, u know…i don’t want to be mean, i’m just saying i understand the point of view of the writer…and i repeat, i like nessa a lot…the prob is the film…i’m soo watching SP and death@17 (if she’s gonna do it) but i’m not gonna watch bandslam nor beaslty…i read the book and i completely dislike it!i expected something better from Alex Flinn (the writer), she’s a good writer of realistic books…but this one is just…copying from th beauty and the beast, from cinderella and it came out another love story with too much sugar!XD

    u know…i’m just trying to say i don’t use to see automatically a movie cuz one of my fav actor/acress is in it…really…i do love zac and 17again seems funny,but me and orson wells is the one i’m waiting for!*-* and if he really does life and death of charlie st cloud wowo!=) i’ve read the book and i like it a lot!=)

    i hope no one will kill me for my comment…;)

  • mine

    I LOVE BRENDA!!!!!!!! SO GORGEOUS!!!!!!

  • Luna

    Love Brenda! *-* sHe is so lucky she gets to work out with her mom.. and shes to thin.

  • Kiki


  • mine

    @Sofia: who cares? bandslam seems good. one critic’s opinion doesn’t matter. And is that an old pic of brenda? it may be from her b-day bash.

  • iwanna


  • briley

    What is when they came down stars?? LMO Anyways Brenda should do pilates more, she will loose more pounds in seconds, I guess she used to do pilates and then started gaining and losing weight, she has a great, perfect, curvy figure now but last year in jan-march 08 she was really really thin. It was like she was shedding her weight.. I’m glad she is gone back to thin/curvy looks. She looks absolutely amazing and terrific now.

  • Lolo

    brenda flows in gorgeousness…

  • Sofia

    @mine:aww thx ur really sweet!><
    when u comment ur supposed to share ur opinion with other ppl…so i did…

  • Sofia

    @mine:aww thx ur really sweet!><
    when u post a comment ur supposed to share ur opinion with other ppl…so i did…

  • Hales

    brenda looks beautiful! :] i hate exercising..

  • roory

    brenda is reeally gorgeous

  • Sel

    I love Brenda !!!!

  • SOS

    I really like running sometimes, when it warm ;) Brenda is really athletic! I don’t think that channing will join eclipse.

  • fan

    Sofia…17 Again is not a original either. It is harsh of remakes starting from Freaky Friday, 10 Going on 30, Big, Like Father Like Son, etc. There over 10 movies in the past that 17 Again is a rehatch of going back in time or being young again or being old or trading bodies. 17 Again is not an original at all. Read the critics on that movie, most of the critics were very polite due because it was a movie for tweens/teens, and it is just a money making movie robbing from the tweens/teens girls; but there were some critics that just flat out foot stumped on that movie.

  • Jaline091

    Who cares about big round head??? Sorry she is kinda ugly, I’m just saying. Stick with character acting roundy.

  • ivanka

    bandslaam hell yeah its so rocky and kind of a musical but they came from upstairs? come on a alien movie and stupid tweenies running? of course not!


  • funny

    shutup all of you!!!

  • Thatsillogical

    what does v factory have to do with brenda song

  • Sofia

    @fan:as i said i don’t care about reviews or other opinions, i was just saying i’m gonna watch 17again cuz it seems funny, i’m gonna watch SP and death@17 cuz they seem interesting and i’m not gonna watch bandslam nor beastly cuz I don’t find them interesting…who cares about those reviews?i just wrote i agree with this particular one, nothig special!
    and btw do u think bandslam is a film for adults?
    nope, it’s for kids and teens as well, so i guess the writer didn’t give a crap of this and just wrote what he thought…

  • mine

    @Jaline091: SCREW YOU!! IDIOT!!!

  • lily

    @Thatsillogical: nothing, its newsie. and who the hell are v factory? nobodies.

  • BABY

    BRENDA ROCKS!!!! :d

  • mine

    brenda isnt wearing any makeup, this shows shes reallly really beautiful

  • teenfashionista

    OMG! I love yoga too, i think that brenda doesn’t need to exercise like me because queen b has a thin body already. Love Brenda <3

  • jorendafan4ever

    I J’adore Brenda Song!

  • JorendaLove

    brenda is gorgeous
    please come to turkey, brenda
    turkey loves ya :P

  • brit

    She looks amazing, I wish i could pull off all the looks she wears.

  • jorendaluvver

    brenda is sooooo cute <333

  • SLODfanatic

    Brenda said in an interview while shooting Boogie Town that she was offered a role in SP..

  • sel

    brenda is fabulous -)

  • 90210ggfan

    Brenda is really awesome :):):)

  • roxy

    bren roxx

  • belles

    Brenda looks so gorgeous! Love her =]

  • brianna

    brenda’s way pretty :D i cant wait to see boogie town

  • b

    Ohhhhhh she’s so beautiful!

  • brendasongfan4life

    beautiful as always…haters,go annoy anothers life..

  • mine

    She looks gorgeous

  • 6

    God Bless brenda.

  • dizneyfan101

    i cant wait to see boogie town

  • Bailey

    love bren so much!!!
    she looks amaing all the time!!

  • mine


  • Jenny

    bren is awesome

  • Hannah

    Brenda is beyond beautiful.

  • drift

    Bren is divine! :)
    I’m her #1 fan foreva
    I love Bren!!!!