Nick Jonas is a Burger King Boy

Nick Jonas is a Burger King Boy

Nick Jonas chows down on a Burger King sandwich with pop Kevin Paul Jonas, Sr. at Nashville International Airport on Tuesday morning (April 28).

The 16-year-old musician was reported to be in the area to help out pal Jordan Pruitt on her upcoming album.

The JoBros wrote in their MySpace that they all were taking a mini-vacation before the start of promotions for their upcoming tour and CD. They wrote, “We have finished our new CD and TV show. We are now enjoying some much needed time off. It is amazing to stop and rest but we can’t stop thinking about how much we want to sing and perform our new songs for you this year. Next week will be the premiere of our new Disney Channel TV show, JONAS. We really hope you love it. We worked hard on it.”

15+ pics inside of Nick Jonas: The Burger King Boy…

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    ahhh i love himmm !!
    cant wait for new album !!!

    first ?

  • listen to mayday parade

    Damn he’s so cute!!

    But I’m selling my row 7 floor seats to their concert in Toronto. I just don’t think I’ll enjoy being around tens of thousands of screaming tween/ teen girls…

  • ivanka

    aw nick .. is it me or he said once he had a crush on jordan? im not traying to start a rumor

  • Jess

    ohhh he’s so cute!

  • casey

    nick nick nick……
    were did your looks go
    just an average guy now

  • maggie

    @casey: i disagree, he’s very handsome!

  • amanda

    even when they r on vacation he’s working!! he’s probably going back to la…

  • Vanessa

    hes soooo freakin cuttee! ;) and even cuter when hes eating a burger!

  • cathy

    dude, he’s cute even when he’s eating, haha
    can’t wait for my JB concert!!!!

  • heather

    such stalkers.
    let the poor boy eat ;)

    hes amazinnnnnnnnng

    WEMBLEY- LONDON :DD cant wait

  • helen


    how can you say that, he looks so good in these pictures!!!

  • nileyrocks

    aw, he’s coming back to la for miley :D

  • EMI

    I Looooove him <3 <3 <3

  • Sarah

    Let him eat! Gosh!

  • lauren

    ooooo. looks serious…

  • mate

    nick why so serious is dad talking about the bird and the bees!! hahah!

  • Maria

    i love him :D
    but why Burger King?
    Im a vegetarian!
    Haha :P

  • brigget

    what happen to his looks,hes so ugly now

  • emmaxx

    ohh, he’s soo cute !
    i <3 nick.

  • Lauren

    so could someone explain to me please why people dislike nick for how he treated selena? because i don’t know what happened – all i know was that they were in a relationship but kept denying it then he said he was single on leno or letterman or something, can someone explain thanks

  • hey

    haha his faces crack me up

  • http://none betty

    i LOVE him so much and i can’t wait for there new CD!!!

  • Andrea

    adorrrrable :)

  • Sarah Jonas

    yeah! i don’t get either if they didn’t even say anything about their break up then why are people hating on nick??? wtf? thats messed up

  • Lauren c

    I think nick and selena r friends now.
    Don’t hate him

  • nikki

    can someone please please please tell me if Nick is dating Jordan Pruitt? I mean i want him to be happy, but Jordan !?! Selena seems best for him.

  • brooke


    I agree with you completely! Everyone acts like they know what happened between them and think, for some odd reason, that Nick treated Selena bad… it’s so ridiculous! People should stop trying to point blame at people and just accept that fact that some relationships just don’t work out. They dated for a year and broke up, they are both moving on and they both look happy and that’s the end of the story as we know it. We shouldn’t throw all the hate on one person when we don’t know what went down between them and because they were both only 15 when they started dating, it was naive to think they would last forever newayz.

    He looks soo cute in these pics by the way lol. Is it just me, or does he always look really hot when he is eating? haha. Can’t wait for new show and album!

    Much love!

  • daniej

    DAMN, people saying nick now looks like a ‘normal’ guy now – I would love to live your town if they all look like nick (;
    he is too cute tbh :)
    Wemebly London 15/06/09 premium tickets baby (H)

  • Rachel Jonas

    I agree haha, im a massive fan of nick but not that keen on selena i dont know why im just not. But i hate people who asume that nick was playing selena or being a jerk, when really no one knows what happened. For all you could know it might have been selenas fault or they just jad a change in heart. That happens! People break up and move on so why cant you too? They have broken up that is the end of nelena…and there is no proof it was nicks fault…..Nick looks really cute in these pictures, How has he lost his looks? I just think he has gotten a whole lot hotter…That boy is growing up very nicely hehe

  • Victoria

    aww he looks so focused on whatever his dad is saying, that’s so cute :)

  • Victoria

    @daniej: hahah i know seriously, i would move in an heartbeat :)

  • nini_cyrus_jonas_lovato

    nicky are so cute..!!
    but i love mcdonald’s…!!

  • Sonia

    Nick looks good anyway he dresses =]
    i mean look at him
    but i think his looks are like iceing on cake
    he has amazing talent! thats whats important

  • deen.jonas

    oh boy !!
    oh boy !!
    oh boy !!
    oh boy !!
    hey,is niley back ?? uh, I don’t hope so..
    jobros, kapan ke indonesia ??

  • Lucila

    is simpleI Love you

    honey honey ♫

    can’t wait to see in River Plate Sta. ahaha

    honey honey ♫

  • ella1170

    @listen to mayday parade:
    Your selling?!! Can I buy?

  • disney

    he hasn’t been looking that hot lately. maybe he needs another hair cut.

  • livelaughlove

    He is probably depressed cuz he still likes selena and selena found someone else HAHA ugh i just have a feeling he used selena!! I LOVE him but i hate players… srry for my opinion its just what i think..

  • Miley & The JoBros ROCK!

    OH M GOSH “brigget”
    are you blind??? :roll:
    Nick Jonas is sooooooo
    dang cute. Honestly
    I’m worried about
    you lol.

    I <3 Nick
    he’s the cutest boy
    ever. He’s just
    cute thats all I can say
    lol :)
    Can’t wait for
    the album, the show
    and the WORLD TOUR!!!!!!

  • tori

    the picture is sooo stalkerish. but i loveee that boy so much..he;s just so darn cute!!! :D hehe. (and yes i did say darn..corny yes i know) hahahah!

  • punkette

    lol, wow, that’s a lot of pictures of nick eating the same burgur…

  • Megan from england

    look at him he is so cute he’s growing up so quickly one day he’s a cute 12 – 13 year old next he’s a hot 16 year old having a nice chat to his dad. awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Hi everyone,

    Sorry that i say but Nick Jonas is so U G L Y*!
    How can he have a relationship with Miley & Selena?
    Miley and Selena are beauty then him

    xoxoxoxo myrella

  •; Momo

    NASHVILLE INTERNATIONAl! omg. I live like an hour away!

  •; Momo

    NASHVILLE INTERNATIONAl! omg. I live like an hour away!

  • nicknisti

    when do jobros come to asia ?
    there are many people in my country that love you guys

  • nicknisti

    when will jobros come to asia ?
    there are many people in my country that love you guys

  • izzy


  • Laura

    @Lauren: I dont exactly know how they broke up but i know that Selena and Taylor Lautner are datin!
    I dont really like selena that much but i dont hate her so tbh im kinda happy that they broke up but taylor is to hot to be with selena but i actually shouldnt say that cuz its up to them who they love… ;)

  • Lauren

    thanks for commenting back, so no one really knows what happened – i think it may be because, they didn’t tell anyone and maybe she wanted to, thanks anyways