Vanessa Hudgens is a Caras Cover Girl

Vanessa Hudgens is a Caras Cover Girl

Vanessa Hudgens takes the June 2009 cover of Brazil magazine, Caras.

Now we know what the 20-year-old actress and boyfriend Zac Efron were really doing in Brazil!

Vanessa dished about her music plans, musicals and what she loves about Brazil. Check it:

On if she’d make another musical in the future: “Without a doubt. But right now, I want something more mature to perhaps shock the fans. I’m only 20 and can’t play a high school student forever. I want other challenges.”

On her next album and musical background: “I started singing because of Celine Dion. I couldn’t stop singing her songs, so I became a singer. Also I adore Christina Aguilera and I listened to her album, Stripped. I thought, ‘She is this insane person,’ but I love her sound. I want to discover my style and when people hear it, I want them to know that it’s me. For the next record, I plan to write songs based on my experiences.”

On what she loves about Brazil: “[It's] incredible. The water is clear and pretty. It’s not cold as Los Angeles (in January). I use these trips to my advantage so I can relax and find a peace of mind. It is good because I come back refreshed. In the States, it’s still a bit cold and I adore heat. I love walking barefoot and having contact with nature here, but I don’t like the ants.”

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  • me



    she is like… orange
    i dont like it

  • sweetnessa

    awwww she’s so beautiful!!!!
    i love vanessa!!!!!

  • gi cantelli *

    OMG OMG. I’m gonna buy this magazine now. BRASIL RULEZ (:

    ADOREI VER A VANESSA NA CAPA DA CARAS (: olha a diva fazendo sucesso no Brasil.


  • jessie

    OMG baby v you’re just so cute!
    me and zac love you LOL
    you’re so damn beautiful!!!!!!!!
    zanessa forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dee


  • Jess ( brazil)


  • listen to mayday parade

    yeah someone effed up huge on this magazine… she is too orange and looks different in all the pics. this girl is naturally beautiful – yet not in these pictures… she looks nice in #6 thats it… they should fire their photoshopper

  • listen to mayday parade

    also “its not cold liek los angeles (in january) lol sorry thats hilarious because she should come to canada in january then she will think LA is hot!

  • nickummsss

    omg!! she looks beautfiul in most of the natural shots, but they photoshoped her beyond belief! i love her natural tan not that ugly fake tan!
    i love her regardless!! shes beautiful
    ZANESSA for life!

  • Matheus

    OMG i loved i’m frm Brazil and i need buy this !!!Tomorow i going to the Library !

  • rin


  • erin

    what the hell is up with her face? im sorry but it just looks weird.
    and she is way to orange here. whoever did this photoshoot screwed up.

  • me

    She’s talking about the water in LA still being cold in January.

  • dani

    MY STAAR *-*’

  • jackie

    aww she looks pretty

  • ingodwetrust

    vanessa is sooo beautiful in these pics.i really like the cowgirl theme in pic 2.vanessa is always beautiful so im not surprised these turned out good.although i think their camera is messed up cause her face looks blury.oh well there still gorgeous.

  • suzy

    Whoever made her orange totally fails at their job, she still looks very cute.

  • zanessa=hearts

    What is up with all that crappy photo-doctoring. Her natural beauty is totally lost. We know she doesn’t look like that. Whoever was in charge of making these pics “better” obviously destroyed them!

  • Kris

    yeah ! i think she’s pretty BUT holy crap.
    these pics look horrible !
    she’s orange and that cover doesn’t even look like her face.


  • raul nunes

    i’m from brazil and i’ll buy the magazine on the next week!
    she looks perfect, love her <33

  • laura

    OMG, I’m brazilian! Can’t wait to buy it :D

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Mmm, they so chose the best picture for the cover. SEXY !! :D ..Though, she does looks kinda orange…whoever edited the front must be..something. Oh Vanessa, you’ll surprise me with anything you do. She likes a challenge. So do I. Can’t wait for her next album !! ..Her writing songs about her experiences…nicee.

    And @listen to mayday parade: AGREED.

  • cait

    what have they done!



    I’m so glad she likes Brasil xD true diva

  • letícis

    uau !!!
    ela ta lindaaaaaa

  • (:

    jared didn’t post the rest of the intreview! D:
    She talks about zac and her family too :D

  • dani

    cool amaizing

    good choice CARAS MAGAZINE

  • ladysdsandiego


    she is gorgeous and stunning!!!
    i love her!!!

  • OE


  • Lucila

    she’s near Argentina

  • gabi

    she is orange because she is tan!!

  • funny

    eww they messed it up
    big time lol

  • hititquitit

    she REALLY looks like mila kunis here no joke
    but she’s beautiful
    and wonder if Zac was there when they took these?

  • gabi

    the sun i brazil is really hot! maybe thats the why she is “orange”

  • zanessa4everr

    she looks gorgeous

  • Clara (brazil)

    OMG, Vanessa is great in this cover! I have this magazine here in my house! BRAZIL ROOOOOOOOOOOOCKS!

  • dani

    i love this girl in the photo number three she is like a princess of brazil i mean she is a princess zacis lucky guy

  • KAMI

    so this is the trip to brazil that zac “tagged along” on. hahahahahah. love it that he’s tagging along with here. :P :P :P :P

    tagging along with vanessa.

  • http://zanessa nathalia

    the other amazing photos

  • Jazmin

    Gorgeous… thanks JJJ

  • Naomi

    Alex Pettyfer has been confirmed as Vanessa’s leading man in Beastly:

  • aMANDA

    AHHHHH So that’s what they were doing here!!! So good to finally know.
    this is AMAZING.
    I’m from Brazil and a big Vanessa fan… what the heck though, what she said about ants made it seem like they kill people or something lol, there are ants everywhere, not just Brazil hahah.

  • Katty

    She looks high and orange, but I love her anyways. I hope we get a zanessa sighting soon!

  • vanessa fan love


  • Bruna

    Oh my god, I do not believe it! Finally, the guys put Baby V on the cover! Oh, I buy this magazine, that I have to buy!

    Note: I am Brazilian and I am very happy diva’s coming here with Zac and still have these photos done well and have spoken in Brazil. Because he can be everything, but it is wonderful! If they wish, may again that the fans leave. : p

    Sorry for my english, but a can’t speak verry good!

  • V…4ever

    I was so impatient for this photoshoot and this is what I get. I am disappointed not in Vanessa, her poses show how sexy and sassy she is, but why did they retouch her pictures? She is soooo naturaly beautiful. . .why,why oh WHYYYYYYYY
    I love you V. I wish I could buy the mag for the rest of the interview. Can’t wait for her movies and next album.
    I still can’t get over those awful pictures. These people should get fired. They messed up and surely didn’t know what they were doing. GGGAAAHHHH. I M SO MAD……

  • meeee

    can any1 post the rest of the interview??! plz.
    thank youuhhh!!

  • Fêe


    i love her! *-*

  • Marisa

    VAI BRASIL!!!!!

>>>>>>> staging1