Vanessa Hudgens: Fringe Boot Beautiful

Vanessa Hudgens: Fringe Boot Beautiful

Vanessa Hudgens rocks an off-the shoulder top and fringe boots while pampering herself with a mani-pedi-massage at Garden Nail Salon on Monday (April 27) in Studio City, Calif.

The 20-year-old High School Musical star recently topped People‘s “Beautiful At Every Age” list (out of 41 spots). The mag writes, Vanessa “is happy to do away with the daily duties of wearing makeup, especially when a special someone told her she didn’t need it. Could that person be boyfriend Zac Efron? The chances are good, since he confessed to Rolling Stone that Hudgens is a very sexy woman.”

15+ pics inside of fringe boot beautiful Vanessa Hudgens

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Photos: Limelightpics, Fame Pictures
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    THANKS JJJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE’S AMAZING AND GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE BANG IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU BABY V!!!!!!!!!! YOU’RE ALWAYS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HOPE THAT YOU COME HERE IN ITALY!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!

  • Lauri

    vanessa looks really amazing !

  • tami

    hiii my name is tami and i live in israel i love zanessa and i have a website about vanessa.
    vanessa if you read this comment please try to come to israel there are many fans of you hereeee

  • lovely

    3rd \:D/
    Vanessa always looks amazing @-)

  • .stars.

    she’s very pretty! i love her!:))

  • sweetnessa


  • nanaz

    Beautiful as always!!

  • http://zanessa nathalia

    good that she is back,
    beautiful as always
    vanessa has style

  • sweetnessa

    awww beautiful!!

  • suzy


  • biggest vanessa hudgens fan!

    she looks beautiful. I just adore her,.

  • thamina

    Vanessa is beautiful as always!
    she looks amazing
    i wanna meet her!
    love u vanessa (i love her)

  • mae

    lovin’ the shit she’s wearing.
    she’s so dang beautiful!

  • mae

    edit from my last post: it’s shirt not, you get the word.

  • e

    she looks amazing, can’t wait too see all of her new projects.

  • Chris

    OMG, v look gorgeous, amazing and beautiful. I Love her and her outfit. U rock, Vanessa.

  • Katty

    She looks cute. And, she is wearing her ring! Shouldn’t Zac be home soon? Do you think she checks this site to see what he is doing too? Well, obviously he calls her, but whatever.
    I love her, and can’t wait for her movies.

  • Dramaqween

    Gooooooosh she’s looks sexy , even thogt she’s dosen’t wear something huge , she’s totally a fashion icon , I loooooove her so much

  • zac and vanessa

    i love katty coments. as i agree with her…
    when is zac coming back to accompany his gf before they both get even more busy!!!!
    go for a vacation man

  • susan

    soooooooooooo beautiful .
    i love her so much.

  • zanessafan4ever


  • cutie

    i love her hair up like that very cute.
    she is very simple and natural beauty.

  • QueenBee

    i just love her.
    she always looks good, she’s on fire. BURNNNN!

  • Rosa

    i <3 that girl ..
    always STUNNING *.*

  • witchygirl

    so cute

  • Jerk

    She’s soooooo sexy

  • maria

    She always wears what looks good and feels good for her!! I love that she has such a fun way with her clothes, and that’s why she’s fun to watch!! I always want to see what she’s wearing!!

    I did laugh though after I saw these pics……how do you put boots on like that after a pedi???? LOL I’d totally mess my pedi!!

  • zanessa4everr


  • ayen

    Gorgeous!! I love that her fringe is back. ^^

  • pink sugar


    Please calm down before you post. C’mon why would Vanessa check JJJ on Zac whereabouts?????? LOL

    Like the boots

  • Lauren

    i love her and her style – like even when shes not wearing anything fabulous she makes it look fabulous…and also, she has her bangs cut a lot you know into a full bang but then a few weeks later she’ll not have it and her fringe will have been grown into her own hair – how does she grow it out so quickly?

  • lslsharon

    so gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    vanessa looks amazing all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    love nessa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • erin

    She didn’t top the list. The list is just ages 20-60, and she’s 20 so she was number 1.

  • eddie

    i love her and her outfits

    wait, minus the boots…im not so into those fringe boots

  • may

    i love her!!!! =)

  • jane

    hey just so you know… the beautiful at every age thing was only in the order of age, so thats why she was first

  • Naomi

    Yes, it’s in the order of age, not that it matters. Out of the mass of female celebrities, each was picked to represent an age and to think she was picked to represent her age is an honor. They could easily have started from age 21.

    She is just quietly distinguishing herself from the rest of the young stars. It’s an honor to be the youngest of a group of women chosen to represent timeless beauty.

  • Jazmin

    so simple but yet so beautiful..

    Thanks JJJ

  • lai

    love her!!!!!!!!!

  • vannie

    she is my inspiration.
    God Bless Vanessa.

  • kathy

    pretty as always

  • jÜLIde

    she is the best

  • zane

    She’s so pretty!

  • zanessa misser

    wooooooow she look soooooooooo pretty

    i really miss her with zac soo much i wanna see them befor vanessa primer new movie stars coz if i didnt see them befor that they never gonna see each other again

    zanesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssa gooooooooooooooooo to hawii again plz

  • ♥Vanessa♥

    She’s so gorgeous!!
    I made a bangs, too, because of her :D

    Love you, Vanessa!!!

    I heared she wants to cut a single. I would be great if she would cut an album.

  • zane

    she’s smart to know if her pedicure is dry before putting your boots.

  • zane

    Vanessa was asked about Zac’s comment of getting married on his 40 at E news!

  • sara

    If she’s “happy to do without wearing makeup”, why is she always photographed wearing makeup?

  • jen s.

    shes really a fashion icon! :)

  • ronyyy

    i love beby v!!