Victoria Justice & Avan Jogia Strike A Pose

Victoria Justice & Avan Jogia Strike A Pose

Spectacular! stars Victoria Justice and Avan Jogia keep close together as they stage their own photo shoot in Vancouver this past weekend.

Victoria, 16, wrote on her official message boards, “Hey everyone! Well I got to sleep in late today, after filming really late last night, (past midnight). It felt really good, knowing that its the weekend. I’ve been having a great time on set filming. We have such a talented cast.

“My friend Avan and I hang out a lot when I’m not filming. Last week we decided to do our own photo shoot. We both love photography and had so much fun doing it. It actually turned out really good. I’ll post some pics below so you guys can see.

“My friend Josh is in town visiting, so we’ll all probably go to downtown Vancouver to hang out, (movies…maybe shopping and definitely eating). There’s this really cool place called 218 flavors of Gelato, mmmmmm…my favorite. We’re so stopping there. xoxo, Vickster.”

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Photos: Victoria Justice
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  • lily

    they would make a really cute couple

  • hey

    As pretty as she is, she’s just as sweet.
    Honstly, she is the coolest most down to earth girl.

  • maggie

    they r cute together.

  • Sarah

    They look cute together
    just don’t think the photoshoot is that good…

  • georgia

    She’s got perfect cheekbones.
    She’s way pretty :)

  • ashleigh

    i didnt know she was in vancouver. wonder what she’s shooting

  • leila

    She’s so pretty. And he’s hot! lol

  • Hannah

    Shes been shooting her new t.v show.

  • Aly

    aww i saw these from Avan. He has them posted :D

  • victoria


  • victoria

    @Aly: WHERE?.. myspace?.

  • maria

    she isint shooting her tv show..she actually filmed the pilot but now she is filming a movieee
    butt she looks beautiful

  • nessa

    wow this girl is gorgeous!

    even prettier than miley cyrus!!
    its the truth!
    this girl is exotic looking, with big eyes and dark hair!!

  • Sarah

    She’s gorgeous. Looks like a model!

  • Mikayla


    She’s shooting a movie called The Boy Who Cried Werewolf. A friend of mine was an extra. =]

  • Twitterboy

    These are great pics and they look great together. Can’t wait to see more or Victoria!!!!!

  • mishyB

    HE IS HOT; SHE IS HOT… another Version of Zanessa in the making?… haha i joke.

  • Anamaria

    i reckon shes really prettty!!! she looks like Vanessa a bit too but Vanessa’s prettier…. but still Vanessa’s older so ofcourse shes gonna look more mature and pretty but victoria is gorgeous also!! love the photos :)

  • Paul

    @Mikayla: That is cool your friend was an extra. I imagine they can’t really talk about it.

  • jenny. canada

    he looks like a guy version of her and she looks like a girl version of him. CREEPY!

  • carol

    she is beautiful, i love her

  • alee froom Monterrey,Mexico :)

    @Mikayla: COOOl! I wannt to be in an extraa of any moviee. ahahahah i want to be artistt (H)

  • samantha

    she look like Vanessa

  • carolineee


    haha, she’s WAY prettier than miley… In my opinion Miley is just average… I mean she’s not prettier than like 70% of my highschool-including me. haha I know. I’m way to honest… ;)

  • skippingsarah

    amazingly gorgeous!

  • claire

    oh my gosh victoria is soooooo gorgeous i love her

  • One sock left

    she is really coool

  • Cuteduh

    I dont find her pretty.. she is average.

  • cranberry froq

    wow, she’s beautiful.

    he’s beautiful too.

    what do you want more? ^^

    nothinq, thanks. x)

  • Lola

    wooow she’s sooo beautiful !

    and the boy too !

  • zomg

    jeez, that guy is lucky as hell, i guarantee you he is hitting that.

  • ghurl

    avan is soooooo freakin’ HOTT!

  • amberella alkaisi

    haha shes a million times better than miley cyrus! miley doesnt even come close to victoria justice, this girl is beyond beautiful in my opinion.

  • LILLy BEar

    He is soooo HOT. if he is single? lol

  • ilovevictoria

    i love you victoria

  • victor diaz

    do you wot to go out

  • http://mariacamilacahavesarango maria camila

    haha hey justin bieber how are you and you do good I love

  • sofia

    i think they’re not a cute couple…………..cause they’re HOT COUPLE!!!!!!!

  • Emoisha

    in that first pic they totally look like brother and sister to me for some reason…but i love when ppl that look alike date, it just seems right.(i think i DO need to see that therapist…)

  • http://victrious hayley bramwell

    they are so cute together maybe they are dating each other off set of victrious maybe some day they going to be parents and getting married .

  • http://googlwe donna

    r Victoria and Avan dating him? i wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  • http://p2placide penelope

    they are so cute love him and her

  • Justice Adele

    Victoria Justice & Avan Jogia match 2gether…

  • alishia kaur rai

    avan jogia lives were i live and victoria and avan jogia will make an aweome couple but there dating in real life im not kidding they reall are but avan jogia lives were i live and thats kool and once agia they make an awesome couple

  • http://googledoc lindsey

    no duh

>>>>>>> staging1