David Archuleta Confirms Official Twitter

David Archuleta Confirms Official Twitter

David Archuleta popped in from the UK — he’s on tour with McFly — to say hi to his fans and verified his official Twitter page.

The 18-year-old “Crush” crooner confirmed that he is indeed on Twitter. You can follow him @DavidArchie.

David shared, “I think it’s a great way to communicate with people and I get to respond to people sometimes. Just to let you know the random thoughts in my head…it’s fun that way. I know it doesn’t make sense a lot of times (laughs).”

David Archuleta Confirms Twitter
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  • rqel

    I’m from Spain and I doing an interview about arts and artists and writers in English speaking countries.

    Can you tell me your prefer books , writers , movies , actors, painters and Tv series. ??



    Ahh I saw McFLY last Tuesday at their Up Close and This Time it’s personal Tour at the Wolverhampton Civic Hall!!!!

    Too bad David couldn’t make it because of being already booked to perform on American Idol :-(

  • amanda

    Dear Jared,

    Please start giving updates on McFly, they need to be known in the states. I will love you forever. Thanks in advance :)

  • jj

    Woot! So glad he has a twitter. lol

  • Kaitlee

    Okay, so I guess I need to get a twitter account. Love David.

  • blue

    david is just so cute. love his msgs and his blogs and his vlogs. so so so cute.

  • hello :)

    :) he’s soooo cute! i love david! :)
    I’m sooo happy that he got a twitter :)
    <3<3<3<3 i love david! :)

  • carolline

    Love McFLY and now, love David! :)

  • kimk

    David you are awesome and love all the tweets!! More please!

  • Tatty

    I love David he is amazing
    Omg I love all his vblog
    Omg this vblog is hilarius

    Yay david you are the best

  • davar4u

    David, thx for being my sweet little birdie.

  • dbs

    David is soooooooo adorable!!! he makes me smile and laugh all the time. It’s a joy to watch him and hear him talk. I wish he would do a video blog every day :) I’m following him on Twitter of course. David, you are the best!!!

  • Lindy

    yayy, awesome !
    I hope he is having fun in the uk

  • http://www.lovingarchie.com Meleah

    His tweets are SO adorable. I love himmm!

  • rusharr

    Yeah gotta love David tweets!! have fun D at the UK!!

  • tina

    he’s so adorable (: xx

  • sv18

    im already following him C=

  • jdkef

    yesss. lol, the end was so funny

  • gi cantelli *

    hey MAN. please, could you make updates about McFLY? McFLY rock, and David too. THANKS (:

  • celeste

    I´m following him… his tweets are hillarious!!!!

  • Vitoria

    OMG I Love McFLY and I’m loving that they’re touring with David because I love David Archuleta too!!
    McFLY LOVE YOUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • grace

    David is so adorable. When you are down, just think about his smiling face. You will feel a lot better because he is a ray of sunshine. He is the most dedicated communicator for his fans. Until he gets his own girlfriend, he will give us all his love. hahaha.

  • gloria

    oh my gosh yay!!
    i’m soo glad he has twitter NOW!! he is too freaking*cute*

  • kelsy

    aww david is sooo sweet!! i freaking LOVE him!!
    WAIT!!! oh no *BYE* lol oh david you are sooo funny

  • Lucy

    I LUVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV MCFLY!!! I saw them in concert yesterday with Mcfly and they were both AMAZING!!! I got to talk 2 Davids band after the gig aswell and they were all so sweet!!! I luv the accents :D!!! X

  • http://www.missionmcflygermany.webs.com Thea

    omg i love mcfly, jared you really should do some updates for mcfly!!
    they are freaking awesome!!

  • Katie

    Finally! An update that includes McFLY!
    You so need to do more of them!

  • Mariah

    McFly= BEST BAND EVER!!!!!!!!! You should do updates for them!

  • http://JustJaredJr. Tiffany Dunbar

    OMG DAVID ARCHULETA has the CUTEST SMILE YET..he is sooo sooooo CUTE and ADORABLE and would love to Meet ARCHULETA some day he’s my DREAM CELEB PERSON i would love to meet he’s so cute I wish I could pinch his cheeks like Granny lol..and ya know I DEF. agree that Video about David being a SEX SYMBOL.I thought that was a weird word 2…and ya know DAVID so Far is Kinda like my CELEB CRUSH…lol

  • http://JustJaredJr. Tiffany Dunbar

    and would totally wanna date DAVID lol

  • http://yahoo Rona Rose Leonin

    dear David i’m one of your addict fan in Phillipines. I really admire your such a great singer nowadays.

  • http://yahoo Rona Rose Leonin

    David your such a good singer by the way i’m one of your addict fan in the Phillipines.

  • dielle

    I do brazil

  • http://www.orkut.com sherlyn

    hello…gud after noon….david archie is so cute….! archie on my twitter pls follow me….

  • http://www.orkut.com sherlyn

    helo, selena your so cute,so u always smiling face…..
    and more career…..tc…god bless….

  • Tweetytotz

    I love u david plz reply or say say something and oh yes the bird that came through the window must be good luck love ya

  • Cheryl anh

    David! I love your beautiful voice. I hope I can see you in the near future. Especially, I wish you happiness and successful. You’re always the singer I love most.

  • Cheryl anh

    I really love all of your songs . I hope you will compose your own songs in the future. I hope you will succeed in every field you participate.

  • Cheryl anh

    David! MERRY CHRISTMAS ! I hope you will have a happy christmas.

  • amiata

    hello you are hoo much fan david i see the comment she all crazy to you sorry i dont speak fine english im french by by

  • http://mcfly amiata

    hello david you are too much fan i look all this comment she are all crazy of you im sorry i dont english im french good continuation by by

  • Cheryl anh

    David! today is the first day of a new year. I hope you will have a happy new year.

  • Cheryl anh

    I like your way of answering questions in each of your interview. At that time, you always smiles and answer naturally. Besides, you look so childish and I like that.

  • http://mcfly amiata

    i david my name is amia i listen your new song that cool good continued desoler pour mon anglais je suis de france by

  • http://gmail.com bvigil

    david is so cute and i love his songs!

  • http://yahoo.com amics

    love ya david……………………..

  • http://yahoo.com amics

    love ya david,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • alejandro

    deberia cantar en español!!!

  • cherylanh

    I wish you every happiness and success. You are my idol now and forever. You are the best singer I have ever known.

  • emm

    @amanda Yes! You are totally right! Jared. PLEASE gives updates on McFLY. THANK YOU! :D

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