The Jonas Brothers are 'Paranoid'

The Jonas Brothers are 'Paranoid'

The Jonas Brothers are all set to release their new CD, Lines, Vines and Trying Times, on Tuesday, June 16.

Nick, Joe and Kevin will release their first single, Paranoid, next Friday to radio on May 8.

Paranoid will also be available on iTunes on May 12. Be on the lookout for the music video for the single will be directed by “Burnin’ Up” directors The Malloys.

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Other songs on the new album:

– “World War III” is a funk metaphor for a confrontational relationship. Nick penned the track and shared, “This is a personal experience for me. ‘World War III’ deals with the challenge of a girl who keeps attacking you, provoking you, trying to fight you, but all the while she’s the only one fighting.”

– “Fly With Me” will be featured in Night At The Museum 2, out in theaters May 22. It was written by all three JoBros and their bass player Greg Garbowsky.

– “Poison Ivy,” which was described in Rolling Stone‘s summer music preview issue as a “Weezer-ish tune about a toxic girl that you can’t resist.”

– “Hey Baby” is a classic ‘she done him wrong’ song written by the musical trio. “We wrote this song for the last record while on the road and felt the old school sound was more cohesive with our present style,” Nick said.

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  • Ximena Jonas

    OMG OMG they look soo much older lol but they are still cute looking

    -Peace Love Joe :)

  • Victoria

    I am sooo excited for this album.
    Each record that comes out from them gets better and better!

  • heather

    I am so pumped. all the songs sound so mature. these boys have grown up, and done it WELL. <3

  • tara

    OMG :) I CANT WAIIITTT :) :) haha
    i love the jonas boys and i cant flipping wait ;) :)i love nick <33
    hahah i cant wit till may 12th :( :( hahha i wanna buy it now !
    i cant ait for june 16th :) :) OMG END OF AUG = CONCERT :)
    yay :)

  • tara

    i think they should change the name to “Hey Baby”…been there…done that! haha
    omg…so many songs are called that./

    My babies really matured ;) i love them to death. i wanna meet them so badly. i love u boys!


  • tara


    YESS :)
    u going to a concert??? ANY ONE?? i am i am i am :) wow…so flipping excited!

    :) :)
    JONAS = LOVE ;)

    I LOVE U NICK :) :)

  • harmonygrace

    I cannot wait!! i’m sure it will be amazing they always are.

  • andrea

    Im so excited:D
    I can’t wait …

  • tara


    okay… ill stop

  • Shannon

    OMG! I can’t wait(:

  • angela

    I’m so excited can’t wait it’s going to be awesome ;D

  • Karina

    Yesss, I love joe soo muchh !

  • heather

    haha yes fortunately i am! im going to pittsburgh, cleveland and columbus.
    im so excited. i know this album is going to be amazing, and ahhh the show too. I CANT WAITTT EITHER.

  • Camila

    Omg I can’t wait :B
    I love Jobros♥

  • meeee

    hmm.. interestingg.. ashtiz’s CD drops on that day too……….
    wonder who’s gonna have better sales?
    but i think i know who.

  • andrea


    nick looks like an angel, smiles like an angel, plays like an angel, and makes us feel like we are in heaven.
    -i love nicholas jonas .

  • cyrus

    i’m not excited for their album, i prefer ashley’s new album, guilty pleasure… i’ll buy ashley’s album, not theirs.

  • cc27

    I Love Joe Jonas So Much :) He’s Growing up :) <3 Same with nick and kevin haha xD

    I Can;t Wait!! :)

  • kayla

    i wish it came on itunes sooner!

  • kj

    yaaaayyyy!!! im excited, jared i hope you have MANY jonas contests :) :) i’ll be waiting:)

  • aw

    I wonder how this album will do. They still have a huge fan base but they aren’t as big as they were last summer.

  • buffi

    i so cant wait ahhhhhhhhhh yayayay

  • jenny. canada

    i am so excited I think I will scream………..OK I just did

    Justjared thank you for posting this u r awesome

  • Nazeefa

    I am SOOO excited! It’s going to be amazing.. I’m sure!!
    I cannot wait for “Paranoid” to release, I’m gonna buy it in iTunes!!

  • http://none betty

    omg I CAN’T Wait ,this song better sound Awesome!!!!!

  • Darya Armani

    OMG!! I caan’t waait!!
    they’re an ah-mazing band :D
    I love them all soo muuch :]

  • swe3t23

    ya i am waiting for Ashely’s new album.

    Lines of Coke.

    If JB werent attached to the Disney maybe they would be more respected as artist but they aren’t.


  • ew

    WW III = Mileyyyyyyyy

  • jordann

    ahhhh i cant waittt<333

  • cb92

    JOE LOOKS AMAZAZING!!!!!!!! ha and Nick & Kev…. man i adore them!!!!! [: [: im SO EXCITED!

  • Courtney

    I can’t wait to get the cd and Hear the new single!

    I love the Jonas Brothers :]

  • Katrina

    I’m so very excited. It can’t be realeased soon enough.

  • crazyi

    is coming the same day as guilty pleasure but wont be buyin their album i’ll be supporting ashley she had to hav a chance NOW

  • mrsefron.

    HECK YES i AM EXCiTED!! <3

    i cant wait to hear this song!!!!! MAY 8 WOOH <3

  • Alyssa

    I cannot wait!!!!!
    ahhh!!!! <333

  • ashyjonasxo

    OMJ!! I CAN’T WAIT!!
    I screamed REALLY lod when i read this article…
    They are going to sound more awesome than EVER!!!

  • jamie

    squee im so excited :)

  • Meggg

    WAYYYYYYY more than excited!!! :L

  • jonas lover

    those are some amazing songs

  • vicky

    im well excited for the album!
    cant wait til it comes out

  • Felina


  • Anita

    OMG i am too excited for this! i just cant wait to hear the new music!! it sounds like the songs are going to be somewhat different from their other albums but … GOOD DIFFERENT :)<3
    andd that cover = GORGEOUS! honeslty, they look soo good! all of them loook so mature! Joe especially, he looks so different and all grown up! im a huge fan of that hairstlye on him :)
    and i really think this is their best photo ever!

  • Yvonne

    WOW! The Kevin love on JJJ is overwhelming *sarcasm*. Dont worry Kevin, you do have a lot of fans that love you no matter what. Dont let the “fans” that ONLY love your brothers get you down. Some of us think your VERY important

  • katerina

    oooo new album…
    Μαριλινα δν σχολιασες???????ντροπη!

  • Nayla

    I think cyrus is right , thyer steam is gone…im sick of hearin the same stuff…i wont buy it id buy miley’s upcoming album and ashley’s because i wna listen to something new not something predictable. i think because they know theyr losing their steam (they got popular from miley’s big buzz anyways ) theyr trying to team up with her again so they wont die out

    peace out
    <3 miley
    <3 ash

  • Nayla

    oh and i cant for taylors songs she is the bomb…every song she makes is sooo great

    taylor u rock girl
    i love you and hopefully ill meet u someday
    “u make me crazier” :)

  • annamarei

    i cant wait! so going to go see night at the museum 2 now!!!!!!!

  • Valerie


  • KAtie

    OMG! I can’t wait!! I am totally going to the concert!!! I bought the necklace that Joe has been wearing all over town…I can’t believe he wore it on the cover!! Amazing! The proceeds are donated to help children all over the world. We should all support the cause! The necklaces are only 10 bucks and all the proceeds go to HELP. :)

  • Stefanie Z brazil

    OMG!!! i’m soo happy!!!! and they give this notice in my birth!!!! i’m soo exited to listen!!!!

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