Taylor Lautner & Victoria Justice: Vancouver Hang-Out!

Taylor Lautner & Victoria Justice: Vancouver Hang-Out!

New Moon‘s Taylor Lautner is making his rounds!

Days after being spotted dining with the magical Selena Gomez, the 17-year-old actor was seen walking around downtown Vancouver with Nick starlet Victoria Justice.

The twosome strolled around the blossoming city with Vic‘s mom and Taylor‘s dad. Don’t worry though — they’re just friends!

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Photos: Jason Merritt/Getty/WENN
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  • Jo

    why is she in vancouver?

  • yelnats

    oh no!

  • http://www.youtube.com lilz ♥

    taylor && selena look betaa 2getha!

  • Sarah

    Selena’s SO MUCH prettier then Victoria!!!
    She’s not ugly though..

  • francesca

    he’s not in a relationship anyone.
    he said he’s single in an interview with Eterntainment Tonight last week.
    he’x a teenager so he “dates” but selena’s not his girlfriend.

  • dundies

    hell no. lol they better be just friends

  • omg!

    omg!, are you serious!
    he’s acting like a player bro.
    no offense or anything cause i loveee taylorr<3
    but come on seriously!
    what does he want?!

  • Lauren

    yeah, i don’t think hes in a relationship with anyone although it did look like him and selena were an item i don’t know….hmm, we’ll see

  • jess

    i actually like victoria and taylor together *ducks flying objects*

  • Naturaniczo

    as cute as they would be together,


  • Hollie

    Taylor & victoria have been friends for a very long time, since one of Victoria’s bff’s Taylor dooley co-stared with him in the adventures of sharkboy and lavagirl way back in 2004.


    um WTF!?! DAM TAYLOR LMAO!! :D

  • depressed Joe fanclub

    Noooooooo! I want Taylena!!!!!

  • PurpleRain

    why do we care? let the kid live a little :)

  • jo

    Are he and Selena now suddenly married bc they hang out!? NO!

    He and Vic have been friends for a while. They can hang out as much as they like.
    Proof the tabloids exaggerate SO MUCH (ocean up)

  • taylena =]

    helll nahhhh that kid bettter be friends with her!!!



  • ivanka

    i want taylor alone but if i have to choose i prefer.. VICTORIA!

  • loly

    I HATE SELENA. victoria rooocks, but not with taylor

  • Miss Lautner

    http://www.newmoonmovie.org/ << Theres a Pic Of Them Together On This Website !

    But I Do Like Taylena More x
    n I Can Not Wait For NewMoon !!!!

    Team Taylor <3

  • http://www.twilightseries.ca/ twilight series

    It always starts with being “just friends” :(

    Victoria better keep away :D

  • TV

    WTF is she doing in Canada anyways???? Seriously, STAY AWAY FROM HIM. If anybody is gonna have Taylor, it should at least be Selena since they are cute together. Plus, wt heck would these two be called, TAYLICTORIA??? gross

    I vote for TAYLENA

  • http://www.metroflog.com/idaurie Mrs. lautner

    C’mon they’re not dating!
    he’s my husband,,
    he loves ME!! (not her!)

  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com/2009/04/29/taylor-lautner-victoria-justice-vancouver-hang-out/ twilighterontwitter

    Not good couple at all !
    victoria is way too skinny you should meet in person her hands OMG
    don’t even get me started and she was so rude when we went to see her at the mall with the zoey 101 cast last year Taylor deserves better like Selena….people don’t like her just cause she is Disney

  • livelaughlove

    NO way…….. ew.
    they better be just friends NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! EW NO NO NNONONONONONONO! he better not be playing with selena! gosh

  • Meagan

    Uh Selena is wayyy more successful than her. Taylor is successful too. So lil’ Vicky here better realize she has NO chance with him.

    Taylor, you have Selena in your hands, HOLD THE F*** ONTO HER! SHE’S A KEEPER.

  • maria

    they would look so cute together!

  • made.for.tv

    what do you people expect? hes a 17 year old boy who’s in the spotlight. its not like he HAS to be in a relationship. as long as he’s making his intentions clear, theres nothing wrong with him living life and dating. chill out

  • arantxa

    ” Taylena ” sounds stupid
    seriously :$

    soryy : s

  • arantxa

    im glad that he is hanging with Victoria too
    not just Selena : s

  • TA DA

    ew they (victoria and taylor) don’t even look good togetherr
    ADVICE FOR Mr. Lautner: Stay with Selena :D

  • dsgdgdf

    are some of you idiots? none of you hang of with friends of the opposite sex?

  • casey

    like seriously Victoria is ugly so i highly bet that taylor is isterested in her unlike Selena who is drop dead gorgeous :)


  • Kat

    Personally, I prefer Selena… not that hes dating either of them. I simply am a fan of Selena. Haha. I’m glad they all have people to hang out with in Canada, considering they probably dont go there often. At least there not all alone in their hotel rooms being bored. I would want a friend around if i was in a different country.

  • BEBE

    gosh, summit really fug up with the stars of twilight. i have shame on twilight, go forbid they happy with franchise is tied high. love the actors and very sorry for everything, hopefully this franchise is quick to over. the kid is still a junior for god sake, stop creating rumors and fake pairing up.

  • zacishot

    victoria justice is ewwww
    i dont like her
    selena and taylor look waaay cuter togethr!
    love ya taylor, hot stuff :D

  • justme

    all of the people here are pathetic.

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    …Why is Victoria here ? ..First Twilight cast, then Selena, then Victoria !? …Who’s next !? …Zachary or Ashley ? but I know that will never happen. (Vanessa’s been here already and it was my dream come true.)

  • dream123

    ew. i dont like neither of them!!! i dont like selena for taylor!!

  • http://www.atwilightkiss.com/ ATwilightKiss

    Although they may just be friends, isn’t it a bit in poor taste to be seen the very next day with another girl after having been on a date with Selena just the day before? But, that’s just me. C’est la vie! :-)

  • http://www.twitter.com/arniearns16 Fan

    I think there’s no wrong in what Taylor does these days. He’s a teenager, and I think he just want to hang out with people his age. Im a teenager, and I don’t think there should be something going on between me and a guy first, before I could go out the house. Come on, people?!

    And if I have to choose between Selena and Victoria, I would ABSOLUTELY side with SELENA. She’s a sweetheart, she has a big heart that not everyone seems to notice. She is something to treasure about. It would be awesome if Taylor would make her his girlfriend, because he has nothing to worry about anymore. Selena is a perfect package.

  • Casey

    Aww….Just like Jacob And Bella! hehe : )

  • twilight__bitch

    he is such a player

  • Denise

    I knew this kid was going to be annoying….but now he has to drag teen queens into it right along with him….AAARRGGGHHHH. STeven Strait would have been so much hotter….and taller.

  • okdocky

    I want Taylor with Selena!

    Please pick Selena,Taylor.

    sure,Victoria is gorgeous but she doesn’t have this ” it” factor like Selena .
    Fans can easily relate to Sel because she’s more approachable looking girl next door type whereas Victoria does not..She’s too intimidating look-wise

    Taylor and Selena suit each other well and look age appropriate!

    They could easily be the next Zanessa! Just from that hugging pic alone of Sel and Taylor had many people take notice and become converts of them. Taylena can make a huge imact for teenagers.

    Of course there is only one Zanessa and no one can replace them.

    Taylor pls choose wisely.

  • kdjfsfa

    Will you guys chill?
    She and Taylor are, like, best friends. Big deal.

  • mrs.lautner

    I dont think he looks good w/any of them.
    Just give it up, taylor and selena look lik sister and brother and im dissapointed hes hanging out with a disney star!


  • carla

    I don’t like this guy. Taylor i mean. Seems to pass to a girl to another and at Tyra Banks show sayd that he want just have fun with girls bleah

  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com/2009/04/29/taylor-lautner-victoria-justice-vancouver-hang-out/ Chloe

    @omg!: but like yo look just cause he is friends with selena and victoria together dont mean that they are both dating, cant guys be friends with 2 girls, yes they can alot of guys have more than 2o girl-friends as in friends but gils, lol.

  • taylar ann

    taylor is SO NOT going out with victoria…
    they’ve been friends since they were little…

  • http://www.youtube.com/brookeshared Eckheree

    Okay, so Victoria Justice is one of Brooke Shers closest friends. She went to our school in ninthand tenth grade. I go to a great performing arts school. Alot of famous kids go there. Any way she isnt dating him she doesnt even think hes cute. Any way to see more victoria justice go to youtube and search brookeshared She on my youtube account alot so you can talk to her personally!!