The Clique Girlz: Down To Two

The Clique Girlz: Down To Two

The Clique Girlz are going back to their original plans and making themselves a duo!

JJJ can exclusively report that sisters Paris Monroe and Destinee Monroe have parted ways with newest member Sara Diamond.

Before Sara joined the duo in February, Ariel Moore performed with the singing sisters since the group formed. Ariel left the group in January 2009 for personal reasons.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the Clique Girlz becoming a duo?

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Credit: Hector Vallenilla; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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    FFFIIRRRSSSSSSTTTTTTTT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    were there three in the recent movie????????????????????????

  • Just Jared

    @JUSTJAREDJR: You are not JJJ!

  • ivanka

    @Just Jared: we know dont worry=)

  • asdfghjkl;

    they suck anyway soo who caress?

  • Tanda

    Frankly, it doesn’t matter. They will never have a career.

  • alison

    obviously those two sisters are the ones causing problems, why is it always the third wheel that’s leaving?

  • tori

    who cares?

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    ..Alright, I have said it once and I’ll say it again.

    …Who are these girls !? ..I’ve never seen them before.

  • amy

    wtf !!!!! whO r they

  • chelsea

    I really dont think anyone cares! haha
    they’re like 12 year olds who are never gonna make it big then need to take a break and try when they’re a little older.. if that!

  • alexa

    ugh who?

  • scarlette

    AGAIN??? there must be something wrong with these girls, if the third member is always leaving. seriously.

  • kim-kim

    ummm…they arent that big now so it wont make them any better with her or not. hoenstly they’ll dissapear before this year is over.

  • kj

    i really think these girls are wanna bes, and are verrrrrrrry annoying.

  • Paloma

    Obviously, there is something wrong with these girls! 2 members have left already! I think they are mean, you can tell by just looking at them or MAYBE THEY’RE JUST BIG JERKS! i REALLY DETEST THE 2 SISTERS IN THE GROUP! THE ONLY PERSON I LIKED IN THE GROUP WAS ARIEL BECAUSE SHE’S TRULY GENUANIE. I HATE CLIQUE GIRLZ THEY SUCK!

  • b chick

    who cares? they are not even famous.

    never heard about them ..

  • Kyla

    I’ve never heard of them…who are they?


  • Pot pie

    thats great cuz nobody really cares.

  • Katie

    who cares? They’re horrible and nobody pays any attention to them anyways.

    they don’t stand out against all the other new acts in the music business so it doesn’t matter.

  • Miley & The JoBros ROCK!

    DANG IT!
    I love the Clique Girlz :(
    but honestly, It’s
    never been the same
    since Ariel
    left, and it won’t be
    the same until
    she does come back.
    Thats the way I
    see it.

  • Kristina

    I don’t understand why the two sisters can’t give attention to their other member of the group.

  • eh..

    first Ariel, now Sara?

    Those girls must be B*****s or all the new members wouldn’t dropping out so quickly :\

  • Rojda

    no one cares.. they suck anyways.

  • SOnya

    The sisters have onion faces. And, they suck…

  • karlee

    Wtf, i swear that they only let destinee and paris sing most of the parts in the songs. And the third member is just there. Like honestly, i seriously think there try hards. i seriously miss Ariel, its not the same without her.

  • mary


  • Brianna

    that’s lame. even though i don’t really like them Ariel was the best singer! ngl tsktsktsk.

  • liz

    Ew. They suck. And gosh, they seem conceited and arrogant. First, they get into an arugement with one of their best friends, and that causes her to quit the group. Next, they hold out this large casting audition; with tons of girls having dreams of joining these talentless fame wannabes. They finally cast a girl… then kick her out? GOSH. No wonder why people don’t like them.

  • kim

    why? they need to make up their minds

  • Eliza

    I dont get, first Ariel left for “personal reasons”, then they got Sara and now she leaves too!
    They have serious problems!

  • gurla

    as what i observed, paris is the one who acts so mean and i think also destinee…ariel was the best before then she left…i feel sorry for sara though, she wasn’t on for even a year then they kick her out..maybe after a few months even paris and destinee will break up..i think that they are concerned about their individual popularity and not the sake of the group..the clique girlz was great before but everything got messed up when ariel left..

  • emilie

    that group sucks and those two sisters are annoying as fuck

  • maddie

    I lost interest pretty much when Ariel Moore left the group
    shes freaking amazing solo anyways cause that girl can SING!

    and ya never would have known it cause they used her basically as a backup singer to the sisters …they always interupted her and talked over her…and hardly gave her any solo parts in the songs it just wasnt right they treated her like crap :( and she was the best one!

    They dont have a good reputation in Hollywood..& I think this is for the best because Sarah seems really like a nice girl & deserves to have a good career

    people know what happened here…the same crap that happened to poor Ariel….they covered it up and got away with it the first time right under everybodies noses…I wonder how they are going to slither around it this time….


  • Rosa

    oh yeah ..
    that’s way better ..
    it is either with ariel or no one esle ..
    sara was a mistake ..
    she’s talented and great ..
    but not a clique girl ..
    prefer the duo ..
    wish ariel will come back tho =(

  • Rosa

    o .. i also agree that there is sth wrong with these sisters ..
    i mean it is really sad to see how talented they r ..
    and discover they do not treat their mates and friends good ..
    they need to get over themselves a lil bit ..
    ariel was the heart of the group ..
    they do not look that great without her ..
    hope they figure that out quickly and be good girls ;p

  • Sarah

    They have Issues
    Why did Sara leave anyway?

  • hillary

    omg wth???already??? ughhhhhh i liked her but like for asecond

  • maddie

    They will probably make Sara say “for personal reasons” just like they made Ariel say that.

    Everybody knows that Ariel and her family are under a gag order and cant legally talk about what really happened because it would ruin whats left of the bands reputation.

    you can betcha that Sara and her family arent allowed to say anything either..but it will call come out in the end..what really happened with Ariel and now with Sara….these things always do

  • L

    who are they? Never heard of them before.

    Therefore, I don’t care


    Haha I know.
    Obiously the girls are doing something wrong and by girls I mean the 2 sisters.
    They treated ariel like CRAP and im sure sarah is gone for the SAME reason

  • melissa

    the sisters need a clue and quit being brats and let other girls have a chance! both ariel and sara where great!

  • laura

    omg she just joined the group wtf?

  • Sally.

    Seriously, with a name like ‘The Clique Girlz’ who isn’t going to want to leave their group?

    The two sisters OBVIOUSLY dye their hair blond too. AND with names like ‘Paris’ and ‘Destinee’ they will always have problems….

  • they’re not even famous!

    who are they?

  • mine


  • joeil4u


  • laurenmmm

    honestly, who cares?

  • a

    Nobody cares about them and they suck anyway. They will never be big.

  • Lauren

    Hmm….really, I don’t care. They’re not good no matter what.

  • Maddie m

    their singing does not suck, their attitude does! those girls have issues if their third person always leaves.