Vanessa Hudgens & Alyson Michalka: Bandslam Beauties

Vanessa Hudgens & Alyson Michalka: Bandslam Beauties

After a long day of Bandslam promo, Vanessa Hudgens and Alyson Michalka keep close together as they exit a Westwood, Calif., hotel on Friday afternoon (April 24).

The duo, both 20, star in the upcoming rock film, Bandslam. The flick, out in theaters on August 14, is about a high school outcast (Gaelan Connell) who bonds with a popular girl (Michalka) over their shared love of music and results in them assembling a rock group that looks to win their school’s upcoming battle of the bands competition.

Vanessa dished to EXTRA about meeting real rocker David Bowie. She shared, “I did get to meet him. I didn’t know what to say [though], I was so freaked out! I just told him who I was and how big of a fan I was. He was so grounded. It was amazing.”

10+ pics inside of Aly & Vanessa promoting Bandslam

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Credit: WH Photography; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • mileysupporter

    gorgeouss girls (:

  • aw


  • girlleader1


  • ladysdsandiego

    vanessa is really gorgeous

  • Jo

    they are both gorgeous!

  • kristy

    aw pretty

  • suzy

    love them. Love Vanessa’s face in these pics.

  • jessie

    omg baby v…you look STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    haha zac is heading back to LA so spend some time with him…
    i bet you guys miss each other a lot….
    i miss zanessa too……………..badly.
    Zanessa forever!!!!!!

  • zanessaloverss123

    love her gosshhh ness beautifull stunnig haha love your facce

  • Jerk

    Vanessa looks so sexy in flawers plaoz , hoot girl

  • ivanka

    she is gorgeouuuuss…
    why two full bags? i love the louis vuitton btw

  • zanessa misser


    vanessa start the primer and zac finesh his primer now


    they never gonna see each other wt hell is that

    i really wanna see them taogather

    i hope that zac go with vanessa to the primer but where is they gonna go ? mybe to london coz that zac back to london i hope that

  • listen to mayday parade

    Seriously…. Theaters? Hmm it is in the running for worst movie of the year. This whole time I didn’t realize it was going to theaters. I like vanessa so hopefully it isn’t as huge of a flop as they are predicting! Don’t want it to be the end of her career

  • francesca

    this movie’s not gonna be good
    i like vanessa though!
    post more on her jared…her sense of style’s so cute!!!


    Wow, Vanessa always looks pretty. I feel jelaous….
    she is gorgeous…

  • Katty

    @listen to mayday parade:
    Uh, she already has two movies in the works, and had signed on to both of them. Beastly will do all right, and Sucker Punch will be a hit, calm down peoples. Every actor has to have a flop, it happens, you just get smarter on the movie choices you make.

  • zanessa misser

    vanessa wear this cloth in the intervew right ?

    and her hair was like this to ????

    i hope she and zac goo some where plz plz plz plz plz plz

  • Katty

    Besides, They Came From Upstairs or whatever is going to suck too, they just looks stupid. I love Ashley, but come on! I can’t believe they actually made that into a movie. Sorry, I’m done.
    I’ll see Bandslam because I love her, if everyone does that too, the movie will get a good weekend.

  • troy

    @listen to mayday parade:

    Whose predicting it’s going to be a flop? I haven’t seen anyone “predict” it’s going to be a flop except for people who hate Vanessa for no reason.

    There has been a test screening for “Bandslam” and the response from what I heard was postive. Of course that doesn’t always mean big bucks at the box office. But there’s no reason to just assume it’s going to be a flop.

  • katiecrawford

    Aly’s gorgeous!

  • jannica

    vanessa is gorgeous so is aly :) disney girls are always cute huh! but if bandslam doesnt do too well ( imean these kind of music movies are never like all BIG anyway) but its still fun to go see! i wanna see vanessa ROCK OUT! she does have a rocker side! :D :D and also, she has future projects to get excited for like “SUCKER PUNCH” (its like comic related, or like kill bill, but alice wonderland style set in the 50′s, director of WATCH MEN!) & she has a fantasy/romance “BEASTLY” all very different and new! and more, etc. THIS GIRL HAS POTENTIAL. she can rock ittttt. no one else is like her, she is never boring to me at all. I’M MESTISA like her so maybe i’m biased but dude i love her! zanessa is sooo sweeeeet.


    VANESSA youre a very gorgeous human being!
    sweet & edgyyyyyy! :D

  • Nico

    brunette beauty/bombshell and blonde babe! niceee

    preferrably i like the ethnic exotic look so i go for miss hudgens

  • jessena

    wow i wanna see the movie! time for nessa to get busy.
    anyway vanessa looks beautiful as always so is aly too!
    disney girls are always sweet and beautiful!

  • zanessa/sashley/ashnessa

    Oh..Vanessa’s hair straight is SO gorgeous !! ..It’s so shiny and pretty and…GORGEOUS !! YAAY !

  • marie jane

    beautiful girls

  • kriszelfaith-filipinabeauty

    Vanessa, i’m excited for her projects. I actually keep up to date with her stuff so yeah I can’t wait for Sucker punch & Beastly, as well.
    She is such a beautiful lady inside & out.
    Haters hate for many diff reasons 1)jealous 2)judgemental 3)racist (hello our planet is going under globalization and is filled w/ different cultures, she is a result of globalization, a half breed, mixing of cultures:) there’s only one race,the human race) 4) negative attitude/perspective on life 5)_____?

    well there’s no haters yet but you know they will write some comments. VANESSA *live in love* <3 shes beautifullllll

  • Carla

    cute girls! oh floral for spring ,huh? pretty :D

  • zanessahsmxoxo

    @girlleader1: an that means…..???

    she looks gorgeus in all the pics! i love her so much,she`s my lifee!!!!!!!!!
    i cant wait for the moviee! i know she wont dissapint us! XD

  • francesca
  • zanessahsmxoxo


  • troy


    Thanks for the link but my response is to shrug my shoulders and say “so.” All I saw was some guy named John blog that he doesn’t want to see “Bandslam.” I’m not particularly interested in seeing “Terminator: Salvation” but that doesn’t mean it’s going to flop.

  • Naomi


    He has not watched any of the movies. This movie is not targeted at him or his readers so a grown up guy telling his readers to avoid it because it’s a teen movie means rubbish. Would you like us to post all the outlets that begged their readers to avoid Obsessed yet it went on to make $28m opening weekend?

    Bandslam is not a mass appeal movie and is not guaranteed to make big bucks but producing that link means balderdash, on the other hand, it amuses me how on track people like you are with Vanessa’s career. Keep it up. She has two more movies to film and in talks for a third, you’ll be kept pretty busy tracking all the negative comments.

    By the way, both girls look gorgeous. can’t wait to see and hear more of them.

  • aw


    That is just some guy listing what movies he wants to see and doesn’t want to see based on the description. He doesn’t offer a critique and nor has he seen it. Bandslam is a smaller budget, mostly cute,family friendly/tween movie imo. It’s not exactly in this guy’s demographic.

    Based on the promotion it gets, I can see it doing modestly well, not huge but well enough based to make back the money it took make and a little more. & I think that’s basically what the studio wants for the film anyway. We’ll see though, there is still a few months till it comes out.

    @listen to mayday parade:

    She has plenty of projects coming up. No one movie ends anyone’s career. Not even several flops. Some of the biggest stars today have had flops/downfalls in their career, some even when they were starting out. It doesn’t have to mean anything in the long run.

  • Ximena Jonas

    They Look Speach Less hahah I mean very pretty

  • jen s.

    beautiful! she looks like stella hudgens there :))

  • wee..

    they are both cute.

  • Ashley


    If you read the article you’ll see that the author hasn’t seen any of the movies. He or she based their opinions on trailers. The movie was tested with an audience and Summit decided to promote it and go with it and I think that’s a better indication that the movie’s good than an adult who is outside the demograhic judging the trailer.

  • V…4ever

    I am not even gonna bother with that discussion of wether Bandslam is gonna a flop or not even more from one guy who probably doesn’t get out much and haven’t even seen the movie. He didn’t even say why he wouldn’t go see it. Come on ppl.
    All I know is that I LOVE Vanessa Hudgens and will go and see her movies. All of them, flop or not. And if of all her true fans do the same, I know the openning week-end will be good. And even haters will go watch it just so they can find something bad to say about it.
    And I’ve dreaming about V And Aly singing a duet for too long to miss them on the big screen.

  • kimi xx

    Pretty! Pretty! I kind of wish she get rid of the JJ Winters bag. LOL.

  • elizabeth marinas

    i love aly’s outfit it looks so relax and she looks very beautiful

  • bee

    Gorgeous girls.

  • Rosa

    OMG ..
    SO beautiful ..
    LOVE her hair ..
    it can look sexy and stunning in all styles ..
    ahh ..
    <3 u nessa ^^

  • lslsharon

    so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    love nessa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • listen to mayday parade

    @Katty: Is suckerpunch a completely different role for her? I don’t know what the movie is about so I’m not sure… I really want to see her work outside of her element. Like a bad girl or something!! It drives me insane when people play the same roles (matthew mcconehey and Kate Hudson are both good examples). V should try something different I’m sure it will be a success. Look at the girl from that auquamarine movie…. She got raped and shot in last house on then left. Bad movie but at least it was a change right?!

  • Nancy

    Bandslam is definitely not a type of movie I would see, nor is it the type of movie that would have mass appeal. But that’s just my opinion. I’m sure Vanessa’s fans will see it regardless. It reminds me of when Hilary Duff came out with “Raise Your Voice.” I think it’s the music/”believe in yourself, find your voice” movies that I’m sick of.

    “Beastly”, on the other hand, as corny as the synopsis is, actually IS something I would see. Go figure, haha. (Note: When I say “see,” I don’t mean in theaters. Definitely wouldn’t pay to see it… only because movie tickets are expensive, and I’d rather spend $10 on a blockbuster. I just mean if it eventually plays on tv.)

  • susan

    i love vanessa hair straight !!!
    she looks great.

  • cutie

    vanessa you look amazing’
    love u van!!!

  • mykamicks

    Yehey! Have you noticed guys, they have same ring ( Aly & Vanessa) Correct me I am wrong…

    Love them.. their both beautiful! Look forward for her new movies to be done…..

  • zanessafan4ever

    V looks awesome!
    so does Aly!

    go BANDSLAM!