Zac Efron is a Heathrow Hunk

Zac Efron is a Heathrow Hunk

An exhausted Zac Efron makes his way through London’s Heathrow airport to catch another flight on Wednesday morning (April 29).

The 21-year-old actor, who brought his mom Starla to Europe, looks like he bought lots of gifts!

Former 90210‘er Jason Priestley recently labeled Zac as the new “Jason Priestley.” He shared with Valentine in the Morning on LA’s 104.3 MYFM, “Zac Efron is the new Jason Priestley! He’s got better abs than I ever had.”

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Credit: Matrix; Photos: FlynetOnline
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  • Jo

    is he going home now?

  • leila

    In London again!

    I’m not complaining lol. Stayyy here Zac. Nah jk…the weathers better in LA and Vanessa there too.

    Wonder what he’s doing in London?

    Zanessa forever <3

  • 7age

    хахахах жесть
    сумочка отпад…а отпад…

  • Bradley

    Zac looks tried he needs so rest.

  • http://jjj miley

    he is awesome! i hope he gets some rest and goes home soon! :)

  • camie


    it’s a transit, he takes a break in his journey, before getting on a different plane to come to L.A.

  • susan

    it says make his way through London’s Heathrow to catch another
    flight going home to LA.

  • Bradley


    Thanks for that.

  • johanna

    who is that girl???

  • nikki

    I LOVE ZACC!!!
    haha!! i love him more than anything!!

  • zanessa4life

    Wow although he really needs some sleep he looks totally awesome! Hes so sexy,no matter what…

  • Zac Efron Fan and Supporter

    Zac most be happy to go home and see his Baby V.

  • gracemarie


    London is the stopover from Marid . Some airlines stop at Paris, NY or Chicago it just depends on which airline you’re on.

  • peggy


    That’s not a girl that Jill his other PR woman who always manages to get her face in pictures LOL Gina is more discreet. This one’s always taking his arm and directing him.

    She needs to give it a rest.

  • luila

    hopefully zanessa news tongiht then!

  • nancy

    how does his publicist travel with him and manage to keep her hands off of him? not to mention, she is incredibly hot, a little bit older than him (Zac is enchanted by older women!), so i wouldn’t be a bit surprised if she is his “publicist with benefits” lol

    no offense to Vanessa….she can see others too!

  • lol

    It was a layover.

  • TAnja

    Where`s his mum?

  • cutie

    Look like he bought a soveigner gift to someone.
    it is good relief to him that is promotion is over so he need a bit
    rest before start filming again.

  • gracemarie


    What a dumb thing to say.

    She not that hot at all . And do you think he would do that with his mother there-you have a very low opinion of him and I’m pretty sure Vanessa would send him packing once and for all.

  • zanessa/sashley/ashnessa

    Aw..he looks real tired. He so deserves a nice rest. He better have a nice rest before he goes to see his lover. :D

  • zanessa misser

    any one know when vanessa primer start ?

    and when zac finesh ?

    and when zac gonna back to LA?

  • Vanessa hudgens biggest fan


  • christine x3

    love him!

  • Susanna

    does anyone know the status of Me and Orson Welles? Would love to see it open soon.

  • pink sugar

    Hope Zac takes a vacation before shooting his next movie.

  • Fiore

    anyone know who is the blonde in blue shirt that has being with him in all the promo tour??

  • Zac Efron Fan and Supporter


    That is his PR Woman.

  • Katty

    I hope he gets here soon, and we get a Zanessa sighting, I want the blond beyotch away from him. And those totally look like his glasses! Sunglass w*hore!

  • Marie

    Zac is coming home.

  • Lucy

    he still looks hot no matter what.
    lol that rhyms :P I want more Zanessa updates JJJ!

  • Kit-kAT

    he makes me melt :)

  • Ashley

    he looks amazing <3 loooove his style

  • http://teamHudgens Cindy

    Zac looks hot and sexy.

  • peggy


    That is supposed to be his PR person but she’s a clingy person who always has her hands on him. I hear she give V dirty looks though I’ve never seen it.

    She seems to have her own ideas..

  • http://teamHudgens Cindy


    where did you hear this.

  • yeappp

    he need to was his hair :3

  • peggy

    Someone mentioned it to me a couple of days ago but I don’t put much faith in things I have not seen myself

    I think the pr person is just a little too visible like she wants to look like his date

  • Karen

    I don’t understand why people feel the need to show disrespect and say insulting things about any female who comes within 50 feet of Zac—especially those people Zac PAYS to do a job for him. The female will not do anything to him that he won’t allow. OK? And furthermore Zac is a big boy now.

    It has been the same with Vanessa in the past, everyone wants to think when she is close to any other guy which is not Zac that they are having thoughts or she cannot be trusted. Doesn’t that sound just a little ridiculous to any of you? How many of you have significant others and when another person of the opposite sex is near you or your BF/GF somehow makes it a threat the other? And what gives anyone the right to make such a judgment that they are something like a bit*h or clingy or anything else? THAT kind of talk sounds like jealousy or lack of trust. Think about it.

  • hannahhh

    tha is his PR women so she has to go with him to different countries n tha and n things with him which involve his work.
    she has nthing t do with him other than tht.
    and everyone wears thos glasses noww katty, i highly dubt there zacs himself.
    plus, hes wearing his.

    hpe he has good flight n sees nessa ;)

  • gracemarie


    Thanks Hannah. I tried to make sense on the other page with some others

  • gracemarie

    I want to know what’s in the bags–Madrid has some amazing stuff. So if we see V with someting decidedly Spanish we will know LOL

    I think his mom is either walkng out of camera shot or maybe took a flight with a connection more directy to SLO – does SLO have a major airport?

  • marisa



  • ivanka

    shee looks like chelsy davy, in pic number in zac’s bag it looks like a teddy bear,.. maybe for nessa:-)

  • http://teamHudgens Cindy


    So true.

  • martha

    The poor girl is just doing her job. Gina must trust her enough to send her to do this by herself, it’s a huge responibility. She looks to me like she is early 30′s by the look of her skin anyway, she is just learning her job most probably. Yes she is less discreet than Gina, she tends to keep close mainly I’d say, because she has never had this major reaponsibilty before, as she’s always been with Gina or some of Van’s people. Zac is a nice guy and includes people, he and his mom will have included her at dinner and stuff, and why not! Everyone needs to learn to back off and understand that there are things you can’t control. One is Zac and Van’s life and another is some girl doing her job.

    And to say they are his glasses is so dumb. They are standard Rayban aviators, a lot of people have them. Especially in LA. Besides, Van has been wearing Zac’s of late.

  • Susanna

    @Marie: :) makes me happy too

  • aw


    lol what a stupid thing to say,

    & I guess 17 again promo is done for the most part. Kind of sad, hope there;s still news about him though.

  • gracemarie


    Rayban’s are everywhere even I have a pair LOL In fact my husband does too.

  • jaded one

    Everyone and their mother has a pair of those Raybans including me. They’re standard. Regarding the PR Assistant: i just remember how rude she was towards Vanessa when she and Zac were on the red carpet at the Watchmen premiere. She kept ordering Vanessa to move over away from Zac despite the fact that he kept motioning Vanessa over to him. On the video of them on the carpet, you can clearly see her motion Vanessa away and you can hear her say “over there” in a loud, very obnoxious voice. Despite the fact that she is probably just doing her job, she comes off as very abrasive