Zac Efron Lands at LAX

Zac Efron Lands at LAX

Always the gentleman, Zac Efron tries to protect his mom Starla from the surrounding paparazzi as they arrive at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Wednesday night (April 29).

The 21-year-old actor just returned from the last leg of promo for his new flick, 17 Again.

Zac is featured in TIME‘s 100 Most Influential People list, landing right in the middle at number 56. The con that was listed: “For someone looking to be taken seriously, a planned remake of Footloose seems like a very bad idea.” Zac is no longer attached to the project.

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  • mej1031

    well this is cutee(:
    mother and son bonding timee(:
    is zac wearing his ring? just wondering.

  • Just Jono

    THE MAN!!!

  • Bruno

    zac is the best so cool he is having time with his mom! =]

  • athena

    Glad to hear that he’s back in the States. He and his mom look very happy to be back…I can’t wait to see the Time Magazine article. Yeah, he gets to relax and take some time out…hopefully…or, maybe he’ll go on tour with Vanessa while promoting Bandslam.

  • mrsefron.


    i loveee youu zac! <3

  • = ]

    i loooooooooovvvvvvve zachary david alexander efron !


  • gracemarie

    I love how he and Vanessa remain close to their parents.

  • Bubblesbabe

    His mother is starting to get annoying… she obviously loves all the attention…

  • Zac Efron Fan and supporter

    Welcome home Zac. I bet Zac is happy to be home to see Vanessa.

  • Karen

    Welcome home, Zac!

    Bubblesbabe: And if Starla Efron was captured with a big frown on her face then you would be on here calling her out about that too.

  • Zac Efron Fan and supporter

    In pic two Zac is wear that the same ring.

  • gracemarie

    I think she is a very proud mom and I don’t blame her

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    ..Is it possible that Zachary got a haircut or a trim on the plane..? Lol, I don’t know, but his hair looks a bit shorter than before..maybe it’s just me. You know, I think Zachary got his smile from his mom…I can see it. Adorable !! :D Aw, and congrats to you Zachary. 100 Most Influential People. Very nice.

  • ashlee

    why doesn’t the airport have security to protect people from the paps? and why are they even allowed inside the airport? they go right up to the security check. The airport must be getting a good amount of money from the paps.

  • aw

    so sweet.

  • marie

    he looks just like his mom!

  • nikki

    ZAC IS HHOOTTTT<3<3333!!

  • Kit Kat

    omg just MY TYPE OF MAN! haha!!
    i love zac efron! ssoo MUCH!!<3 :)

  • http://jjj miley

    i hope he gets some rest!!! :)

  • anna

    that woman is loving the spotlight!
    HAHA bless her heart <3

    love them both.
    zac is the love of my life (:

  • troy


    And if Mrs. Efron is enjoying the attention what’s wrong with that? This trip is the first time I can recall even seeing her picture. It’s not like she’s been pushing her way into the spotlight. She’s enjoying being her with her son and why shouldn’t she?

    I swear sometimes people are just too critical.

  • lai

    Welcome back Zac!!!!!!!!

  • athena

    @zanessa/scashley/ashnessa: Yeah, it does look like Zac got a trim…he does look more like his mother, and you can see the traces of his dad in his face as well. He was blessed and born with the good looking family gene, that’s for sure.

  • Jazmin
  • susan

    welcome home zac!!!!now you can relax now that your movie promotion is finish .

  • flora

    wow what a gentelman,he is AMAZING,love him and his mom <3
    glad that he is back home
    love u zacquisha

  • Fairycake

    Z is such a good son, protecting his mom from the paps. I bet he’s glad to be home.

  • Susanna

    Home! Love you, Zac.

  • jessie

    awww zac welcome back!!!!!!!!!
    you look just sooooooooooo hot as usual LOL
    i bet you’re going to vanessa’s house huh? LOL
    rest and spend some time with nessa…you miss her don’t you? ofcourse
    i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • amy


    Once again, you must get YOUR facts straight. If you are going to speak of Zac’s mother ,Starla Baskett, at least get her name correct. Her name is NOT Starla Efron. I told you this before when you were trying to pretend to be her a few years back. Get your facts straight as you seem to tell everyone else! I know you think you are an authority on all things Zac and Vanessa , but honey , you are not. Sorry.

  • zanessa misser

    any one know where is vanessa now in brazil ? or where ?

  • zanessa4everr

    welcome back zac!!
    he NEEDS some rest!

  • zanessafan4ever

    oh ZAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SO CUTE!!!!!!!

  • pink sugar

    I don’t think Zac got a trim. Unless his mother couldn’t take the hair anymore and cut it herself. LOL

  • witchygirl

    love him being protective of his mother

  • amyhigh

    What ring are you guys talking about? I have seen him wearing it lately, but what does it mean?

  • Jason

    Lmao, my friend told me, she hated Vanessa Hudgens because of her sending n’ude pics to Zac and hate Zac for being such a pervert.

    It’s kind of wrong but hey, it’s rumors.:)

    Even N.U.D.E is censored. This is really is a Disney place when all of you know what it is and how to say it.

    Instead of Just Jared Jr how about Just Disney&Nickelodeon? Nickelodeon is just a sidekick.:P

  • Ann

    Welcome home, Glad to see you and your Mom so happy.

    That won’t last long. Back to the reject from the garbage dump and she has been busy. Watch for the swine flu.

  • Miss93Lydia.I


  • melisa96

    I love the fact he is protecting his mom.It’s really cute and how she is out alone with him.I just want to piont this out.To make it clear i’m NOT basching on him i just have to say it.How come he never protects Vhud from those poopoo pazzos when they get swarmed like that.I mean i understand that’s his mom and he dosen’t want anything to happen to her.I would be like that with mine too but if i was a guy and i was out with my girlfriend i would protect her.I’M JUST SAYING!i LOVE HIM AND THIS WAS NOT I REAPEAT NOT TO BASH ON HIM.I LOVE HIM!

  • Ferdora

    aaww, what a sweetie pie, i just love zac to death!!! he is the CUTEST person on this planet!! aaww, i just wanna sniggle with him hahaha!!!!

  • zac is a rat


    Quite simply his mom is his number 1 and that leaves no room for anybody else, being close to your mom is one thing but once you leave home and make a relactionship with someone that has gone for 4 year’s nearly and you don’t show as much concern for that person then I’m sorry but that’s not right.

    He even barley smiles when he is out with Vanessa and they get followed by pap’s and he’s even worse if they get smothered by the pap’s when he is with her all he is concerned with is getting into whatever waiting vechil is there and leaves Vanessa to fend for herself with the pap’s. They say you can judge how a man is going totreat a girl the way they are with their mother well sorry but in this case that does’nt ring true at all. Not ONCE has Zac ever called the pap’s a jerk or told them to get away from Vanessa like he has this trip with having his mom with him so it’s pretty obvuious who zac is more concerned about getting hurt or having nasty things said to them and it certainly is’nt his gf.

    And I say good for Vanessa having a girls night out while he was away he certainly does it when he goes off on his travels so why should’nt she.

    I hope that he does’nt accompy Vanessa on her promotion for bandslam and she takes her mom with her, she managed quite well with him gone for 17 Again I’m sure she would’nt notice if he was’nt their with her.

    Wonder how long the ring will stay on this time not long I’m guessing now that he’s back home in LA..’probably just a way to try and make people beleive that he really is commited to Vanessa by wearing a ring while away it’s like ‘ oh look I’ve got my ring on must get it photograped to prove I’m not playing away’ but now back home it will be a different story and it will soon go away again just like before.

  • Adam

    I think his mom is just overwhelmed by it all and lets it out by laughing because she’s so amazed all of these people are following her son. There are pictures when they’re both smiling and it’s probably because she’s saying “This is crazy!” and he laughs back. I don’t think she’s looking for attention at all. If you were in a mob of people taking your picture because your friend or someone close to you was famous and you’re not used to it you’d probably just laugh too!

  • katerina

    mmmmmmmm he is a gentleman
    he has and sunglasses…bimbo

  • ivanka

    welcome back zac!

    now get with vanessa..

  • mj

    I don’t know what garbage you are trying to sling today but when they are at the airport Vanessa is usually on his arm just as his mother is in these pictures.Vanessa hides behind him because she knows what to expect from the paps, his mother doesn’t. When the pictue come out you’re the same people who say she clinging to him. However he treats her, she must like it, they’ve been together almost 4 years. Until they say different they’re a couple get over it.

  • merlina

    if this person is saying the mother is not mrs. starla efron is she saying that she is not married to David Efron, Zachary Efron’s dad….will this person please stand and confirm all her statements claiming she knows the family…how crazy can some people be…

    And for those who said that Starla enjoys the publicity, its her first time to be even seen travelling with Zac so its not like she has been a stage mother all along…and if I was her I would still be proud to tote with my 21 year old son and see for herself how far he has grown since they supported his path all of these years…his parents for all their support are entitled to enjoy some of that and for as much as he wants them to be there…

  • Karen


    I’d say YOU need to get your facts straight. It is my understanding that Zac’s mom is married to Zac’s dad at this space in time which would make her STARLA EFRON. And never once did I say I was Starla. So it is you who seems to think you are some authority.

    And for those who might wonder what this chick is talking about—which I doubt—about 2 years ago when Zac and Vanessa first kind of burst onto JJ about everyday there were those who constantly were trying to start some kind of rumor about one or the other. When suddenly the bashers and liars found out that there were people on their boards who actually had a brain and could put together actual thoughts that may sense and could tear the lies apart then some of these people tried another tactic. That tactic was to come on these boards and state they knew Zac or Vanessa–saying they worked with him on some project, was a cousin, was an uncle or whatever they felt would mak an impact and then say some horrible things about one of them. And given that there are so many gullible people in the world it almost worked sometimes. However, once again, the older posters easily saw through such ploys.

    So, at that time to show how stupid everyone was some of the those older and wiser people would come on and pose as someone to make a joke. One of the original angels even came on as the Easter bunny and really made a believable post quite frankly! LOL I did one as Zac’s mom which had everyone going for about 5 seconds because within the same comment or the very next one I told who I was and did not prolong that pose. But Amy thinks she can get away with such cr*p now in hopes of discrediting me. She knows those posts were done a long time ago and many may not have been around then and many may not remember them. Most certainly it would take a long time to find them and since many of those posts seem to have been deleted at this time they would not be able to be found anyway. Actually, I would like to considering they are quite amusing.

    And Amy if you have been around for that long you must really be a real fan of Zac or why would you hang around so long?

  • Marie

    @zac is a rat:

    Shut the hell up. Go Support your Nikki Blonsky.

  • Karen


    Yes, I agree and was about to say the same thing. We have seen numerous pictures of Vanessa holding onto Zac’s arm very much like Starla is doing in these pictures. The only difference is Vanessa stays a little behind him and lets Zac take the lead. I’m sure Starla is not that nervous around these stupid people. I’m sure she is not intimidated but only wants to keep from getting separated from her son as the security people are trying to get them to their car as soon as possible. I’m sure she also doesn’t want to do anything that would reflect badly on Zac. But I have a feeling if someone was truly threatening in any way towards her son then we would seen a completely different Starla EFRON.