Emily Browning: A Better Bella Swan?

Emily Browning: A Better Bella Swan?

The Uninvited star Emily Browning is setting the story straight about her turning down the role of Bella Swan in Twilight.

The 20-year-old actress shared with MTV, “Maybe I should set it straight a little bit, because there are so many rumors flying around. People are coming up to me and saying, ‘Oh, my God. You turned [Twilight] down?’ and all this horrible stuff! What actually happened is that I was asked to audition — not take the part, but to just audition — shortly after The Uninvited had finished filming.”

Emily continued, “And I’m not the type of person who can just work back-to-back. So I was just exhausted, and I was like, ‘I’m sorry, but I just can’t sign on to a trilogy right now.’ I was exhausted, and I needed to come home and hang out with my family for a little bit. And I’m hoping people realize that now. I haven’t actually seen the film, but I’m sure Kristen [Stewart] did a billion times better job than I would’ve done.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK — would Emily make a better Bella than Kristen?

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  • Jo

    who knows, maybe?

  • http://www.iheartrob.org/ Bee

    NO WAY! KRISTEN’S PERFECT! the only one bella i can imagine… emily is just… too sweet… and kristen i way better actress! but no offence :D

  • alice

    nooo!!! i cant even think about her as..bella just kristen is eprfect for it

  • http://www.metroflog.com/-Onceuponadream alee froom Monterrey,Mexico :)

    N OOOOO!! krriisenn is peerfectt likee bellaa islike so stupid Xd hahaha i love kristenn, & SHE’S BETTER THAN EMILY! :O

  • Nayla


  • Lisa

    I like Kristen better. She’s perfect for the role.

  • kathy

    Hell yeah! Even that guy who fimed with a hamburger had more emtion than the real thing

  • kaitlin

    emily browning is sooo gorgeouss!

  • mine


  • katie

    I love her in A Series Of Unfortunate Events. I think she’d make a great Bella, but she’s too pretty.

  • http://www.google.co.uk Kirsty

    Really cant picture here as Bella Swan.
    It’ll be like another boring love film, with vampires.

    Kristen, on the other hand, makes it seem more sweet, and genuine.

  • Russian girl

    We’ll never know that. Now I like Kristen. I think she is really talented. I don’t know who is Emily Browning. I never seen her before. So I’m glad that Kristen is Bella Swan.

  • raghda

    HELL YEAH, i think emily would act a million times better than kristen.
    i watched the movie but kristen was so cold that her facial expressions were emotionless. i think she didn’t do her role well and emily would sure be better than her.

  • Lucia


  • naturaniczo

    omggoshh no she would not be anywhere close to being better!

  • ange

    NOOOOOO WAYY! they already started with kristen and they cant change her like that she IS bella swan!

  • sam b


  • awurbii

    emily browning is an australian actress. you would have seen her as violet in a series of unfortunate events and she’s the lead role in vanessa’s movie sucker punch!

    btw, you guys do realise if emily was chosen it would be the same. it’s just because you have seen kristen in the character that you are all making that statement. emily is a good actress otherwise they wouldn’t have asked her to audition. any of you saying that twlight would be bad if emily was in it are being ridiculous.

  • kevin

    i personally love kristen, and i think she did a great job !
    but im going to have to go with Emily. i have been a bigger fan of her’s
    from previous years, and basically, bella in the book is described as different and very beautiful and unique, then several other types of girls, and kristen is pretty, don’t get me wrong, but emily has this unique essence that i think is definitely right for bella. like when i heard about her being offered the role of bella 2 years ago (2007) i was like yay ! but then they confirmed kristen for the role, so i was just like oh shes great to ! but it would have been interesting to see how emily portrays bella :) and the uninvited was a great thriller ! i love emily and kristen :)

  • Lotte

    Maybe. kristen stewart is not my bella swan, she is not as clumsy or emotionel as bella in the book… which is a shame because it is not the same relationship bella and edward have in the film…/:

  • luiza


  • Alejandra

    ofcourse not !

  • mine

    @awurbii: its not vanessa’s movie, since vanessa doesnt play the lead role.. so your statement is wrong ha, and are we talking about the musical disney vanessa? since its ”jr” im guesing so

  • kevin

    OH and i agree with #18. us true twilight fans that have read the book for several years now, know who could portray the right bella, and emily is not a bad actress and kristen is not better either ! so grow up. i know its your opinion but if you guys would just read the freaking book, and watch emily’s acting you would feel guilty for bashing her. thats all :) and emily rocks ! shes beautiful. OH and if you reply to my message saying hwo you read the book; when did you read it? this year? last year? whe you already knew tha kristen was playing bella – of coarse your going to defend her, cause you got use to seeing her being promoted as bella. if you would have read the book a couple of years ago (like i did in 2006) you would know what i mean. but for all you twilight newbies (no ofence) your just usto kristen being bella

  • sam

    OMG I AGREE WITH KEVIN !!! thank you lord, someone who really understands !! all of yo are just twiilight newbies!!!! when me and my friends found out a few years ago that emily might be bella we went crazy cause shes awesome and soo soo soo pretty !! so dont go saying EWWW and NO NO, cause she would have donw WAY WAY WAY better then kristen. if anything emily would have made twilight even darker and raw, and THAT is what twilight is, not all LIGHT and HAPPY.

  • zanessafen4e

    NOOOOO !!!!!

  • Lisa

    I think you guys are misunderstanding this. They asked her if she wanted to play Bella in Twilight but she said no. So it’s all good now. Kristen is still and will be Bella.

  • VIcky

    i love kristen. but i think Emily would be much better, Sthephenie Meyer said that the first actress she thoutght for Bella was Emily, is so bad that she couldn’t do it, i just adore Kristen,but i think she didn’t connected with the role.

  • josephine m

    omg i wish she did except it shes so pretty and talented her and rob would so burn it up i think they would actually become a couple ,i mean i like the bella now but she seems too cold the bella in the book has softness to her and innocence emily can bring that into bella on screen twilight wasnt that good to me because i wasnt feeling the real bella too much i hope new moon is better

  • Kenzie

    I think you would’ve done so much better than Kristen. She is boring and is not fit for Bella’s role. She literally has NO emotions and quite fraclly Robert did not do a great job either. Girl, next oppurtunity for a trilogy because you would be amazing.

  • Thania :]

    i think kristen is just right for the part of bella swan.
    and dont think they should replace her!!


  • joss

    kristen is the perfect bella!

  • VIcky

    @josephine m: i agree completely

  • Steffi

    OMG definitly! I think if she played Bella I might have liked the movie!

  • Tlt

    um… im kinda doubting a bit xD

  • http://justjared fernanda

    no! no way!
    I live here in Brazil, I learned the news there!
    I prefer to that of Kirsten there.
    we’ve seen the work of Kirsten in Twilight. and alendo more it is perfect! much admire her work, here’s Bazil.

  • Libsss


  • taytay

    kristen is perfect for bella:)
    no one is better than her for the role
    she is the only one i can imagine!!!!

  • awurbii


    um, what’s wrong with you? i said vanessa’s movie because vanessa is in it. Emily is the lead character, i said that. if someone is in a movie you can refer to it like that, is it a crime?? your just obviously trying to pick a joke out of nothing and its making you look ridiculous!

  • jaymes

    WHAT??!! ARE U KIDDING??!! No offense for Emily’s fan (I’m too) but I think that no one could be a better Bella Swan than Kris. She’s an amazing actress and person and she’s played Bella’s caracter such in an amazing away!

  • twifan

    I think Emily looks alot closer to the “real” Bella from the book. I never really saw her act in any movies, but maybe she could do just as good. Kristen is annoying in the movie. I find her acting unemotional and does not capture the audience. If you’re a real Twi-fan you’d really know the difference between the movie and the book!

  • Louberry

    Emily is such a GREAT actress, and she WOULD be an excellent Bella. I like Kristen a lot too, she is a good actress, but I personally think Em would do better… she has that dark look, and she is soooooo beautiful, but I still think that Emily was born to play Susannah from Meg Cabot’s The Mediator! Anyways, Emily’s gonna do great at any role she gets, so… Happy to see her in Sucker Punch! :)

  • Kennadi

    almost anyone would be better than kristen.

  • carooooo

    i think kristen is perfecto for bella cause shes diff. her face is way diff.

  • coii—kstew rockzz!!

    i’ve been a huge fan of kristen but not only for that she’s THE ONLY ONE! but yeaaaah! i can’t picture nobody else as bella! and kristen makes a awesome job playing her! i don’t even know who’s emily.B… so.. sorry! but kristen is the best choice for bella

  • Carol

    I think Emily would have done a better job, but the thing is Emily is just too darn pretty and gorgeous and beautiful to play Bella. Emily already looks like a gorgeous vampire!

  • emilie

    i think emily could have made a better bella
    emily seems to have more personality than kristen.
    so yah

  • Lola

    Kristen killed the character of bella. She didnt bring her to life she just ruined it.

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t she look like Demi or is it just me look at her and Demi’s icon. I think she would be a better Bella or even demi would be a good Bella because they have a vulnerability that Kristen doesn’t have.

  • Sophie