The Rosso Twins Interview - JJJ Exclusive!

The Rosso Twins Interview - JJJ Exclusive!

Blonde beauties Milly and Becky Rosso are super excited about their new flick, Legally Blondes (out in stores now).

The 14-year-old twins caught up with to talk about the flick, their hush-hush pilot for Disney Channel and the excitement they felt when meeting idol Reese Witherspoon. Check it out:

JJJ: Which websites do you frequent?

Milly & Becky Rosso: We love reading JustJaredJr. We check it every day! We’ve actually seen ourselves on the front a couple of times, so thanks for putting us on there! We also like Stardoll.

JJJ: Do you any online presences? Twitter, MySpace or YouTube?

Becky Rosso: We have a MySpace and a YouTube. We also have dolls on (JJJ note: The twins do not Twitter).

JJJ: What was your favorite scene to film in Legally Blondes?

Milly Rosso: My favorite scene was when we were filming on Third Street in Santa Monica. We had to do lots of running backwards and forwards with some of the other cast members while holding the dogs and shopping bags. It was a really nice shopping promenade and it was really close to the beach in Santa Monica. It was a great atmosphere and really fun.

Becky Rosso: I loved filming the ending scene. It was supposed to be a party and it was beautifully decorated. They had pink twinkle lights all in the trees and everyone was in their party dresses and we had our hair nicely curled. The only minus about that scene was that halfway through the scene it started to rain. Everyone had to hurry up and get through the scene. We had to hold our umbrellas in between takes. Our hair was getting flatter and flatter by the minute and we were just finishing up, our curls weren’t quite as curly as bouncy as when we started the scene.

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JJJ: How did you like filming with two chihuahuas?

BR: We got to work with two chihuahuas in the film and they were so sweet and very well-behaved. Their names were Moonie and Gidget and they play Spike and Butch in the movie. One of them was actually the original Bruiser from the first two movies. We filmed with them several times. One of the times was on Rodeo Drive, the famous shopping street in Beverly Hills. I was walking along with one of the dogs in a harness and halfway through the scene, I looked down and the dog wasn’t there! It had slipped out of it’s harness and run to it’s trainer. I had to try to carry on the scene with no dog in the harness! The people who were watching on the streets thought it was a bit weird. But it was fun to film.

JJJ: Do you have any of your own pets?

MR: We have one white, fluffy dog named Aika. She’s very naughty, but also very sweet. She’s like the sixth sister in our family. We have to take her wherever we go because she always cries.

JJJ: How do you really feel about the color pink?

MR: Actually pink is our favorite color. We love pink! We don’t wear pink all the time, we wear other colors too. I think it has something to do with the fact that we have five sisters in our family. There’s lots of pink in our house. The house is very girly.

JJJ: Did you grow up in England or Los Angeles?

BR: We were born in England, around Buckingham, which is about an hour and fifteen minutes outside of London. We’re home schooled right now but before we started that, we went to public school in Los Angeles. We also went to public school in England.

JJJ: What’s the difference between home schooling and public schools for you? Which one do you like better?

MR: Home schooling is much more flexible. We have to do at least four hours a day, every day, even when we’re on a set. It’s great because we still get to do our acting while doing school at the same time.

JJJ: What are your best and worst subjects?

MR: My favorite subject is English, because it’s easier than math and science.

BR: My favorite subject is Spanish. It’s such a cool language and I’ve always wanted to learn it. I love learning it. Least favorite right now is science because at the moment, we’re learning chemistry and it’s really difficult. I can’t understand some of it.

JJJ: Both of you have cited Reese Witherspoon as your favorite actress, who is the executive producer on Legally Blondes. Did you get a chance to meet her while on set?

MR: Reese has always been our favorite actress and we got to have lunch with her before we started filming. We were not disappointed when we met her. She’s really friendly and seems like a very kind and caring person. We think she’s an amazing actress, so getting to work with her is an honor. She even sent us cookies and a note to our trailer on the first day of filming. It really made us feel a lot less nervous and really encouraging. She’s executive producing this movie so we’re really glad she likes it.

JJJ: Are there any embarrassing stories from the set?

BR: Well, I do. We have to wake up really early to film sometimes and one time it was really early and I didn’t want to wake up my sister by turning on the lights so I grabbed what I thought were a pair of flip-flops I had left in her room. When I got to the set, I noticed these people looking at me strangely and I looked down and I was wearing one yellow and one black flip flop. One of the producers even asked me if it was a new trend among teenagers. It was so embarrassing.

MR: I was coming out of my trailer one time and I was rushing because I was a bit late. I tripped on the top step and literally landed on top of the hair lady as she was walking past. Her hair tools went flying everywhere! Luckily, she found it funny but it was really embarrassing because it was in front of lots of people waiting to film a scene.

JJJ: You played twins Janice and Jessica on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. Is there any chance of seeing Janice and Jessica take a cruise on the S.S. Tipton in The Suite Life on Deck?

MR: We’d love to be on The Suite Life on Deck. We’ve also been told that we’re going to be on an episode, but we don’t know which episode yet. It’d be great if the ship docked in London and Janice and Jessica could show Zack and Cody around.

JJJ: You two do look exactly alike. Are there any ways to tell you apart?

BR: I’ve got a slightly wider face shape than Milly does. Our friends and family can tell us apart, because once you get to know us, you can tell the differences. They say we’ve got slightly different voices, I don’t know if you’ve noticed it yet. I’ve got a slightly lighter voice, apparently. And even though we have similar personalities, Milly is much more organized and tidy than I am. I’m not very punctual so no matter how long I give myself to get ready or I wake up really early, I’m always rushing out at the last minute. Fortunately, Milly’s ahead of schedule. So between us, we manage to get things done on time. I’m quite easily distracted by the television.

JJJ: What’s your favorite Disney Channel show?

MR: We love several of them. We like Suite Life on Deck, Hannah Montana, and Sonny with a Chance is really funny too.

JJJ: You recently went on a trip to Italy. What was your favorite part of the country? Which cities did you visit?

MR: We went to Italy because we had seen it in The Lizzie McGuire Movie, we’ve always wanted to go and we love Italian food. Our first stop there was eating gelato but we ended up having three in one day because each time we saw someone getting a bigger one with whipped cream and toppings, so we had to try those. We had an amazing time. Our favorite parts were Rome and Capri. Sitting on the beach in Capri was like being inside a painting, it was so beautiful.

JJJ: You have three other sisters – Bianca, Georgina and Lola – how would you describe them?

BR: We’re really close to our sisters and our house is always really noisy because we always talk at the same time and we always have to talk the loudest to be heard. They love singing, dancing and acting too. Bianca thinks she’s in charge because she’s the oldest, but she’s really not. Georgina is the loudest and the queen of the family. Lola is the baby and very sweet. She’s the adventurous one.

JJJ: The Sprouse Twins admitted to trading places with one another when they were in elementary school. Have you ever done that?

BR: We don’t usually play twin tricks on people because the people we know can usually tell us apart. But there was one time in school when we were 7, we had different teachers so we swapped classes for a little bit to see if the teacher noticed. We were so worried we would get found out — we owned up to it after a few minutes. Luckily the teachers found it funny and admitted they would have never noticed if we hadn’t told them.

JJJ: Have you ever pulled any pranks on one another?

BR: One time, I took Milly’s cell phone and tapped it underneath a table and kept ringing it. She kept looking everywhere for it and she couldn’t find it. It was so funny.

MR: On April Fool’s Day last year, I took clear saran wrap and put it across the doorway of Becky’s bedroom. So, when she woke up, she was still a bit tired and walked right into it and bounced off the saran wrap and back into her bedroom. It was so funny!

JJJ: In Legally Blondes, Annie and Izzy are very fashion savvy. What are your personal fashion likes and dislikes?

BR: We love bright clothes and we love wearing things that are fashionable but if something is at the height of fashion, we don’t usually feel comfortable in it. Or we don’t think it looks nice on us, so we won’t buy it. I love skirts and leggings and we love accessories.

MR: I feel most comfortable in jeans and boots. I love wearing pink. Something I don’t like is socks with flip-flops. I will admit, I’ve worn that a few times inside my house, but never outside.

JJJ: What are your favorite places to shop?

BR: We love shopping at Forever 21, H&M, and TopShop. That’s our favorite place in London. There’s one in New York now so we can finally go online for it. Every time we go back to England, we always have to make a stop at TopShop.

JJJ: What is your favorite favorite Disney movie?

BR: I love The Lizzie McGuire Movie because it was shot in such an amazing location, in Italy. It has great music and everyone can relate to Lizzie. It’s also really funny and sweet.

MR: My favorite is The Parent Trap because we can identify with the twins and it’s a funny and sweet story.

JJJ: Which version of The Parent Trap do you prefer?

MR: We like both, but I think we like the newer version the best.

JJJ: What is your perfect breakfast meal?

BR: Orange or pineapple juice and toast with jam on it.

MR: Waffles. Love waffles.

JJJ: What’s your dream vacation like?

BR: I would love to go to the Atlantis Resort in The Bahamas because I’ve seen it in so many movies and commercials. I would love to swim with the dolphins and go down those really long slides.

MR: I would love to go to Australia. The people there seem so friendly and nice there. I’d love to see koalas and kangaroos.

JJJ: What do you like to do in your free time?

BR: We love playing tennis and we love swimming and dancing. We also love going to the cinema with our friends and sisters. And, of course, shopping.

JJJ: You both sing. Is there any possibility for a music career in your future?

MR: We love to sing and dance. We’ve actually recorded a song that will play at the end of Legally Blondes called “Lucky Girls.” It was really fun to record and we have worked with Andre Recke who’s worked with Hilary Duff since Lizzie McGuire. We’re taking lots of lessons.

BR: We hope so. We’d love to do something like that in the future. We like really catchy songs that we can sing along to.

JJJ: What’s next after Legally Blondes?

MR: We’re actually filming a pilot for Disney Channel in the summer. So fingers crossed that it gets picked up because we would really love to have our own series. It would be a dream come true. The script is being written right now, so we don’t know what it’s about yet. Also, if the audience likes Legally Blondes, we’d love to do another one. It would be really fun.

JJJ: Twins often get placed together in films. In the future, do you two want to do separate things, still stay together or both?

BR: We’d love to do a bit of both. Right now, we love acting together but I’m sure in the future we’d love to separate projects at times.

MR: We’ll both be auditioning for the same role and competing against each other. (laughs)

JJJ: If you could would with anyone in the business, who would is be?

MR: Johnny Depp. He’s an amazing actor. He can play really serious roles and he can also play funny characters like Jack Sparrow so we think he’s really great.

BR: We’d also love to work with Zac Efron. He’s such a funny actor and we didn’t get to see 17 Again this weekend (JJJ note: opening weekend) so we’re going with this weekend with our friends to the cinema to watch it. It looks really funny.


The Legally Blondes DVD is out in stores NOW! Go pick up a copy!

“Legally Blondes: Think Pink” Featurette
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