Selena Gomez is Borden Beautiful

Selena Gomez is Borden Beautiful

Selena Gomez sips on a quart of Borden milk in her new commercial for the milk brand.

The 16-year-old actress shares her love for the milk in the commercial, saying, “I’m all about being close to the things I love — my friends, my phone, and definitely my milk — which is why I’m all about Borden. It’s made locally in my hometown and yours, which means I don’t have to drive very far. That’s good for the planet and even better for our taste buds. Being close means it’s super fresh and seriously delicious. Tell your mom to look for Elsie [the cow]. If it’s Borden, it’s got to be good.”

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Selena Gomez – Borden Milk Commercial
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  • joanne

    LMAO! mooooooo

  • mine


  • Kirsty


  • :)

    amazing. :)
    everything she does is amazing.

  • Orls

    STUNNING. <3

  • marlene.

    taylor lautner is mine selena ¬¬

  • rubi

    i dont like her eyebrows :S

  • selene


    jajaja yeah suree!!!

  • http://jjj miley

    i love her commercials! :)

  • http://selenagomezweb pavlusqa

    I love her! It is very cute:-)

  • Jojo

    @marlene.: like he even knows or cares who u are lmao!

  • chuchi

    ahh she’s amazing love her :)

  • fashion-police


    look at her clothes

  • jessie

    she’s so pretty, she’s a natural

  • abc

    Selena looks gorgeous and this commercial is super cute!
    love you selena! you are the BEST!

  • jenny

    wow! love ya

  • troy

    it seems like all she does is make really stupid commercials…get a life.

  • V

    @troy: This is not a stupid commericial. She is encouraging people to drink milk, it is healthy. If you think this is stupid then you need to get a brain check. No offense.

  • Meagan

    She is AMAZING! It’s not fair they don’t air that commercial here. Wow, I want to drink Bordens Milk now lol. She’s good at persuading

  • Paula

    i hate milk!

  • miss zanessa

    she´s cute ^^ and persuasive lol
    i feel kinda milky thirsty hehe
    anyway she seems to get along pretty well
    with little kids… how sweet!

  • eddie

    i love her

  • lore

    awesome :D i love it! she is beautiful =)

  • ivanka

    oh my god her huge head!

  • KB

    haha its a cute commercial. :D
    GO SELENA! [:

  • TV

    They should update the Wizards opening credits and make it like this. I’m tired of seeing the same opening for the past 2 years.

    And why milk? Selena’s face is perfect for Neutrogena or something like that.

  • a.m./p.m.

    Good news for Selena. Disney has officially announced that they are making “Wizards” their next franchise. FINALLY! It won’t before long ’til Alex Russo’s face covers up Hannah Montana’s face at Walmart.


    It is going to be a Selena Gomez Summer!

  • littlebadangel

    Well, I hate Milk ..
    but good 4 her
    Lovee her ..!!

  • keN

    . . .SELENAPOWER . .

  • me

    @fashion-police: i like her outfits…


    ok so yeah. infantil commercial. and of course she only has the capacity to do a commercial of a never known type of milk while the TRUE celebritys are doing commercials for got milk.

  • Anonymousguy08

    @miss zanessa: @Paula:
    I don’t. And I like Selena, but I don’t need her to convince me to drink milk.

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