Ashley Tisdale Has Luscious Locks

Ashley Tisdale Has Luscious Locks

Ashley Tisdale gently smiles towards the paparazzi as she leaves the Andy Lecompte Salon in Los Angeles on Friday afternoon (May 1).

The 23-year-old actress toted around her green Balenciaga “City” bag with her and rocked out her ripped Siwy Hannah Cropped Jean in Snowstorm.

Ashley tweeted about her evening out, saying, “Getting my hair done then off to rehearsal! I have the most amazing sister and girlfriends! Can’t wait for tonight, I get to hang out with my HOT guy.”

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Ashley Tisdale – Andy Lecompte Salon, 05/01

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  • lucia

    so beautiful as always

  • .

    i just realized shes always photographed at salon. like seriously, why does she have to get her hair done every other day? i know she’s a celebrity and she can use her money on whatever she wants but i have never seen anyone else go to salon so often.

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Oh, I just LOVE her hair here. Gorgeous as ever. :D It’s so great that Zachary, Vanessa, and Ashley find time to spend with their moms. It’s cute..

    ..Wait, rehearsal for what ? ..I missed something, didn’t I ?

  • riana


  • sam

    she is soo beatiful like alwaysss and i love she´s spend time with his mother

  • Lyca

    haha, yeah she IS always photographed at salons :p

  • maria

    She actually looks good here! Don’t like the weird colored Wayfarers, but whatever.

  • Bruno

    i have the same sunglasses that you have

  • natasha

    WOW she looks stunning as usual
    wonder who the hot guy might be?

  • Avril

    why is she so beautiful???
    she looks really cute!
    she’s the best!
    the hot guy must be Scott… I wish he was Jared! :P
    ASHLEY ROCKS! luv her!

  • marisa

    is it me or does she go get her hair done every single week? for petes sake

  • alli

    Well when she twitters her whereabouts for the paps to get her, she needs to go somewhere..LOL

  • zanessahsmxoxo

    she looks great here!! wow…she had great girlfriends..we know that xD,ashnessa foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrr =).haha
    love her

  • PaulinhoO

    Awsome as always :D
    And I love her sunglasses *-*

    4ever Ash <3

  • kami

    what??? wasn’t this same thing posted before? like a few minutes ago? was that on purpose?

  • pop86

    I like the bag.

  • crazyi


  • ZJ

    omg! she looks just perfect! I love her hair! <3
    I want to see her with her “HOT” guy haha

  • ash4everrrrrrrrr

    she looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):)
    GO ASHLEY! lol

  • mykamicks

    I saw that bag before in her. She seldom used it. .. Its not good almost everyweek hair dyed up… It makes our skull more drier…

    Nothing much with her outfit… Still she looks pretty.

  • Jerk

    She have the same white jeans that vanessa’s weart when she’s go out with zac with orang shirt

  • lm

    she can wear the same things.she doesnt spand very much money to being stylish like vanessa hudgens does.
    and she looks very beautiful and natural on this way.
    people love vanaessa only for her style.
    i cant wait for ashley’s album !!

  • http://jjj miley

    ashley looks great! :)

  • Jerk

    21 Im @ you must be kidding me right

    Don’t tell that ashley has a natural pretty at all

    i bett she’s work hard 4 that nose and plzz

    Don’t cpmare hare with nessa B/c this is Hollywood you have to have the talent and the pretty and the style scenes .

    and that what ashley’s need a litele bit from scenes of style

  • maria

    and jerk, 23 need a grammar help…

  • miilla

    isn’t she kind of STUPID that she write’s what she’s doing before going out i MEAN COME ON then it’s pretty obvious that she’s gonna get papped… she has done that 3 times now i think..
    GOD she has become soo i don’t know ….fake ..she’s like everybody else in holywood now`
    i used to be a huge FAN .. but now i just don’t really like her that much anymore … i get that she’s growing up ( even though that’s kind of late she’s wanting to do that she’s like .. what 23 ??) and im okay with that , but her growing up is apparently changing 1000 %..
    her new her is boring me now..
    i don’t know i just really miss the old FUN, cute, sweet bubbly, beautiful, not soo orange/fake Ashley Tisdale…
    SERIOUSLY ashley just BE YOURSELF…
    i don’t wan’t to compare them.. but…
    Like with Vanessa hudgens She’s growing up but stil KEEPING IT REAL…

  • ash rockz

    She looks great!
    Love her hair & the outfit <3

    Omg #24: You damn stupid! She’s still Ashley! Why do you compare her with Hudgens? Omg ANNOYING!

  • soap

    wow shes really flaunting her boyfriend
    didnt do that with jared

  • TotalyTizzy

    I love Ashley
    She look’s beautiful

  • miilla

    @ash rockz: she does look good here ..(:

    And i didn’t mean too compare her with vanessa ` because i HATE when people do that too… but i was just trying to get my point across..
    and why am i Stupid’ ?? just because i don’t really like what she has become ` or is becoming.. ??…
    ill not say more then on why she has been irritating me lately, if it’s pissing people off…
    okay then ..(:
    . well im out of here …. buy..

  • miilla

    ** bye

  • Myrmmr

    where’s her sweater from? so preeetty (:

  • lol

    The reason I guess that she is always papped at a salon is because someone can easily tip the paps off that she is in the salon. Also her hair was in really bad condition after dying it Blonde for all the years on suite life and HSM so its obvious she needs to go regularly to make sure her hair is healthy again.

    Its really no big deal my friend from college goes to the hair salon every week to get her hair timmed and blow dried and shes a student, this has NOTHING to do with Ashley being a celeb.

    As for comparing Ashley to Vanessa Hudgens, thats a ridiculous notion.
    1) they are FRIENDS so its likely they wear simlar or the same outfits some times.
    2)They are NOTHING alike. They starred in 3 movies together, and are now forging out seperate careers. As far as I am concerned there is NO comparison between the 2 as they both have completely different musical and acting aspirations!

  • ashnessa fan


    I agree. (:

  • kate

    shes Gorgeous and real. She loves her Fans thats the most important thing!
    xo teamashley

  • ashnessa fan

    and omg lol now that i think about it, Ashley reminds me of my cuzin.

    i’m not gonna go into detail and crap cuz that would be rude but long story short my cuzin has money, loads of friends, good looks etc but is never really happy with her life, she just tries to make herself feel better by spending money and having fun and stuff.

    kinda like the brooke davis on one tree hill kinda thing.

    if ashley is going through something like that then i can kinda understand. people go through that a lot, but weirdly all they want is love…cuz that is what seems to make them really happy.

    i’m not saying she is i’m just saying i’ve seen people act the way she acts before so it is kinda normal.

  • CARL

    OMG Beautiful!!! <33333333

  • ivanka

    boring life of ashley

  • Mary

    her hair will fall out before long.

    That hot guy, will no doubt be Scott. Talk about flaunting. Ashley has become so fake it’s stupid.

  • kokoo

    Ashley Rooockkk


    # Im .. please we don’t like vanessa just becuase she has a great style?
    get a life giiirl or boy or what ever you are.

    vanessa rocks her voice, and the way she act gosh I love it!
    so don’t say that we like vanessa just becuase of her style like I said before get a life, ore at least better life, it sems that you have’nt the great life.
    and I like ashley and vanessa very much but most my baby V!
    vaneeeeeeeeessssaaaa for eeveeeer!!!!!!

    (sry for the english!)

  • jane

    for anyone who hasnt seen this yet:
    review of guilty pleasure!!! Amazing!!!
    by the way.. she looks awesome here!! and seriously, the vanessa comparisons are back again?? come on people!! it had stopped for a while… its back again now!! damn…

  • Josh

    Cute girl

  • Scashley Loveer ;x

    Wow; she looks amazing myaaannn.
    i love her hair. for all the people “complaing” about her going to the salon most of the time, here is your answer: she did her hear blonde and she had to dye her hairr. soo shes maybe trying to protect her hair from getting worser. atleast shes looking after hair.
    awwww; shes cute with scott.! & number 26! youu cant say that shes not the same ashley youu dont know her in person or as a friend.

    loveee ashley tisdale FOREVER! x

  • Scashley Loveer ;x

    @ivanka: like your is beta ahaha!

  • Solange

    Once again, i have to get myself involved into this comparison again. I don’t get why ppl are so serious about Ashley gets her hair done. It’s woman’s Guilty Pleasure. And to someone whose name is Jerk (well, you’re likely become such a jerk, too), well, Ashley is 23 and growing up rapidly, getting away from Disney. She told us that if it hadn’t been for Disney, she wouldn’t have been so famous and well-known today. But she can not keep that Disney girl image forever. She also told us that blonde hair really left damages to her hair so she went back to brunette. I don’t know but Vanessa’s so boring, she doesn’t get along well with her fans. She doesn’t make videos to connect with her fans. She’s the one whom i consider to be the most likely to fade away.

    and once again to Ivanka: it seems like you’re getting more and more addicted to Ashley day by day. Vanessa would be sad if she found out this so…. YAY!

  • britney

    its an embarrassment that vanessa has fans like you and that makes me feel bad for her

    anyways ashley’s been looking so good this days is not even funny
    cant wait till GP

  • Stella

    Wow fake is all i can say & she is so lame. Quit posting stuff about her!!

  • Scashley Loveer ;x

    @Stella: who told you you had to read them?? if you dont like her just scroll up or down! its simple you actually click on it and read it. if you hate her why do you even BOTHER?

  • ZJ207

    uhhhh.. for the last time: DON’T COMPARE ASHLEY TO VANESSA! there style is so much different, there songs are so much different, there look is so much different… you can like both. my point is that you don’t need to be with Ashley against vanessa, or with Vanessa again AShley.. but i have to say, vanessa’s fans are becoming kinda annoying: they started the comparison on this post.

    anyways, AShley is cute and looks amazing <3