Miranda Cosgrove is a Grove Girl

Miranda Cosgrove is a Grove Girl

Miranda Cosgrove holds onto a pretty purple purse and she shops around The Grove in Los Angeles on Friday afternoon (May 1).

The 15-year-old iCarly cutie tweeted, “Meetings and then the Grove (outdoor mall) with Haley [Ramm] for lunch! Yay.”

Miranda will get cozy with guest star Drew Roy in a episode of iCarly. “iDate a Bad Boy,” airing on Saturday, May 9 @ 8PM ET/PT on Nickelodeon.

20+ pics inside of Grove girl Miranda Cosgrove

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Photos: Owen Beiny / WENN
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  • http://www.justjaredjr.com Beth

    Finally, you guys are starting to get more of Miranda! lol, she rocks!:L

  • http://justjaredjr simnel

    she rocks my socks

  • briana

    ehh i dont care for her much
    cute outfit though..

  • gabby

    I Love Miranda she is so cool. I wish I COULD GO SHOPPING WITH HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dorothy Juah

    the world’s most perfect little girl. you go Miranda, rock on

  • mileysupporta4eva

    they’re both soo pretty (:

  • Sandy

    miranda has great taste! she should buy that purpleish purse.

  • mirandacosgroveislove

    She’s beautiful. One of the best rolemodels ever. Love that your putting here on more often, Jared!

    btw, Brianna, #3, if you don’t like her, why are you here? :o

    please keep of this board if your a hater, no one wants to hear it.

  • twitterrrrrr

    hey! what’s miranda cosgroves twittter lol?

    i don’t havvvvvve her !

  • http://justjaredjr stardiva

    miranda cosgrove is david archuleta’s girlfriend. she look cute.

  • keN

    . . . MirandaBuzz . . Yyoouuu..!

  • saudia

    she looks fab!!

  • sarah

    shes not even famous

  • mine

    @sarah: yeah shes not famous… she hasnt reached major stardom, she is known for being draka and josh’s sis and carly… i hope that she reaches major stardom.

  • http://jjj Ryan LaPlaca

    2 down 12 to go until Miranda is sweet 16.

  • http://jjj Ryan LaPlaca

    Miranda seems like she’s the only teen who wears leather jackets; She truely rocks.

  • mirandacosgroveislove

    @mine: I totally agree!
    And yeah, Sarah, she is. Do you like live under a rock or something?
    She is one of the biggest stars of Nickelodeon and stars in a show with high ratings, 2 tv movies with high ratings, a soundtrack that has done well sucessfully worldwide and appeared on many popular tv shows, not to mention The Ellen DeGeneres Show.
    Seriously, get a life, because Miranda is one of the only sensible, squeaky-clean, normal, scandal-free teenage rolemodels in Hollywood.

  • Ashley

    She’s awesome! +They both look so pretty! :D Iloveher.

  • Jerry

    Miranda was the lead actress in School of Rock my all time favorite movie in the whole world. She was also in Yours Mine and Ours. She is making a movie with Steve Carell.

  • delsy

    @mirandacosgroveislove: you don’t have to be sensible, squeaky-clean, normal, scandal-free you just have to be talented and i am sorry but i think she is becomeing a badder actress and she is an horrible singer i mean in school of rock and Drake and Josh she was good but in iCarly she sucks so badly it is unbeleiveble it is the fact that she is sensible, squeaky-clean, and etc that people don’t realise that in iCarly she sucks so badly and her album did not do well maybe for Nickoldeon but she will never be regonized as a real artist while people like Jennette M will

  • http://- Ridhwan

    hi miranda i hope u have a nice day with your friends i love u miranda i cant stop think about u hope i could meet and hang out a date together love ridhwan

  • samantha

    she is really unfortunate looking

  • http://jjj Ryan LaPlaca

    OK the date for the iCarly episode is a total lie it’s next week same time same day.

  • keN

    . . . OK, . .Just cuz a band or musician doesn’t sell a
    million albums or clears a billion dollars before their
    23, it doesn’t mean their not super talented.
    Some of the most successful/talented singer
    song writers today are in their 40′s. It’s taken that
    long to get that good. Miranda is 15 and in HSchool!
    I can’t wait to see her KILL IT! in the clubs on
    Sunset some day. She’s still in first gear..!

  • Lauren

    OMJ! Miranda rocks! She is one of my favorite celebs! I am her #1 biggest fan forever!

  • Gelisa

    Finally miranda is getting noticed. I’m getting tired of all the Disney stuff. She deserves way more attention then what she is getting but she’s getting their.

  • Sarah

    Delsy, I have seen you post your hateful messages other places instead of positive ones in posts for Miley or Demi or whoever else you like. Your name sounds like the name of a retarded girl, which you obviously are since you couldn’t even finish your post and can’t count well enough to know that Jennette McCurdy has more articles written about her on this site than Miranda does, and her songs are promoted more. Not by Nickelodeon maybe-they don’t promote Miranda’s either except those that appeared on the iCarly CD-but everywhere else.
    Miranda does act well, because the characters she has done have all been so different. She does have some annoying mannerisms as Carly, but the screaming and being high strung are the way the character is written. She hasn’t done it in any other role. And when they give her good material, especially when they give her a love interest, like in iDate a Bad Boy, she does especially well. And the huge ratings for that episode-nearly 3x the viewers that J.O.N.A.S. had (and I suppose you think they are good actors)-should prove that a lot of people DO like her, since that episode revolved around her. How many people would watch a show about you, Delsy? So don’t get your Mousekateer ears in a knot the next time you see something about someone you don’t like.

  • sweetcheeks

    these photos arent very good. the quality is so poor. not ur usual good stuff!

  • http://twiter joselyn cordova

    no que linda eres quiero que sigas adelante espero que icarly ustedes son muy chistosos