V-Factory: 'Love Struck' Sneak Peek!

V-Factory: 'Love Struck' Sneak Peek!

V Factory’s Wesley Quinn and Nicky T work it out in a sneak peek to their new music video, “Love Struck.”

The vid was directed by Scott Speer, Ashley Tisdale‘s new boyfriend.

The band tweeted from the set, “PB and J on set rocks. Just changed for the last set up of the day!!!”

Be sure to follow all the boys on Twitter — @wesleyadamquinn, @Makaio8688, @NickyTvf and @natflatt.

V Factory – “Love Struck” Sneak Peek
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  • http://www.vfactorysocal.com v factory socal

    can’t wait!

  • joanne

    i know they’re working professionally but it must be weird for Jared. how his girl of two years dumped him for that guy

  • diane n.

    it looks good.
    i wonder if it was awkward with jared….
    but he looked cute, and so did asher! :DD

  • Mandi

    OMG, they are sooo…. freakin sexy!!!!

  • a.m./p.m.

    Wow, brings Backstreet Boys flashbacks. This is GREAT! I’ve missed the intense choreography in pop videos back in the late 90s, like they are trying to bring back in this vid. Now all we need is a teen popstar that dances like Britney Spears, cause Miley Cyrus can’t dance to save her ass.

    ’99 is back!!

  • Ivana

    don’t care, Jared looks so hot! ashley possibly not deserved him

  • kc

    lol they need to work on their facial expressions. but hey, it’s their first vid. and THEY CAN ACTUALLY DANCE! Jonas Brothers, eat your hearts out.

    yes i agree, is 1999 in 2009. They are the new Backstreet Boys. Can’t wait for the next Britney and N*Synch.

  • sophinnaa

    where was the one boys undershirt!

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Oh wow, those dance moves are HOT. They are too good. It’s so great that their bringing back boy bands. ..10 years later, Boy Bands are BACK and hotter than ever.. in my opinion.

    I wonder how that went..between Scott and Jared.. I think Jared got even cuter..actually he’s WAAY past cute, he is SEXY !!

  • check wat ashley said in twitter
    “Can’t wait for tonight, I get to hang out with my HOT guy lol ;) “

  • Meagan

    Awesome! everyone has to buy their CD! They need to become bigger than the Jonas Brothers. I wanna see REAL pop wipe out that lame pop rock Disney has been dishing out to us lately.

  • erin

    their dancing has improved so much. their choreography used to be so simple, it’s pretty amazing now.
    all of scott’s videos have been really good, i doubt love struck will be any different. must have been a little awkward between him and jared though.

  • jen

    this is so bad it’s good. wonderful actually…

  • Kaylin

    hahaha agree with #13

  • Justine

    Asher is my fave ^^
    but they’re all pretty goood!

  • makaiomadness

    awww CANTT WAITT

  • http://www.vfactorysocal.com v factory socal

    P.S. follow us on twitter @vfactorysocal

    much love.


    so let me get this straight ;

    jared is a part of v factory .
    scott directed the video .
    jared dated ashley .
    and now scott is dating ashley .

    hmmm ,

    DEFFFAWK , ahaha .

  • veronica

    dancing is great love them can’t wait to see more!!!!!!!

  • Miche

    i noe rite!! it’s juz SO UNFAIR..Jashley’s much more cuter!!!

  • cc27

    Jared Looking HOT!

  • vannie

    they look gay..the ones showing their chests. Good dancing

  • Julie

    I think their dance move are easy, VFC is so much better ah ah =)

  • athena

    @joanne: Okay, thanks for clearing that up for me….I thought this was the band of her former boyfriend of 2 years…wow, that must be a little awkward…Well, then again, Ashley seems to be dealing just fine, at least publically.

  • Heyhey6

    I like jared better dan ashleys new boyfriend….honestly i tink ashleys turning into a b*itch lately.I ued to love her but now…..Zac can act a bit big-headed too.Vanessas da only one keepin her head screwed on!

  • Jess

    Jared is such an amazing dancer.
    They all are…but they need to work on their facial expressions a bit.

  • melisa96

    a.m/p.m is right 90′s ARE BACK! I was born in the middle of the 90′s but i remember the backstreet boys 98 degrees and NYSNC.IT IS ALL COMING BACK!!!


  • Meagan

    I hope the 90′s are back. I really don’t like the 80′s influence on pop music today. 90′s pop was way better.

  • Karina

    it looks really good. can’t wait to see it when its done. Jared and Asher are so hot. poor jared, I bet it was awkward.

  • nat

    ahh they are amzing!!! i just love jared the most hah im so exciteD!!!!

  • Rashley24

    ashley didn’t dumped jared…

  • Stella

    I so love Jared!! He has the best facial expressions!! I think the best out of all of them.Asher looks cute too but he looks mad? I hope it wasn’t awkward for Jared on the set!! I think it’s so funny that Ashley has to post about seeing a hot guy tonight! Just to make herself feel better!! Who cares Ashley!! Get a freakin life already!!! Jared is soooo hot!

  • serena

    LOL Awkward much? The new bf of your ex directing your video? danggg

  • serena

    Jared used to be hideous, and I don’t like him that much….but I must admit…he’s gotten cute. He looks good in this video. And he’s really good at dancing…I’ve always had a thing for guys that can dance. But they’re hard to find sometimes haa. wesley on the other hand……is a dumb famewhore. Asher is the hotttttt one!

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