Anna Maria Perez de Tagle: Keep It Simple!

Anna Maria Perez de Tagle: Keep It Simple!

Fame starlet Anna Maria Perez De Tagle just uploaded a few videos to her new YouTube account.

In the vids, the 18-year-old actress answered questions about her Fame character Joy, her fashion style and pranks on the set. Check it:

On her personal fashion style: “My character in the movie is very unique but I wouldn’t wear all of this [references her outfit she's wearing]. It’s better to be simple because then your true beauty comes shining through. That’s my fashion advice.”

On breaking Kay Panabaker‘s trailer bed: “Paul McGill, who plays my best friend in the movie, Kevin, we were rehearsing in Kay’s trailer. She had wrapped already, so she wasn’t there. We were pulling out the bed because we were using it as a prop and I was on the edge of it and he jumped on it and it broke. It was slanted after that. We left a little note from ‘Goldilocks’ saying that it was too flimsy. She called me the next day saying, ‘Why is my bed broken?’”

On her character, Joy: “My character’s name is Joy and she’s an exuberant, aspiring actress. She’s very outgoing and outspoken. She wears these crazy things on her head and she has a lot to say. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks and it very talented. But what I like, is at the beginning you see her as a spastic puppy and she matures into this young lady in the movie. You really see the character development in Joy.”

Anna Maria Perez de Tagle – Fame Q&A, Part 1

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Anna Maria Perez de Tagle – Fame Q&A, Part 3
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  • Joy

    my name is joy.

  • elizabeth marinas

    anna looked great in this interview for the movie fame i can’t wait to see it when it come out i’m a hugh fan of anna’s


    she should think about shortening her name!! lol thats a mouth full

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    she should “keep it simple” with her name
    sorry that was reallly lamee

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    You should all keep it simple by not even commenting if you’re going to judge her!! She’ll make it big I’ll tell ya!!

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    You should keep it simple by not bashing her! Can’t wait for FAME!! Pretty.

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    no way is Fame being redone?

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    Esta chula


    wow chill out kids!! nobody was bashing or judging her. there was nothing negative about my comment. she has a long name and i made a comment about it. lighten up

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    eh. whatevs

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    she should really consider a much shorter name hehe

  • dvg

    Oh my, I would love to have Paul McGill jump onto a bed I was sitting on! Yummy! :-D

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    hey anna just wanted to ask you if your related to me or any thing close to that because my last name is TAGLE too.

  • tagle

    that last name is not a mouthful
    and dnt judge cuz thats my last name too!!!!!!!!!!!

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