Demi Lovato is Sweatpants Sweet

Demi Lovato is Sweatpants Sweet

A tired looking Demi Lovato keeps it comfy in navy sweatpants as she arrives at her hotel in NYC on Saturday morning (May 2).

The 16-year-old actress tweeted, “Totally saw Winona Ryder on my flight! But I was too embarrassed to say hi… but I did stare like a crazy person!”

Demi continued, “No! I’m not kidding, I planned in my head what I was going to say, ‘Hi, you’re my favorite actress. I say it in every interview!!!’ But then I just walked RIGHT passed her… Hahahaha. Mannn…… Oh well.”

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Credit: Dario Alequin; Photos: INFdaily
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  • skippingsarah

    so sweet so comfy so cute!

  • DemiFan

    I Love Demi!

  • Jashleyforever639

    she looks so cute!!

  • Joe

    She’s so freakin’ hot.

  • lyn

    shes gotten really skinny.
    but shes really pretty

  • sarah

    She’s so pretty.

  • twilight__bitch

    ugly without make up

    and her eyebrows are way too thick

  • josephine m

    awww she is so adorable she really is growing i mean shes gonna be 18 next year ,im so proud of her im glad to say im 20 years old and really enjoy her music she really deserves her sucess and so much more she really is a sweetheart i met her twice the girl is hilarious forget the haters demi your better off

  • mcftd8

    OMG i hope she takes care about the swine flu, i mean NYC is one of the most affected citys :S
    She looks really pretty btw :)

  • Lyss

    I love her!!!
    she’s freaking amazing

  • sarah

    shes cannot act at all in sonny with a chane or camp rock

  • josephine m

    @sarah: wow someone needs anger management seriously

  • chloe

    OMG! she is absolutely beautiful without makeup!!!

  • kj

    haha theres sooooo many people in nyc. I doubt she’ll get swine. There’s been like 50 cases, and how many people live in NYC?

  • LJ

    Aw she seems so tired :l But gorgeous as always.
    She looks really comfy too,
    what a cutiee : )
    I LOVEEEE her !

  • jonaslover!!!

    i love her.
    she looks aweosme…even in
    i love herr!



  • http://jjj miley

    i love demi! she always looks really fresh and awesome! (:


    she is GORGEOUS!!! don’t hate on demi cause you arent beautiful

  • gerty

    she looks cute in those pics
    not a big fan of her tho

  • lucy

    Demi looks so beautiful in these pictures and she even looks stylish in sweatpants!
    However, it does annoy me that she spelt it “passed” instead of ‘past’. I thought she would be able to spell if she graduated already! maybe english wasn’t her best subject!

  • jane

    demi looks great!!
    and by the way,… anyone saw the review of ‘guilty pleasure’??? by
    its amazing!!
    check it out! amazing reviews! i am so hapy for her!!

  • ariana

    @josephine m: shes only 16 shes not gonna be 18 next year she will be 17 shes my age

  • kc

    She looks like Kevin Schmidt with a wig.

  • Zekemaster

    I NEVER thought she was as pretty as Selena or Miley. But I love her voice. Her acting?…GOTTA GO!!

    Oh and Camp Rock 2 is on the way, joy…… ):

  • TV

    @twilight__bitch: Lol she is wearing makeup. But I guess it still didn’t help her face.

  • jenny

    @ariana: no, she going to be 18 nxt year, she’ll be 17 this august!! wow, i remember seeing her when she was 15, and she looks so different! I know, thats not a long time! she looks so adorable here!!!! awww….hope she gets enough of sleep cause she does look tired over here! and no, she looks so pretty without makeup too!

  • nessa

    @TV: she isnt wearing make up!
    no eye make up or anything!!

    get it straight..

    demi is gorgeous!!

    people’s 100 most beautiful

  • kenz

    um i think shes changing…. a lot!!!

    but she is pretty without makeup

  • katerina

    the photo is a little bit strange but she is too nc

  • Mel

    shes cute

  • Lauren

    if she wants to be a rockyish kinda girl then she looked more rockish with the bangs – the hair looks too perfect,..that was just a thought what popped into my head…but she looks kool dress down – i like the sweats and i wish i had a prada bag

  • Meagan

    I swear, if you cover up her hair, her face looks a lot like a man.

  • josephine m

    @Zekemaster: you have got to be kidding really miley and selena seriously lmfao anyways she beautiful and nothing no one can say could change that ,wow haters crack me up low lives

  • Zac F Ron

    @josephine m: I don’t like any of them or think any of them are like SUPERHOT, but if I had to choose I’d choose Selena. She’s cute and pretty. Miley is my second choice but her teeth are weird. Demi does kinda resemble a man, which is a big turnoff. But it may be a turn on for girls, but idk.

  • TV

    BREAKING NEWS: Taylena are sharing shirts!

  • ray

    how can you guys NOT see that she’s changed?

    ovb she has.

    she looks like she’s a miley – wannabe in the photos.
    and if you don’t think so, look back in ’08 how she was so much different.
    and no, i’m not just “jealous” or whatever your gonna say.

  • aleena

    WOW shes beautiful(:

  • JAson

    shes is soo beautiful
    and who said shes fat…shes proper skinny
    and how come she never gose to the beach!!!

  • Becky

    Even without make-up she’s still gorgeous and stunning! Loving the swetpants!

  • jgjg

    Oh no shes becoming a slut like other actresses.Hope she goes back to the way she was before.

  • heide


  • brenda



  • Ashlee

    she looks great!
    she pulls off sweat pants really well, and she has lovely skin :]

  • jjjjjjjj

    she is pulling off the all natural makeup very well btw she is wearing makeup dont tell me no bc you can tell under her eyes and on her cheeks but she seems like a great girl and she’s probably disneys best singer and i think she could go further then Disney! just saying

  • lalaine

    she looks prettier without make-up on

  • CDK

    Demi is so pretty. I wish I could meet her :(

  • luiza

    @ray : totaly agree!!

    she’s sooo diferent! ugh.

  • anon

    demi is so hot and has na amazing personality and so freaking taLENTED! LOVE HER!

  • Andrea

    Beautifuuullllll i love her DEMI YOU´RE THE BEST GIRL