JONAS Premieres Tonight!!!

JONAS Premieres Tonight!!!

The Jonas Brothers call up their best friends in the credits for their new series, JONAS.

Nick, Joe and Kevin will debut their show TOMORROW, May 2 @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

Also, be sure to check out the JoBros and costar Chelsea Staub on Radio Disney tomorrow morning as they host the Top 30 Countdown. It all starts @ 7AM PT/10AM ET.

TELL JJJ: What do you think of the opening credits?

“JONAS” Credits
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  • Nicole

    Can’t wait!

  • Bianca betancourt

    oh yeah!!

  • danielaa

    i lovee JB!
    itss gonna bee awsomee:)


  • pauline
    pls follow me and i’ll follow you back :)
    thanks ;)

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Hm, I actually thought that they would make the intro..better. ..But it’s still pretty cool, I like the jumping part at the end :D Can’t wait !!! ..Nicole Anderson kinda looked like Demi Lovato in the intro too…

  • Lili

    could they be any cuter?

  • Rachel a.

    Did they say Ruchies in the song? ” …sick of ruchie’s” cuz thats a mexican restaurant. not that im sayin he’s being racist or anything is just that there aren’t many ruchies restaurants and i’m pretty sure they dont have any in cali. i think only in houston….hmmm….buttt that’s just me. i dunno y i care?!?! :) Lol hehe

  • http://JONESSALOVE.WEBS.COM Alyssa


  • http://none betty

    still can’t wait ( Nick is SO HOT )!!!!!!! ;)

  • kj

    Loved the opening credits and can’t wait to see the whole show!

  • sjs

    I’m pretty sure they changed the lyrics to “So tired of road-trips. This day goes on and on.” Or something like that. It does kinda sound like he says Ruchies though.

  • Whatev

    OMG cant wait…HEy im loving the backround on this website!

  • swe3t23

    wack…. go see Ghost of Girlfriends

  • rachel


  • rachel

    im sorry but i cant wait for this to fail. WAKE UP ppl they arent popular anymore

  • maddy

    i agree!! their fame is over and dead

  • jojo

    i still can’t believe that demi lovato auditioned for jonas and didn’t get the part?! the heck? she and the jobros would have been amazing in a sitcom together!

  • sjs

    @rachel: Just cause you don’t want them to be popular, doesn’t mean they aren’t. Grow up child. Go stalk Miley Cyrus or something.

  • http://netlog zanessahasmyheart

    i cnt wait i hope i can watch it online i dont wana wait for other 3 months to watch it on disney channel new zealand

  • emma

    shes right, they havnt been as popluar the last 3 months, people seem to have stopped caring about their looks and are more interested in miley and taylor, gutted.

  • lulu


  • lovely

    i cant wait for the premier , and i love you joe ,nick and kevin

  • bintk
  • msfreek93

    can’t wait to see them it like i’ve been waiting for ever for the premiere =]

  • Lauren c

    Don’t listen to emma and rachel
    they r both wrong
    the show is going to be the best:)

  • shan

    Excited, even thought the preveiws i’ve seen, i don’t think it’s that good :/
    I think they might be trying too hard to make it funny.
    But i could be wrong.

  • brooke


    i know.
    thye are also growing up and everyone thinks they are changing because of it and dont realise that it happens to everyone

    i cant wait for this :)

  • brittany*

    @emma: OH YES completely NOT popular anymore…
    what are you smoking ?!
    because selling out their world tour, is losing popularity….
    go find your taylor post, and obsess over her.
    over their looks ?
    you make no sense, most real fans never really cared about their looks, okay it was a plus, but its about their music, after all they are a BAND.
    if they lose any fans, its the teenies, no one cares if they leave, all they do its obsess over nick/joe and say “OMJ YOU’RE SO HOTT, MARRYY MEEEE!!!!!!!!” & they dont care about kevin.
    true fans will be there forever.
    so leave the posttt bitchh.

    i cannot wait to see this tonighttt!!
    :] <3

  • katie

    they say routines not road trips or ruchies lol
    i saw the first two episodes theyre cute.
    haha they wear footsie pajamas and have real videos from when they were little in the second one that airs may 8th

  • Fanziefannerton

    @rachel: Sorry, I think you’re wrong…just because fickle teenage girls start to get over something, doesn’t mean it’s gonna fail. A lot of older people love their music too, these days and like them – goofy Disney show or not…The fact that it’s like the Monkees is a big plus for old people looking for something nostalgic to watch on TV. Plus with the new album getting a worldwide release, a sold out US arena tour starting and people dying to see them for the first time all over the world, somehow I think they’ll be OK without snotty ex-fans who think they’re too cool. Plenty of people aren’t that interested in Taylor or Miley. LOL. :)

  • kristan

    wow… that was just terrible.
    i feel really bad for the jonas brothers. if they hadnt gotten themselves involved with disney so much, the would probably have a chance of actually being taken seriously outside the world of crazed teenage fangirls. instead, they’ve been milked to the max, and have ended up with a tv show when their acting skills are not even mediocre. they should have stuck to just straight singing and making music, because thats where their talent lies.

  • cc27

    I Loved How Joe Fixed his Tie <3 Soo HOT!

  • Katie(:

    I am so excited! I love this! (:

  • Katie(:

    I love this theme song! The show is gonna ROCK! :D

  • tina

    yessss! can’t wait

  • katie(:

    eeeep! can’t wait

  • AJ

    Just saw the first two episodes “on demand”… I didn’t care for the first one but the second one (home movies) was funny; I laughed out loud a couple of times. Kevin is really funny :)

  • Miley & The JoBros ROCK!

    “emma” & “rachel”
    must I say you are
    clearly wrong. Obviously
    you havent seen
    their fan base. Really
    if ya’ll don’t even know what
    you’re talking about, don’t
    say anything at all.
    The Jonas Brothers are
    AMAZING this
    show is sooooooooooo
    NOT going to fail.
    The future’s looking good
    for them.

  • meg

    NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! I HATE THEIR THEME SONG! My bff was obsessed wit it when it was on their their cd as a bonus track but I absolutely LOATHED it!

  • DemiFan

    What’s with you guys,
    You don’t need to be all harsh on Rachel and Emma just b/c they don’t like JB anymore. The whole world dose not revole around the Jonas Brothers. Poeple have the right to speak their opinions so just leave it at that.

  • courtney

    They changed the lyrics to “So tired of ROUTINES, the day goes on and on”

  • Lissy madrid spain

    I like me. But in spain is last much time
    I can’t wait but in spain the premiere is
    In november -.- >.<.
    K desgracia !!!!!!

  • Atipa

    when did demi ever audion for this show???
    she started doing swac beofre JONAS was even PLANNED

  • Alexaaaa =]

    IT WAS AMAZINGGGG !! I cant wait until the rest of the season !! This show is gonna be a smash hit all over !! I loved it so much !! My fave part was definitely when Macy ripped all of Joe’s clothes off (Joe’s my favorite but i love the rest of you too) and he was standing there in tattered boxers and his shirt and UGHHHH it was soo sexiii !! I love you guys so much and i am just so excited for every other episode !! Im even watching next weeks episode with my friend Kevin (who is an extremely straight, extremely talented fan who sings your songs in lunch everydayy) hahaa !! I cant wait until July 15th, because thats when I am coming to see you guys on tour and I am EXTATIC, especially since this will be my first REAL concert of yours !! I also went to Good Morning America this summer which was AMAZING !! I had so much fun !! My friend Megan is actually a good friend of yours, and she talks to you like ALL THE TIMEE !! She is even bringing me and my best friend to the pre-party !! Sorryy, I totally took that off topic !! But I am so proud of you guys and this is definitely one of your biggest accomplishments yet !! Thank you so much for caring about your fans and showing us the real you !! You boys are amazing and are truely inspirational !! You guys have gotten me through some of the hardest times of my life like my grandpa dying of diabetes, helping my friend when she found out she had diabetes, being heart broken, and really just being stressed all the time and needing something and some way to wind down, so I just turn on your music and it makes me feel so much better about myself !! Thank you again for everything !! =] <3 Love Always, Alexa =] <3

    P.S. New Jersey misses you !! Come backk !!

  • TV

    I thought the first ep. was ok but there NEEDS to be more background music to enhance the comedy. That’s what made Lizze, Phil, and Even Stevens funny back then. I hope the series gets better because I really miss series without that annoying laugh track. But I gotta say, the new Wizards ep after JONAS made me laugh more.

  • Lenny

    the opening credits was the most attractive opening credits I’ve ever seen in my life…

    I love it when Joe is just sitting and fixing his tie *sigh*
    Nick is so gorgeous and so is hot little Kevin…

    I can’t wait for next week, I am so turned on by the show…


  • jbhb

    JONAS was so much more better than i thought, even though i’d seen a lot of the scenes i still laughed at all their jokes! especially kevin! My parents watched it too and loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!! we’re hooked-like we thought we wouldn’t be-yeah right! jonas forever!

  • jojo

    @Atipa: i don’tknow if she really did… but that’s what chelsea staub said in this interview… look at it:

    now i don’t know if you see it… check out the question about chelsea and nicole anderson and scan for demi’s name…

  • boy.with.skinny.pants.are,GAy!

    so unexpected.
    they should make a better intro
    and, Jonas, Jonas. I can’t see why do peoples like them
    I do think that their music is “ok” but, their attitude? their looks?
    about attitude, I don’t wanna give a comment, because I don’t know them, and you guys shouldn’t say that they’re funny. because that’s what you see in TV.
    and for their looks…
    Hello?? They’re the guys with the skinny pants!

    I know many “crazy fan of Jonas” or what I maybe call “blind girls that love hot looks” will give their reaction to my comment
    well let’s see who has the biggest mouth

  • Alexaaaa =]

    I cant wait until next week !! =] <3

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