Nicole Anderson Interview - JJJ Exclusive!

Nicole Anderson Interview - JJJ Exclusive!

Nicole Anderson stars as the self-proclaimed #1 JONAS fan in the new Disney Channel series, JONAS.

JJJ recently caught up with the 18-year-old actress and chatted about the series, the JoBros‘ tunes and becoming a princess. Check it out:

JJJ: What is your favorite JONAS episode that you filmed so far?

NA: My favorite is probably the one where Chelsea [Staub] and I had all our scenes together. It’s me teaching [her character] Stella how to play sports so she can pass P.E. and not have to take it for summer school. It was a lot of fun because in that episode, I got to do some gymnastics, which I did for 10 years. Chelsea and I had a lot of fun doing all of our scenes and she had a lot of funny stuff.

JJJ: What is the best thing about your character, Macy Misa?

NA: She’s such a big goofball. I love playing her because she’s always getting herself in these situations and saying things she probably regrets later. She’s a big ball of fun and I love playing her.

JJJ: Macy is the self-proclaimed number one fan of Jonas. Are you a fanatic over anything else?

NA: Probably the number one fan of Reese Witherspoon! I’ve always followed her work and when I moved out to L.A., I studied all of her work from the very beginning. She has inspired me throughout my acting.

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JJJ: You have experience in gymnastics. Did you compete?

NA: I did compete the whole time I was in gymnastics. I went to nationals.

JJJ: What is the toughest gymnastics trick that you can do?

NA: I can’t do it anymore (laughs) but the toughest thing that I did do was probably a front tuck on the beam because it was a blind landing.

JJJ: You just received your first fanbook. How excited were you to flip through it?

NA: It was really sweet. I thought it was really cool that they took the time to do that for me. The show hasn’t even aired yet and I’m already getting cool fans who are really excited to see my character. I wasn’t expecting for things to happen this fast or anything, but yea, it was kind of like ‘Oh wow!’ It was really nice. I definitely wasn’t expecting it.

JJJ: Do you listen to the Jonas Brothers’ music? What is your favorite song?

NA: I really like “Love Bug.” I went to one of their shows at the Palladium not too long ago. I’d never been to any of their concerts before that. It was a smaller venue, so it was cool to finally see them play.

JJJ: What is your favorite thing about the JoBros?

NA: They’re just so entertaining. Whether it’s just joking around or making conversations. They’re great musicians and great actors. They really live up to their hype.

JJJ: You also starred in ABC Family’s Princess as Jitterbug/Calliope. What was the movie about?

NA: Princess was about a modern day Princess who has this magical power to communicate with these mythological creatures. She’s like their healer and during her 25th birthday, she’ll lose that power and she has to find the new princess to take on her position. She was looking for my character [Jitterbug/Calliope] so I can become the new princess and continue on healing these creatures who will die out. There were dragons and fairies and Big Foot. There were a lot of really cool graphics in the movie. The best part of filming that was we actually filmed in a real castle in Toronto. It was a real castle called Casa Loma. The guy built it for his wife back in the early 1900s. It was really cool.

JJJ: Do you have any favorite books?

NA: I love “The Other Boleyn Girl.” Anything that has to do with the Tudor generation. I’m obsessed with The Tudors. I even watch The Tudors on HBO.

JJJ: Do you have any new projects coming up besides JONAS?

NA: Nothing as of yet. I’m still auditioning, still trying to book something. But nothing as of yet. There are a couple I’ve come close to but nothing for sure.

JJJ: What was the last CD you bought?

NA: Oh gosh. I don’t buy CDs…I buy a lot of songs on iTunes. I usually don’t buy full CDs. The last song that I bought on iTunes was…actually, I bought the new Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs CD. I can’t remember going into a store and purchasing a CD.


JONAS premieres TONIGHT (May 2) @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel. Be sure to watch!

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    JONAS and new Wizards premieres tonight!

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