Taylor Swift Wants Your Votes!

Taylor Swift Wants Your Votes!

Taylor Swift celebrates with her tour opening band Gloriana as they both are super excited about being nominated for a CMT Music Video Award.

The 19-year-old Fearless female goes around in her video, telling everyone and anyone about her nominations — but no one seems to care, until Gloriana. Taylor pleaded with everyone, even Lucas Till that she “wore a corset for 2 whole days!”

Log on to CMT.com to vote for Taylor and Gloriana.

Taylor Swift Wants Your Vote
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  • Stephanie

    aww she’s so adorable!

  • cc27

    Taylor was so funny here! haha

  • DLove

    are taylor and lucas dating now??? hes in the video backstage with her dancers and stuff???

  • Don’tmesswithme

    OMG Lucas Till and Taylor Swift= CUTE. So much better than JAYLOR

  • Melissa

    @Don’tmesswithme: I agree. Taylor and Lucas look so cutee together (:

  • Sarah Jonas

    OMG! I hope her and lucas till get together if they haven’t already! If they are I hope things work out so she can write a nice song about him. I love her songs but some of them are so depressing! Don’t get me wrong I love her :]

  • scarlette

    that was a cute video

  • mileyfan

    does anyone know if the girl with lucas was from dance war: bruno vs. carrie ann? because i remember a girl on there was a huge fan of taylor swift and she looked familiar…

  • Lauren


    I agree tooo :-).
    They would be adorable. WAY better than that Jonas. But who knows if they are dating or not. haha. :)
    Lucas was at the taylor concert I went to last Thursday!

  • iamhere

    the girl is liz taylor’s back up singer.

  • me

    Hey taylor, you don’t need to make a video looking so ridiculous! we all know even people who work for you can’t stand you! why do you embarrass yourself? you are an adult! why do you act that way? did you edit this video yourself, then you should’ve hit the delete button!YOU-ARE-NOT-FUNNY! do yourself a favor and grow up!you shouldn’t have to beg people to vote for you do you see carrie underwood doing this?NO!

    and do something about that frizzy hair!

  • K

    Aw she is so adorable! I’ll definitely be voting for her! She deserves it. And I hope her and Lucas are dating, they would make the cutest couple ever!!

  • ariana

    @me: jealous bitch …

  • keN

    …super cute vid. very funny. Thats
    worth watch’n again. Muy Congratz..!

  • keN

    … Yep..! its even funny’r
    the 2nd time…ha*lol,yeah..!

  • Annabel

    …her personality is so incredibly annoying. I know she was trying to be cute and all, but I just found it irritating. Anyway, I won’t be voting for her. Not because I don’t like her music, but because she has long since departed from country music. I would rather if the award went to someone who actually fits the description. If she were nominated for a VMA I would vote for her, but anything concerning country… nah.

  • lYNN


    i never liked her! if you read any of my comments on her youll see that!
    she is so friggin retarded! i mean her musi is really good but SHE is so figgin stupid!

    STILL waiting for that apology Taylor….


  • Matt

    Awesome video, awesome girl, awesome music that she makes. Taylor is one of a kind and I love everything about her. I will vote and hope she wins everything, and I hope that she finds an awesome guy that is at least halfway worthy of her, as no man (and I say this as a guy that would die to be in a position to give it my best shot) could be totally worthy of her :)

  • sara

    i think IYNN, Annabel and “me”
    are one person and ehmm how to
    say it?
    he or she’s just jelaous(:

    and why not to ask the vote?
    i didn’t know she was nominated
    now am going to vote(:
    again and again xD

  • Annabel


    No, I’m not the same person as those other two you mentioned. Just because I don’t worship the ground that Taylor walks on, it doesn’t mean I’m a troll. I like Taylor’s music, I just find her annoying and don’t consider her country… so I’m not going to vote for her to win a *country* award. And besides, notice how grammatically incorrect and vulgar those other two comments are… how could you even think we’re the same person?

  • :]

    If you hate Taylor so much, why even watch this? Leave her alone.

  • Annabel

    When did I ever say I hated her? I don’t. I wouldn’t hate someone that I don’t even know. I usually like her videos, just not this one, so I said as much.

  • ME!!!!

    I think you can act your age you are a very wonderful person taylor its just that people look up to you EXAMPLE- my little sis

  • rory

    i definitely think its her! i think her name is alyssa or elizabeth..i can’t remember

>>>>>>> staging1