Jared Murillo Gets Back in the Game

Jared Murillo Gets Back in the Game

Jared Murillo …caught with another girl!!!

The 19-year-old V Factory band member gets a steamy whisper from a mystery girl in the band’s new music video for their single, “Love Struck.”

Check out these exclusive new shots from the band’s video, which was filmed last week in Los Angeles under the direction of Scott Speer (he’s Ashley Tisdale‘s new boyfriend).

Wesley tweeted the day after the shoot, saying, “Eating at patys, the video is gonna be incredible. I can’t wait to see it!”

Also pictured below: Asher Book, Nicky T and Nathaniel Flatt.

Did everyone catch the sneak peak?

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  • kris

    the girl talking in jareds ear looks like ashley from that angle

  • kellcie

    Ashley and him Make a good couple ;)

  • http://www.twitter.com/selyprettymoon selene

    wooooow He looks great and HOT!!

  • Avril

    he’s soooo cute!!!!
    come on Jared you have to get Ashley back!
    Jashley is so meant to be!
    don’t let certain guy take her away from you!

  • http://yahoo.com vanessafan

    he’s soooo hawt!! he’s more hotter than scott guy!

    jashley forever!

  • Ayan

    Omg.. cant wait.. i love v factory… ASHER looks sooo good!….. ahhhhhh!..The music video is going to be AMAZING!

  • makaiomadness

    holy..I thought that was ashley too lol

    jareds my husband!
    ssoooo hawttttt

  • http://www.fotolog.xom/qetii_importa yuliana

    he is ugly

  • jen

    WOW…awkward!!!! imagine your exgirlfriends boyfriend directing you in the video… poor jared

  • Ashleygirl14

    awesome pictures
    i think it is ashley on jareds ear^^
    she has the same face same hair and the same hands so
    thats really cool that they’re st´ill friends

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    ..Oh god, I thought that girl WAS Ashley. ..But I don’t think she is. *sigh* Just thinking about Jared and Ashley not being together anymore makes me sad. ..I just need to accept the fact that Jashley is over.. but I can’t.

  • karen

    it’s not ashley lol it’s another girl who is much much hotter than her :) i think she’s a model.

  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com Boji

    That girl looks prettier than Ashley.

  • Samantha

    OMG.. it does lol

  • Ashlye

    I like Jashley wayyyyyyyyyyy more than Scashley ):

  • Stella

    Jared Looks so cute!!

  • Cindy

    Ashley eat your heart out!!! Jared is sooo cute!! We need more pics of Jared!

  • lol

    I think its great that they are so professional about things.It shows that Ashley and Jared are still friends and that they wont get there failed relationship get in the way of their careers.

    Kudos to Jared.

    Cant wait to see the finished video.

  • pink sugar

    That’s not Ashley. If it was she would had tweeted about it.

  • kokoo


  • Niki

    Jared is so much better then Scott. Ashley’s loss. He looks so hot, I just love him!!!

  • Veronica

    just like ashleys song says…he’s so much better with out her! and hes sooo hott way hotter than scott speer!!!! ah im so excited for their video!

  • olIVIa

    Jared is so so so cute! !!!!!! Get us more photos of Jared!!!! He’s so much better with out her!!!!

  • alelie

    omg how hott can he get!!? im so excited!!!

  • andy

    jared so much better than ashley!! just like her song says yay i love him!!!!

  • Carrie

    I can’t wait for the music video to come out!! It’s going to be awesome!!! Jared is such a cutie!! He is so much better looking than Scott.

  • Jane

    Ahh!! I cannpt wait for the Music Video! Its going to be hott! Jared is so freakin Sexy! I love Him! He Is def so much better off without ashley


    Yal are saying he’s so much better without Ashley, but without her, he would just be a back-up dancer and would have NEVER got a boyband contract without the use of her name.

    They would have been lucky if Hollywood Records would have let them sign.

    Not being a hater cause I love Jared and V Factory, but I’m just statin those true facts

  • Ashleyfan

    Jared’s HOT HOT HOT Scott’s NOT NOT NOT Ha ha


    that girl doesnt look like ashley. shes looks way hotter.

  • Karina

    that girl whispering in jared’s ear, kinda looks like ashley. I can’t wait to watch their new music video, I love that song!

  • nat

    no actually he got the band before he even started dating her so i dont know what your talking about he is so much better with out her get a life

  • makaiomadness


    yeah your wrong, if it wasn’t for jared tryin out for hsm he wouldn’t be in a boy band. ash had nothing to do with it she didn’t make jared be a dancer in the movie. tommy just so happend to be on set and saw jared dance and got him to sing. HE’S BETTA OFF W.O THAT SKANKK, HER BF IS UGLY. JARED IS SEXYYYYYY

  • Carrie

    @TRUEFACTS: He was sought out by Warner Bros. not because of Ashley. Tommy saw him dance when he was getting ready to go on tour. He had to audition just like everyone else. They weren’t even dating so you can’t pull the “he was dating her card”. Jared is so talented. that’s why he got it.

>>>>>>> staging1