Milly & Becky Rosso: Lollipop Lovely

Milly & Becky Rosso: Lollipop Lovely

Milly Rosso and Becky Rosso are pretty in pink at the Lollipop Theatre Network’s Inaugural Game Day on Sunday afternoon (May 3) in Burbank, Calif.

The 14-year-old blonde beauties, who just released their new flick Legally Blondes on DVD, will also see themselves on TV again. The movie will premiere on Sunday, August 2 @ 8PM ET/PT on ABC Family.

Also pictured below: Cory in the House cutie Madison Pettis.

10+ pics inside…

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Photos: Eric Charbonneau/WireImage
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  • beautimagnet

    Wow, the Rosso sisters literally look like Barbie Dolls! They look cute.

  • max

    finally they’re wearing different things.


    too much pink…. GOSH, they’re 14 already!

  • Indie

    That girl who’s on right,yes.that girl.(:
    I wore the same outfit today and NO I don’t copy her style.
    I’m checking JJJ before we hit the mall and I’m wearing very similar to that.(:
    Converse,black leggings,skirt and pink top.:)
    When we arrived here in our house,I logged on and check JJJ FIRST and saw her.
    haha.I’m shocked.
    I never thought we have the same taste when it comes to fashion or whatever you call it.
    oh well,just sharing.

    Who’s that girl?
    I’m confuse,Milly or Becky?
    I’m wondering,is she Becky?

  • Shannon

    I want to like them, but I can’t help it.

    I really hope they don’t get that disney show they’re going for, because it’ll just be Disney’s way of being more popular in England, showing there worldwide etc etc.

    And I don’t think they promote England well. Their voices are just so odd, since their accent is a mixture of american and english. They’re nice but they just aren’t strong enough in personality to represent an entire country (which is what will happen). They’re too…. dippy.

    They’re pretty but not stunnning. Something about their faces and fashion sense is… odd.

  • Louberry

    The one who’s on the right is Milly!

  • hil!!

    i love milly and becky and i love their outfits!! i have that smiley top that becky’s wearing from forever 21! they look so pretty:)

  • !

    at first i found them kinda annoying on the suite life but know they seem really nice and they were awesome in legally blondes and in the videos on their myspace!
    also how do you know if they havent got a personalities if u’ve only seem them playin characters on the suite life!?

  • taytay94

    whats wrong with their fashion sense? i love it…they’re outfits r always so cute and fashionable…also whats wrong with wearing pink??! lol

  • meg

    I want to hate them cuz they’ve got everything i want…beautiful hair, a twin, a movie, but they seem so genuinely nice so I’m just gonna love them instead lol!

  • Shannon

    In interview and stuff, they aren’t like the other disney channel stars. I didn’t say they don’t have personality, just that they weren’t that engaging

  • katerina

    oh they are so sweet!i like them.
    but i cant understand who is becky and who is milly :S

  • georgia

    COOL! love the twins….they were awesome in Legally Blondes:) they were perfect 4 the roles coz theyre great actresses & have GORGEOUS hair…i wish i had their hair!! but i dont :( haha

  • :)

    they’re lame.
    they need more character, not just a pretty face.
    it’s enough that there is two. that’s like twice the boring!!!

  • jjjlover


    your so mean! if by character u mean loud & trashy, then your mamma didnt raise u right!! u shouldve been taught that sweet & genuine does not equal boring!!

  • pisha!

    they should die there hair a different color

  • Milly rosso

    i am very happy that i am on this
    milly rosso

  • md

    Hi i love you guys!!!! You are so amazingly beautiful!!!!!!!

  • md

    Hey you guys!!!!! You are amazingly beautiful!!!!!

  • md

    Hey you guys!!!!!! You are the most amazingly beautiful british twins i have ever seen!!!!!!! I love you guys so much i bought your movie and it did not work but i used every penny for another one!!!!!! I love your movie flip and wave is so cool!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!! And pink!!! Is always the best!!!! In fact it is my favorite color!!!!!!!!!!! I will always love you guys!!!! It was a fantastic movie!!!!!! Are you guys really like this in real life???? Because you guys are such a great roll models!!!!!!!!!!

  • md

    HEY!!!!!! You know you guys should make your own line of clothes!!! You could call it The Think Pink Fashion!!!!!!

  • md

    @Milly rosso: I am happy i am on this too!! Write me back!!!!! Please!!!!

  • md

    Hey can you email me? Or talk to me? One day we could talk!!!!! Because you both seem very very sweet!!!!!

  • cc

    All you that are making those bad comments you need to stop because i bet if it was you,you wouldn’t want any one talking about you like that.They are sweet British BEAUTIFUL twins and they can act. I DON’T FIND THEM ANNOYING AT ALL.they accents are awesome.
    Becky and Milli Rosso are great actress and i saw the video clips with you guys Becky and Milli Rosso when you said i hope we don’t disappoint any Legally Blond fans well you didn’t disappoint me i loved it.You guys totally brought out the best of the movie i probally watched that about ten time already and i’m watching it now. KEEP BLOND and KEEP MAKING MOVIES CAUSE YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME AND I’M TOTALLY LOOKING FORWARD FOR ANOTHER LEGALLY BLONDS.I also speak british myself but i’m not british but i love the accent.don’t listen to them just be you don’t change yourself for anyone.

  • Annabelle

    i luv milly and becky. i luv legally blondes!!!!!!!!!u know why? brcause my name is annabelle.milly and becky, if u r reading this, then can you be the manager of my club on stardollCamilla.Rebecca?

  • Annabelle

    my club is called Camilla.Rebecca

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  • http://meebo faith lemieux

    becky milly

  • http://Justjaredjr.buzznet.comcom alice

    how do people tell u apart i mean u 2 r i clone of another and when is leagally blonde 2 coming out i love your acting ani just can not wait 2 see more bye hope 2 see u soon in your second movie!!!!!!!!

  • alice

    how do people tell you girls apart really thats my question!
    and when is legally blondes2 coming out ! i love you acting and in the future bye.

  • alice

    you are great i love u girls i hope u well

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  • julia

    Hi my name is julia what is your name and the twins names. Can you buy me a phone and a vrizen wierles. im 10 all most 11.

  • http://yahoo purpe purple

    they are so pretty in pink and love the style…

  • http://yahoo purpe purple

    i love your style and you look pretty in pink.