Miranda Cosgrove is Tutor Terrific

Miranda Cosgrove is Tutor Terrific

Miranda Cosgrove shows off a bright rainbow top as she leaves a three-hour tutoring session at a local library in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon (May 3).

The 15-year-old Nick starlet tweeted after the session, saying, “On my way to the library to study :-p Tomorrow I start a new 2 part special of iCarly!”

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10+ pics inside of rainbow bright Miranda Cosgrove

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Credit: Nathanael Jones/ Ben Dome; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • http://www.julia.com júlia_brazil

    She’s sooo talent! She makes me forget all prejudices that I step in the school ’cause I am very white. (Y)

  • http://www.julia.com julia_brazil

    She inspire me

  • http://www.julia.com julia_brazil

    She’s cute! iCarly é 10!!

  • p

    she’s so pale!

  • briana

    she seems so boring..even with a rainbow top..
    i dont like her…

    but happy almost birthday to her
    its some time next week, her 16th i think :]

  • Sandy


    All Miranda has time for is school and work, so maybe you’re confusing boring with being too busy to have drama in her life. Just because she’s not creating scandal doesn’t mean she’s boring.

  • camila

    I love miranda! my birthday is the same as her! May 14, next week (:

  • Brett

    She is soooooo frickin hot

  • Brett

    she is sooo hot

  • keN

    . . . Happy Sweet 16th Miranda . .
    (Jennette’s 17th is next month)
    ‘Live,Learn,Love,Enjoy’ to you both . .
    . . . . . keepitoniCarly.com . . . . .

  • anonymous

    totally have that shirt but in white lol

  • briana

    @Sandy: i guess, but im not saying she doesnt have drama in her life her and her boyfriend live like 999999 miles away from eachother, poor them :[

  • gabby

    she seems cool and shes really pretty! I love her show and I cant wait for her album! thanks for posting jared!

  • http://justjaredjr stardiva

    the last time i heard that david archuleta is her your boyfriend, so who is miranda’s boyfriend name is?, anyone know?

  • Dorothy Juah

    She doesn’t have a boyfriend yaw, just let her live her life, please. and I pretty sure if she did have a bf we would know, she not like some celebs who tries to be fake about everything in there lives including the people they date, and lets face it there are some celebrity who are actually just real people like us, and she’s one of them. I mean she puts school, and her job as an actress/singer, family, and friends first which is just normal and I admired that about her. love MC, keeps rocking baby girl and maybe someday we will meet

  • http://justjaredjr stardiva

    yeah whatever, i think miranda is dating someone.

  • http://justjaredjr stardiva

    @Dorothy Juah: yeah ok i think miranda does have a boyfriend.

  • Dorothy Juah

    @stardiva you don’t know who it is though and she hasn’t said anything about a boyfriend or have not been spotted out with one yet in public so ratter than us starting and listening to rumors about her private life. why don’t we just enjoy her music and her acting, by the way it’s what she famous for, not because she dating David Arculita, nick Jones or any famous teen boys out there . FYI just use nick for example not trying to put him to every famous teen girl out there

  • http://jjj Ryan LaPlaca

    This time she looks more happy and energetic, last time when they did the Math Edition Miranda looked tired, as she was entering the libary studying her math.

  • http://justjaredjr stardiva

    miranda cosgrove used to date nat wolff, i never seen them together.she must be very private about her love life, what a smart girl she is. her 16 brithday is coming up, i wish her happy brithday!!!.

  • Ava

    Her skin’s like computer paper white. What ethnicity is she?

  • Tooty

    I feel bad for her. She does school work every weekend. That can’t be much fun.

  • Rita

    What a great role model! My little sister and I never miss her show! We can’t for her I DATE A BAD BOY!!!!!

  • tinamarie

    She was so cute in School of Rock…but now she is um not cute at all. She always has a goofy smirk like she is all that. Don’t hate her I’ll give her a chance.

  • morgan

    My friends neighbor is going to her sixteenth birthday bash I wish I could go!

  • amy

    I LOVE HER! Shes a great little actress and shes realllllyyy pretty

  • TV

    @tinamarie: She’s not as pretty as let’s say Selena or Miley but I don’t think she’s acting all that. She seems pretty grounded and nice. She is actually very good on iCarly. Her and Selena’s acting are way better than Demi Lovato’s but then you see Demi acting like she’s all that. So go Miranda!

  • Meagan

    @TV: Eww don’t mention Demi Lovato in a post not about her. seriously.

  • tinamarie

    @TV: wow…this chick is lucky too have such a big fan in you. i tried to watch icarly once and it was not good, but demi’s is funny–no miley–but still good. i will watch icarly again to try to like it.

  • mirandacosgroveislove

    @briana: All I have to say is, you need a social life.

  • mirandacosgroveislove

    @Ava: Wow, Racist, much?

  • mirandacosgroveislove

    @tinamarie: NO MILEY?! HAH!
    Just go away, no one asked your freaking opnion, cuz guess what? I LOATHE MILEY CYRUS. But, unlike you, I’m not going around posting my distaste for her.

  • lisa

    Dear miranda cosgrove this is lisa castellanos I just want to say that I am your biggest fan of I Carly

  • http://justjaredjr stardiva

    i wonder if david archuleta going to her 16 birthday bash??

  • francesca

    her shirt is from urban outfitters!

  • Matt

    So now they’re stalking her too? She looks so cute though.

  • Heather

    @Meagan: I agree. :)

  • keN

    . . . . ‘MirandaWorld’ . . . tha’d be good, yeah…

  • Meganfox

    I don’t think Miley looks any good… I think thats the entire point of dressing like that >_>

    Miranda is very cute, she looks like a doll, and I guess that the whole charm of it.

  • Bob

    i hate that shirt

  • lili

    im a huge fan and she looks good to me



  • http://iomoo.wordpress.com sara

    you do!? where is it from!??!1