Selena Gomez is Capilano Cute

Selena Gomez is Capilano Cute

A comfy Selena Gomez takes a stroll on the famous Capilano Suspension Bridge in Vancouver on Sunday afternoon (May 3).

The 16-year-old actress was joined by mom Mandy, step-dad Brian and even Disney XD star Hutch Dano!

Selena tweeted this morning, saying, “The day that I have been awaiting is finally here… Brandon, my cousin gets in town today!!”

10+ pics inside of Selena Gomez and Hutch Dano strolling Capilano…

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Credit: Dzilla; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • bint
  • ivanka

    who is Hutch Dano!? i think that selena is just hanging out with friends, not dating , like the “taylena”thing, they are JUST FRIENDS

  • leslieisbestfriendswithselena.

    Love love u sel call u on Friday wat i’m my saying she’s nevr ggoingg to see this i’m just goona twitter and loving the shades

  • leigh

    Hutch Dano is going to play Henry Huggins in the movie.

  • saudia

    I love her sweater .. dressed down she’s beautiful


    selena is the most quiet and down to earth disney star, i like that about her


    Selena looks great in our Jen Cut-off Sweatshirt! She is such a beauty and looks so comfy and down to earth. She really epitomizes our brand. Have fun taking in the sights Selena!

  • Lauren

    i like that sweatshirt – does anyone know where its from?

  • http://jjj miley

    i love selena! she is such a sweetheart! :]

  • sophie

    i dont really like selena at all,but she looks really pretty in every picture :)


    she looks gorgeous even in some sweats….amazing. she does look alittle evil…but nevertheless gorgeous lol

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR.COM SELENA fan!!!!!!!!!!!

    selena is the most quiet and down to earth disney star, i like that about her

  • Rachel Jonas

    I dont like Selena im sorry
    i used to but then realised what a real showoff she was..
    i know you will probably ask why did u come on this!
    well the truth is to see if anyone is badmouthing nick jonas saying that he played selena when her didnt…
    I mean i like Wizards of Waverly place and her character but not so much her. Its just like she came out of nowhere and thinks she is so great

  • Meagan

    @Rachel Jonas: Selena is just quiet and some take that as being stuck up. I think Demi is the one that’s stuck up. Just read her twitter and you see her talking like she’s Miley Cyrus. I hope one day you’ll learn to like Selena because she is a jewel.

    Oh yeah, and she’s HECKA pretty.

  • kc

    Does anybody notice how she has a really good profile. Her face works in every shot . Her long neck and legs make her look like a fashion model. She is so lucky to be born with such great beauty. I’m jealous. But she deserves it and all her successes too.

  • hu


  • aw

    I love her top.

  • menna

    i was just on the suspension bridge this past thanksgiving when i was in town. my mom was scared to death because the bridge kept shaking. i even got a mug saying “I SURVIVED” on it. hee hee….:P

  • Miley & The JoBros ROCK!

    Rachel Jonas
    I agree.
    I like WOWP
    but her, not so

    And Meagen
    everyone is entitled
    to their own
    opinion. Some don’t like
    Selena get over
    it. Btw Demi and Miley
    are not stuck up.
    They’re very talented
    not so much cute
    though. All the Disney
    girls arent really
    pretty I mean they’re
    alright but…eh I

  • Zac F Ron

    @Miley & The JoBros ROCK!: She is one of the pretty Disney girls, along with Vanessa and Ashley. Miley is ok looking but she has a hot body. Demi is one of the less pretty and her body looks very masculine. But none of them are like drop dead gorgeous. That’s Megan Fox.

  • TV

    She looks really pretty here. I’m not gonna lie. Jared, I want more posts on the Wizards movie!!!

  • mary

    love selena!

  • Zekemaster

    @mary: Who doesn’t?! :D

  • SAM

    i love that she’s so laid-back. She’s always adorable. Love you selena!

  • lola

    Is it just me or is she wearing two different pairs of sunglasses?

  • Christinitza

    she looks great…

  • Bob

    cute, but can’t dress



  • Jobro Lover

    selena is so gorgeous
    i love her in a non gayish way
    lmfao i want to be just like her :]
    no liess

  • Ilovejb

    I love Selena. She is the best person you could see on t.v. But sometimes she can be kinda wierd. But other than that I love her.

  • hilary

    to beatiful