Brittany Snow: Zac & Vanessa are Amazing!

Brittany Snow: Zac & Vanessa are Amazing!

Brittany Snow is pumped to see next week’s Gossip Girl, where she’ll play a young Lily Rhodes.

The 23-year-old actress dished to WZAP Radio‘s Zach Sang about clubbing, best friends and new boyfriend Ryan Rottman. Check it:

On going out to clubs: “I go to clubs sometimes, but I’m really lucky in that I have a really good balance and know why I’m here and what I really want in my career and that’s to act for as long as possible. I would never jeopardize that with going out and spending all night at a club and not being responsible. So I think you can do both. I just am very lucky I don’t get caught doing it ” sometimes.”

On her new relationship with Ryan Rottman: “Yea, I have a boyfriend right now and it’s great and he’s a producer and an actor and he’s producing [Walks], the movie that I’m doing in a couple of weeks. So that should be fun and interesting to work together.”

On best friends, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens: “One of my best friends is Vanessa Hudgens. And we probably hang out every day. Zac Efron is one of my closest guy friends. And we just kind of like hang out.”

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Brittany Snow – WZAP Radio, 05/05
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  • Zekemaster

    BREAKING NEWS: New photos of Selena and Taylor Lautner getting cuddly in the rain in Vancouver at Lainey Gossip now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REALLY REALLY cute. check it out.

  • nikki.mouse


    that’s so cuteee <3
    love what she says bout Nessa and Zac
    and she’s happy w/ her BF

  • joanne

    brittany is really cute. she’ so sweet

  • yets

    thanks for a nice word to Zanessa.
    thats why we love them.

  • mykamicks

    I think she became closer to Vanessa during Hairspray shoot of ZAC. thats what I like with ZAC too. He able to introduced his friends towards her girlfriend..

    At 23 she really kind a mature in talking about her positive outlook in life. And a wonderful friends to ZAC & VAnessa… Look forward to see her stint in Gossip Girls

  • me.

    vanessa and her have known each other before hairspray. but i think they became good friends after that.

    but… SO CUTE.
    one of my fave actresses talking about my idols<3

  • Tash

    Vanessa has always been a great person,no doubt brittany like here :D

  • lslsharon

    vanessa has so many friends!!!

  • suzy

    i love her and V are close.

  • lili

    shes so pretty!
    and awww….i love what she said about zac and vanessa!!!…
    i cant wait to c her on gossip girl next week!!!

  • Steffi r

    so excited for valley girl :D :D

  • xinni

    i want a double date….brittany and ryan vs zac and vanessa…
    that will be awesome…

  • http://jjj miley

    i really like the fact they are friends! they are both sweethearts! :)

  • thestudioworks

    hey guys. if your nice enough, please help us to vote for vanessa hudgens in the MTV movie awards 2009. she really has to win. to all zanessa fans out there, let’s also vote them for best kiss. thanks guys. it’s really cute that vanessa and brittany are best friends. love it!:D all the way for V!:-)

  • carla

    I’m happy vanessa and brittany are bff =D they are both elegant and amazing actresess!

  • bee

    I CANNOT wait for the flashback episode next week!

    The preview looked amazing from what I could see, Britt as young Lily is gonna OWN.

    && my love for her just continues to grow. Her friendship with Vanessa/Zac/them as a couple is adorable.

  • http://zanessa nathalia

    I think she a good friend for zac and vanessa
    I do not know ha
    but if she likes vanessa I like it

  • Jess-x

    They did do a double date (Zac and Vanessa & Brittany and Ryan) but Jessica Stroup (Silver in 90210) was there aswell.

  • molly

    vote for zanessa at the mtv music awards!

  • aw

    She also said this, They’re the most amazing people in the world. I’d do anything for them,”

    Very sweet. She’s well spoken in the entire interview.

  • Hanna

    vote all for zanessa best kiss mtv awards
    that will be soo great when they´ll win an award because they have to go together on the stage…
    sorry for my bad english …..=)
    Go vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ann

    Brittany, May God forgive you.

    Nice to see you have joined the reject in the garbage dump.

    You two deserve each other.

  • sandra
  • jazmin

    I like Brittany…she’s beautiful.

  • zane

    that is so sweet! glad to know Zanessa has lots of friends aside from their HSM co -star.

    Vote for Zanessa at MTV

  • LuckyL

    Aww! Cute!

  • OK

    great!! i love her…she ain vanessa besties!! yey..
    she really is in love with her ryan!!
    bryan&zanessa!*2 couples who rock in LA

  • Vannessa

    Aww thats cute..
    Vote vor zanessa best kiss at MTV!

  • Megan


    That’s just getting old. Find some new insults or don’t bother posting, because ” That reject from the garbage dump.” was rude the first four hundred times, and now I’m just sick of hearing you say that on every post about vanessa.

    Have some respect and get a life. Or at least a new insult book.

  • ivanka

    aaaaw its cute how zac introduces vanessa to every costar and now they have more friends=)


  • emma



    ann is zac is a rat so obvious

  • ayen


    She’s actually been friends with Vanessa before she became a friend of Zac.

  • Laura

    I love what she says about Zac and Vanessa, they seem really close :D

  • Caro

    amo a britt :D

  • nikki

    aawww zac is ssoo cute that he can introduce his girlfriend to female friends :)!!

  • nyssa

    since when were brittany and vanessa friends??? before hairspray??? how?

  • emma

    Does it matter to people when they became friends all you need to know is that they are friends

  • jamz

    @Ann: Woman What Is Your Problem!!! Do you actually have that much hate for Vanessa that everyone associated with her are trash and they belong in the dump? Let’s set the record straight! the only person on here and any other Vanessa or related threads are you, your mind in so far in the gutter no!, there is no gutter for you, you are in the hell pit, that you shouldn’t even belong on their threads, you are so evil with a captiol E. Please remove yourself to all the bad people where you belong.

  • ♥Zanessafan4lyfe♥

    So cute ♥

  • thestudioworks

    what brittany said is so sweet. i would love that zanessa and bryan would hangout sometime. so cute!:D they are all good and great people. anyway, vote zanessa in the mtv movie awards guys. they need support. all the way for V!:-)

  • mykamicks

    Ok ayen noted. I remember last year there is a movie offered to Vanessa, ( Prom Night) unfortunately because of conflicting sched she wasnt ableto do it. Instead said role was given to Brittany…

    Megan, Emma & Jamz: hahaha isnt that nice that there is somebody on this thread keep on bashing around… LOL always find it very entertaining when there is a Pessimistic specie tagging against the people whom they doesnt like it. Common give that specie a space too to have some air… Its just like frying yourself in a hot pan because of the optimistics comments surrounding around.. Har har har! Pity isnt it?

  • http://zanessa NATHALIA
  • yets

    #42 thanks for that.
    Zanessa really still together.

  • athena

    Yeah, well, where’s Zac? Where are he and Vanessa? Is she out promoting Bandslam? She’s to be on Ellen today, that is Eastern time…I know they need their downtime and all…but, just to let Zac knows, he really does know how to hide from the paps…because, no one sure knows where he is now…or what?

  • sheen



  • troy

    Actually I think it’s more likely that Ann is Zanessa hater. She’s just toned down the wishing violence on Vanessa. But she’s saying pretty much the same thing.

  • http://No Kevin

    I didn’t know that Brittany Snow was friends with Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens. I love Brittany Snow Vanessa isn’t Brittany Snow a singer as well as, an actress. She voiced, Naminee Roxus’s girlfriend in Kingdom Hearts II. Jesse McCartney voiced, Roxus who is Sora’s other self. Academy Award Winner Haley Joel Osment who has a twinc sister Emily Osment voiced Sora the Kingdom Hearts blade warrior in both Kingdom Hearts games. Hayden Panettiere voiced, the beautiful Kairi as Sora’s girlfriend and destined soulmate love. Kairi is Naminee’s other self thus making sense to Kingdom Hearts II.

    Love You, again Vanessa/Zanessa and Jashley


  • tom

    i love how they become friends with everyone and not have big ego and that’s why we love them. brittany is also friends with ashley to so no drama at all.they had already knew each other.