Camilla Belle is a Gucci Girl

Camilla Belle is a Gucci Girl

Camilla Belle is black- white and pretty all over while out and about in sunny Brazil on Wednesday (May 6).

The 22-year-old girlfriend of Joe Jonas looked gorgeous in a Gucci black-and-white sleeveless mini dress and red patent leather heels. Later today, Camilla will be attending a private cocktail party at the Gucci store in the Iguatemi Mall in Sao Paulo.

No sign of Joe anywhere just yet!

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Photos: Luciana Prezia
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  • Juanick

    I don’t like her!!!!!!

  • http://justjared milerz

    h8 her sooo much
    she’s s frickin grumpy & annoyin seeing her face!
    Why Is She On Here ??? she has no Talent…..!

  • Jay

    Why would Joe be there? He has a million of his own things to do haha

  • chloe

    i don’t like her but i don’t not like her
    i just think that she shouldn’t be famous
    she’s just known as joe’s girlfriend
    i mean seriously she’s a nobody without him
    and in every interview or magazine she’s in she’s credited as “joe’s girlfriend”
    jared always credits her as that too!
    she’s not ugly but she’s not gorgeous
    she’s just plain

  • dancedance

    I think we should go back to the time where she was NEVER mentioned.
    honestly, we still don’t care.

  • Bruna

    I think she is gorgeous, i mean, i really didn’t know her until she start date Joe but with her brazillian blood make us look familiar

  • Courtney

    Just because you all haven’t heard of her before Joe doesn’t mean that she was unknown. She was getting work before Joe and she’ll get it after him. You don’t know her and you don’t know what she’s like. Obviously, Joe likes something about her because as far as we know, he’s still with her.

    She looks cute.

  • ladysdsandiego

    what the hell is she famous for?

  • Barbara

    Brazil is amazing. THE BEST (L

  • rafaela

    São Paulo not sao paolo ok?

  • Isabella

    The jonas are coming to brazil for a concert in rio de janeiro on may 23rd and 24th in sao paulo. That’s why jared said ‘no sign of joe yet’. Because they’re going to be here soon. Capiche ? :)

  • trish

    Sorry, I won’t hate her til Joe does!!!! He loves her so I guess I will too!!!! Camilla —- freakin dang with those legs, I am workin out first thing in the morning….. You are beautiful and l loved When a Stranger Calls…. I knw ya got other stuff but I really love horror.. Hi Joe!!!!!

  • Joe jonas haha jk XIMENA JONAS

    i don’t like her but i don’t not like her
    i just think that she shouldn’t be famous
    she’s just known as joe’s girlfriend
    i mean seriously she’s a nobody without him
    and in every interview or magazine she’s in she’s credited as “joe’s girlfriend”
    jared always credits her as that too!
    she’s not ugly but she’s not gorgeous
    she’s just plain

  • martha

    ughhhh i hate her!!!

  • becky

    i wish i could go to this private party cause the iguatemi mall is right by my house! :O

  • anonymous.

    i think she’s adorable. if joe likes her, then cool…so do i.
    oh and believe it or not, i actually knew who she was before her and joe started dating. she’s just more well-known to joe’s fans now. maybe i shouldn’t say well-known because most of them obviously do not like her for some absurd reason. okay, so she’s more KNOWN now because she started dating joe.

    p.s. i love her shoes! : )

  • ivanka

    she is probably loving the attention , all because she is dating a jonas boy

  • selene

    she is so pretty!!!

  • Rachel

    I do wonder what the heck is up with her face? I mean it is soooooooo fake. I mean it’s flawless! She has to have some kind of scar, or pimple, or scratch on it. No one is perfect.

  • Anna

    i dnt like her ………

  • lexie

    i was wondering where she was!

  • me

    I hope she doesn’t drop anything and have to bend over and pick it up. I am not a fan of the dress, good thing she is skinny or she would look like a cow. I heard one guy put it best. The girl needs some; pork chops, beans and cornbread. Meaning she is way too skinny.

  • Stephanie

    Looooove the dress!

    I, unlikely as other ‘JB fans’ do like Cami.

  • sjs

    She’s gorgeous. And of course Joe’s not there, he’s working!

    All you obsessive girls need to get over them dating. No one is even sure if they’re still together. Plus, she’s been acting and modeling since long before JB ever came on the scene. Just cause Joe is more famous than her doesn’t make her a nobody.

    It’s funny, Kevin’s girlfriend isn’t famous like him and everyone loves that. But Joe dates a girl not as famous as him and she’s automatically a nobody and a famewhore. Grow up.

  • natalie

    no one cares anymore..could you stop posting about her? you never used to unless you found out she was “dating” joe. and you mention him in every post you mention her..its annoying

  • yo mama

    jared, are you fucking camilla or a jonas brother?

  • yo mama

    @natalie: that’s because he’s getting booty from either her or a jonas.

  • Mandy

    BRAZIL! <3 Haha
    Thanks for correcting Jared, yeah it’s Sao Paulo.
    And he said “No sign of Joe yet” because the JBs are doing concerts here soon, people. Get informed before going around saying things you don’t know.

  • Brandon

    Why all the Cam haters here?

  • Noor

    i honestly didnt even know who she was till’ she started dating joe jonas.
    when she came on the lovebug vdo, i thought she was just was just some model.
    seriously, she is only thing famous and ended up on these websites all caz’ of joe

    they need to break up already!

  • katie

    she played in Annie, the little princess, push. I’ve seen her everywhere growing up (im a teenager). She’s a good actress and I think she can do much better than that diva joe jonas, (he seems nice but rubs me the wrong way.)

  • carol


  • Jéssica Costa

    BRAZIL, the JB are coming here soon. I don’t like Camilla, it doesn’t matter if she has brazilian blood, she doesn’t look to be a great person.

  • katerina

    omg she is not a gucci girl.SHE?a GUCCI GIRL!!!!haha lets laugh!
    she is a GIPSY GIRL!!!!!!!


  • ponytail

    @chiary: \
    why do you even waste your time commenting with such a long post if you hate her that much? you don’t know her and you don’t know joe.
    let them live their lives.their relationship is none of your business.

  • marilina

    she is not gucci girl…she is not so beautiful to be a ”gucci girl” and how did you know that camilla is joe’s girlfriend???did joe say that to you(…that his girlfriend is camilla)???I know that joe hang out with camilla but it doesn’t means that camilla is his girlfriend…maybe they are just good friends…

  • aida

    I love her dress

  • http://hdrhft sylwia

    girls, calm down! she is Joe’s girlfriend, and what? it’s bad? Joe isn’t a one men on the earth. I’m not good at English, so please don’t laugh at me!

  • sophie


  • marilina

    #38 how did you know that camilla is joe’s girlfriend…???

  • Arianda

    I can say that camilla is pretty but sometimes she looks like a guy with full make-up on, maybe because of her strong features. I can’t see anything special about her she’s so dry even her acting. That’s why i’m assuming that she’s just always be famous by someone else’s shadows if she’s not gonna do anything about it. We all cant judge her personality because we don’t know her well but if i’m gonna based it on an interview of her like when she made a comment before about twilight’s cast and the craze that goes with it, it made me think twice if this so called nice and saint-like (as pattinson quotes it) is really all that nice? She sounds insecure to me. Why bring up the topic? (well, maybe i cant blame her, after all this years not being recognize) DOnt get me wrong I dont hate her infact i sometimes like her style but its just that something about her is really annoying & i can’t even say what it is, maybe that says alot why she still has many haters. Camilla lovers please don’t hate me for this i’m just jesting out an opinion based on facts.:)

  • Flávia

    I think she is gorgeous!! I like her.

  • aubrey

    you all need to get over it. joe’s happy with her, why can’t all you ‘fans’ be happy? she’s not ruining his life, or his career so what’s the problem?

    for the record, she’s not ugly either, there’s only something wrong with her to you because she’s the one dating him and not you. let’s get real, there’s a one in a million chance that someone who wrote some review bashing her is gonna end up dating him, so get over it already and face reality.

  • http://url Stephanie jonas

    @aubrey: he wasnt so happy about what happend what she did. she cheated on him 2 times.

  • Bazzers

    would be great to be a designer :)

>>>>>>> staging1