Selena Gomez Shoots Wedding Scene

Selena Gomez Shoots Wedding Scene

Selena Gomez poses for a new Photo Booth pic with Ramona and Beezus costar Joey King and Zeke and Luther star Hutch Dano .

The 16-year-old Wizards of Waverly Place star tweeted, “Joey, Hutch and I did a wedding scene yesterday! Joey looked beautiful.”

Selena also shared that has a new song coming out. She said, “FTSK duet, I did last month. Coming very, very sooooooon to an itunes near you. ;)”

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  • martha

    i really don’t like her. she seems so fake.

  • Renata

    Selena is the best, looks wordeful in everything ♥
    Brazil loves Selena HISDHSPDHSPUIDHDH

  • kait

    my ears are already bleeding just from the mention of that song

  • Anna

    agree with #1.

  • Indie

    beautiful as always.:))

  • SRULES57

    She’s so amazing!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait for the duet to come out!

  • megan


    then why are you on her post??
    gosh, arent you supposed to ignore the people you dont like?

  • wandaland

    Selena looks so beautiful! I can’t wait for her movie and her duet with FTSK!!

  • luiza


    we are supposed to leave our opinion here. that’s what she thinks. you should try to only leave your own opinion here and stop concerning about other people’s opinion.
    you like Selena. good for you. she doesn’t. good for her.

    by the way, I agree with Martha.

  • staci


  • miley cyrus rocks!!!!!!!!!!

    agreed staci they should and shes in vancouver and i cant wait to see her xoxo selena

  • Jesus101

    All of you guys stop choppin on her. Luiza this is website for fans not haters so you even looke her up so shut ur fucking mouth. I think she great. At acting not to hate I don’t like that type of music. And she’s Mexican that’s awsome cuz I’m mexican so u guy can fuck of. Jesus out


    this picture looks like it should be in a frame. it looks classic. lol
    don’t really care for FTSK but i’ll listen to the song just cos selena is on it hehe ^_^

  • Anonymous

    this picture looks like it should be in a frame. it looks classic. lol
    don’t really care for FTSK but i’ll listen to the song just cos selena is on it hehe ^_^
    lol me too(:

  • mary

    i love her

  • p

    sososo pretty!

  • kc

    @martha: Hmmm…You hate her but you were so eager to read her post that you were her first commentor. I don’t think Selena is fake but I know what you are. CONFUSED..

  • Andy


  • Adam

    Debby Ryan commented on this picture.

    @selenagomez – Beautiful Selena!! Hutch better be taking care of you (; tell Joey I am her biggest fan. ((:

  • Adam

    @Adam: Debby twittered on that picture, I meant.

  • bintk
  • http://jjj miley

    selena rocks! such a sweetheart! :)

  • Haze-lyn

    Selena Gomez is so awesome i think she the most beautiful actress i never seen.
    Selena Gomez your so pretty and awesome i cant wait to meet you in person! You rock!!! K Piece I’m out!!!!



  • jenny

    taylena photos on

    they’re shoppin after in rained, JJJ please post it!!!

  • Miley_Cyrus_Rox!!!!!!xxoo_HSM

    cant w8 4 the movie!!!!

  • yessica

    loveee Selenaaa=)

  • MARRIEne

    she is so pretty!!! i like her a lot

  • identified

    @martha: @kait:
    and btw smart ones who say haters should leave ..
    this is NOT a “selena fansite” ..
    so anyone can leave a comment ..
    i don’t like her too ..
    she’s not even talented at all .. eh ..

  • katharine

    Selena is very talented, she wouldn’t be where she is today if she wasn’t. and she’s very pretty. she has three movies and a debut album coming up and i hear Disney is gonna turn her show into a franchise. i’m so happy for her success. go Selena!

  • Marissa

    selena gomez rocks but sometimes shes a boob

  • delsy

    She infuriates me gosh and can’t she get over that fact she can’t sing i guess not stick to acting please selena

  • cassie

    i love that pic its so cute
    it kinda looks like an old spanish photo
    the way they are dressed

  • :)

    wait she’s doing a FTSK duet???
    she said that she wasn’t gonna touch their music.

  • Faith

    Now i understand this is not a Selena fansite.
    But if you guys dislike her, just don’t click on her links!

    Saves everyone time and energy.

  • alicia

    Are they going out?
    selena and hutch, are they going out?

  • Karina :)

    Mmm, have you seen her latest vid on youtube?

    Yeah. Shes amazing :)

  • ViennaseLenasbffeaeaeaeaeaeae



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