Meet Moneypenny Michalka!

Meet Moneypenny Michalka!

Alyson and AJ Michalka cuddle up to the newest addition to their family – Moneypenny!

The singing sisters shared, “We wanted to adopt a little baby at the end of our record which we just finished. We’re literally wrapping it up right now so we decided to treat ourselves. So we decided to rescue a dog!”

AJ continued, “She’s our little end-of-the-record present. She’s going to listen to all the demos and the mixes. She’s going to approve everything. She’s [even] going to pick the first single.”

Meet Moneypenny Michalka
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  • AJ

    How cute to rescue an animal! Love Aly and AJ.

  • Savannah

    I can’t wait to hear some of their new stuff!

  • Its a cute dog and its great how they’re rescuing it from a a shelter, but naming it moneypenny???? It just sounds so materialistic. I think just naming the dog penny would have been cuter but w/e…

  • katiecrawford

    So cute! So glad they are finished with the album! Can’t wait to hear it!

  • zacefronishot

    cute dog!!

  • elizabeth marinas

    that little dog is so cute


    cute doggy!

  • blackberry

    aw so cute!
    I can’t wait to hear the new songs, love them!

  • ariana

    what the heck is that name? moneypenny is that a joke?

  • jess

    what kind of dog is that it is adorable?!

  • Vanessa.

    Aww…. I have a dog just like that-well it looks a tad diffrent but still cute!

  • dadadasdaddfs


  • Aa*

    cute doggy. aly&aj rocks

  • Xtant

    Moneypenny is a classic name. Why? Because it’s from the James Bond Series of movies. It’s a very creative name and I like it.

    “Jane Moneypenny, better known as Miss Moneypenny, is a fictional character in the James Bond novels and films. She is secretary to M, who is Bond’s boss and head of the British Secret Service.”

  • lily

    it is definitely a papillon and welsh corgi mix.

    it looks exactly like my corgi when she was a puppy

  • becca


    that’s what i thought at first too, but it’s actually the last name of a james bond character…

  • baller

    Wow that dog is cute. I am a fan of Aly and AJ and I think their music is totally underrated.

    BTW I am like a tougher and sexier Sean Conneryish Bond. I wish

    I’ll have to live with Brosnan, oh well.

  • minni-T

    @ariana: Think it is coz of James Bond movies …

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