Vanessa Hudgens is Flower Friendly

Vanessa Hudgens is Flower Friendly

Vanessa Hudgens chats with an older fan after he gives her a bouquet of flowers at Ralph’s grocery store in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon (May 7).

The 20-year-old actress, wearing a flowing Gypsy 05 Jordan Silk Maxi Dress, picked up a case of Arrowhead water to keep herself hydrated.

Vanessa dished to talk show host Ellen DeGeneres today that she doesn’t tweet. She shared, “Someone is pretending to be me on Twitter and someone told me that the person who’s trying to be me was saying that (boyfriend) Zac [Efron] got me a bowling alley. People are saying crazy things.”

10+ pics inside of flower friendly Vanessa Hudgens

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  • rissa

    aww. that’s sweet. wow. a whole bouquet

  • Caro

    La amo :D

  • rissa

    wow…i was first. o_0

  • Caro

    La amo!

  • zacisgot

    i would so do that for zanessa too! except at zac i would give him red roses! or white ! hahahaha ily zanessa!<3
    cutest couple eva!

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Aw, whoever that ‘older fan’ was is so sweet !! ..I would so do that too, if I saw her. *sigh* Vanessa, still looking gorgeous as ever !! ..Even when doing the groceries.

    Vote for Vanessa for Breakthrough Performance Female and Zanessa for Best Kiss !!! ..It’d be so adorable if Zanessa won best kiss…they might go up together. :D

  • lala

    she looks gorgeous as always :)
    & aww a male fan gave her flowers.

    btw vote for vanessa at MTV awards !

  • migui

    omg that is so nice…and loving her dress..

  • joanne

    I don’t think he gave her the flowers, i think he was just helping her out. Creepy for that older man to be giving her flowers though. she looks cute

  • may

    ahhhh that sweet

    i love her she’s sooo cute

  • Katty

    That’s a little creepy and stalkerish, but whatevs. Why didn’t Jared post about them being out like yesterday?

  • suzy

    she looks gorgeous. Only bbv gets flowers from random people, so cute.

  • miilla

    she looks beautiful <33
    and Aawww how cute` now that’s a true fan :D haha.. .b

  • wadawadawada

    Her tatoo went away, so that means it was fake?
    haha for some reason i thought it was real haha it looked soo real!!!
    i guess she too much of a goodie haha

  • vanessa fan love

    I love her so much!
    She’s just amazing!*0*

  • saudia

    i love her dress!

  • witchygirl

    how funny

  • zanessa4everr


  • V…4ever

    Awwww so sweet. He wasn’t helping her, whoever said that. She didn’t have the flowers before. And maybe he saw her while she was shopping and bought them for her. And look at her face. She appreciates the gesture. Everyday we see her and there’s always something to gaw about. I’m never getting tired of her.


  • lani

    Okay, so were is her butterfly tattoo? I taught it was on the side of her back.

  • zanfan4Eva

    i don’t think the older man got her those flowers either.
    maybe she got them for her mom, because mother’s day is sunday, or maybe she got them for someone else!!

    ♥ zanessa

  • Dany

    (I love you so much,Vanessa, my Diva )

  • jazmin

    I think the man was just helping her. The flowers she bought herself. Very nice of that man to help.

    Love.. love her dress she’s beautiful.

    Thanks for posting JJJ

  • http://zanessa nathalia

    vanessa, lovely
    that this sweet fan, she captivates people of all ages

  • bee

    She looks so cute.

    && awh that’s really sweet to give her a bouquet of flowers.

  • joceelyn

    It’s funny i wonder what were they talking about…
    Vanessa: thank you!!
    Man: you’re welcome… So how are you doing with zac?
    Vanessa: actually we’re really good
    Man: my kids & i won’t stop talking about that, you two are so cute
    Vanessa: thanks..
    Man: well i gotta go, hope you liked the flowers, ZANESSA ftw!



  • maichi


    P.S I just found out so if you’re annoyed. Jesus, chill. ;-;

    Is Vanessa cute or what?!

  • Zanessa lover

    aww she looks gorgeous.

    ^ zanessa out at the lakers game on monday night

    there both sooooo cute :D

  • maichi

    @jazmin: No, he actually gave them to her.

  • Zanessa lover


    reallly :O where? :D

  • LuckyL

    Aww! Everybody loves Vanessa. I would be a bit creeped out though.

  • LuckyL

    Um, how do you vote guys? : )

  • maichi

    @Zanessa lover: Watch the earlier post of Vanessa.
    Ellen said Zac confirmed it whilst on her show.
    Vanessa didn’t deny anything and when Ellen said, “When’s the date?”
    Vanessa said, “No.” lol

  • LuckyL

    Wow! Look at her dress btw

  • LuckyL

    I feel like she dropped them and he picked them up or something. I don’t think he gave her the flowers. He looks sane and a Dad himself.

  • LuckyL

    Or it’s from one of his kids.

  • Zanessa lover


    ooh yeaah ;D i seen the ellen show with her on, but i dont think there engaged though it’d be amazingly awesome if they were ;D

  • ivanka

    aaw thats so cute, i hope they are engaged, JUST JARED POST ZANESSA!

  • Katty


    THEY ARE NOT ENGAGED! Ellen was trying to trick her into saying it, it was like a joke. They’re not engaged, get over it. Geez.

  • thestudioworks

    vote vanessa in the mtv movie awards 2009 for best female breakthrough artist. and zanessa for best kiss:D i love her. she was so bubbly and cute when she appeared in ellen. it made me laugh several times:D all the way for V!:-)

  • Bradley

    Vanessa looks beautiful.

  • Kelly

    I think Zac dumped her she is not wearing her ring.

  • Zanessa lover

    she is wearing her ring on the right finger

  • ivanka

    @Kelly: you look so stupid trying to make everyboyd think things that are false, get over yourself! THEY ARE DATING LIKE IT OR NOT!

  • zane

    she always wear her ring that Zac gave . sweet!

  • Zanessa lover

    yeaah :-]
    zac even confirmed in an interview that there going strongg; =]]

  • marie

    soo beautiful!

  • jojo

    =) that is why we love you

  • Bradley

    @Zanessa lover:

    when did Zac say that. please give me the link.

  • kgg

    OK, this is not rocket science, peeps. You can see V walking towards her car without flowers in her cart and voila! the man walks over and hands her flowers. It’s not creepy either because the guy is old enough to be her dad and probably admires her as a fan. Nothing wrong with that.

    As far as what Ellen said on her show, it was all a joke, kids. V would never admit that on TV and it’s NOT what she was trying to say when she said “No.” As in it’s no one’s business. They are far too young to get engaged or think about getting married…let them have fun enjoying each other for a while.