Vanessa Hudgens: Twitter is Crazy

Vanessa Hudgens: Twitter is Crazy

Vanessa Hudgens shows off her pearly whites as she appears on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday morning (May 7).

The 20-year-old actress dished about her new movie, twitter posers and having stage freight. Check it:

On performing at the 2009 Academy Awards: “I was so frightened. I was so scared because you’re getting ready and everything seems normal and great, it’s just another awards show. Then you get there and you see the statues and I’m like, ‘Am I really here?’ Getting ready for the show, backstage, I’m freaking myself out because I’m wearing high heels and I don’t want to go out and go tripping down the stairs in front of Brad [Pitt] and Angelina [Jolie], half naked with a leotard and a top hat. It’s frightening and it’s not a situation you want to be put in. But it was still great and the most rewarding thing.”

On Twitter posers: “I don’t have one. Someone is pretending to be me on Twitter and someone told me that the person who’s trying to be me was saying that (boyfriend) Zac [Efron] got me a bowling alley. People are saying crazy things.”

On her upcoming flick, Bandslam: “It’s so much fun. She’s a lot darker and introverted. Sa5m, the 5 is silent. I actually come out with a Flying V. I get to rock out on the guitar. I learned how to play for the part. Unfortunately though, the song I do in the movie is still the only song I know how to play.”

Vanessa Hudgens – “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” 05/07
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  • Rosa


  • zanessafen4e

    cool she is amazing

  • Lejla

    i love her so much
    She’s amazing!!! (:

  • V…4ever

    How can she be so adorable? Don’t forget to vote for her on MTV.

  • Roxy

    Love Vanessa

  • Rosa

    this girl is ADORABLE ..
    all her interviews are so entertaining ..
    she’s got a very nice personality ..
    i love that she doesn’t have a twitter and hope she won’t ..
    cuz it just proves her life is still as private as possible ..
    and not for the public to get more attention like some other stars ..

    u go nessa ..

    vote for her in MTV ..<3

  • becci

    first?? she’s awesome…cant wait 4 the rest of the interview:)
    its funny.

  • will


  • http://123

    she is very nice but she talk a lot,no?

  • zanessa4life

    I love her so much!
    She’s just amazing.
    Love her cuteness when they talk about Zac.
    Ellen’s like:Youre a cute couple!
    And V’s like” Ooooooooh thaaaaank youuu!
    She looks so adorable.Like a little girl, who always found herself ugly and now gets told that she’s the prettiest girl on earth!

    did I Already say that I love her? No? I love her! :D
    And Zac.

    Go Zanessa!

  • Lucy

    Awe, she is so sweet and humble. I love her outfit and hair too!
    I have voted for Zac and Vanessa, and Vanessa on MTV, I hope everyone else votes!
    Can’t wait to see the MTV awards!
    peace x


    awwww, omg she’s sosososo adorbole zac is a very lucky guy :D

    omg I really love her interwievs they are the best! :)


  • Abi

    Wow – I love her even more!! She’s sooooooo lovely. Her personality is amazing! Her laugh is soo cute!

    But, I’m kinda jealous of how FAB her legs are!! :P


  • M. pete

    haha REHAB!!!!

  • r(:

    Hahaha she’s so funny.
    i love her… and shes so down to earthh

  • abi

    she is AMAZING !
    i was watching this on youtube then came on here and it was here LOL,
    but i love her so much she is the best :D:D

  • http://jjj miley

    i love vanessa! she’s really awesome! :):)

  • emma


    LOL get some new insults you are old

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  • bbev 4e

    love her she’s soo cute .. and soo hot .. u rock girl

  • zanessaluver

    okay so she doesnt say stuff about zac but she says that she a a monky toe?!…OMG!, IF SHE DOESNT STOP BEING WERID IM NOT GOING TO LIKE HER ANY MORE!!

  • Dots

    Haha, I love her!
    She’s just so amazing!
    Love her w/ her “Rehaaaab” or whatever she did, it was so funny.
    And her picking things up w/ her toes “I didn’t say that”
    Haha, she is so sweet and I love her!
    Don’t forget to vote for her on mtv!

  • Chris

    She is so funny! ILLY<3 :)

  • Dark night

    She’s sooooo hoooooooot and cuuuute

    @zanessaluvet : she’s not werid , but if you did’t like it’s ok , Go to the fuc* hil

  • annq

    this girl is ADORABLE ..

  • pink sugar


    Same old insults. You are truly pathetic.

  • Leah.

    Okay, she has to be the cutest girl alive! Omg, so funny and cute :D

  • biby


  • zanessa misser


    they look sooo cute

  • kirsten

    shes sweet, bubbly, funny, silly, and my gosh BEAUTIFUL!

  • LANA

    noone can compare…..she is stunning.

  • janice

    she’s so funny & cute. i love ya nessa! :D

  • brighteyes

    she’s got flavaaaa this girl ;) she’s classy and can be ‘down w/ it!’ too. now i can see why zac is very in love with her.

  • Scashley Loveer ;x

    dont lyk her……. but she was funny in this video lol.
    i like her fashion part from that……..

  • lani


    She is not weird picking up stuffs with your toe. I can do that and I call that talented. I can even pinch hard with my toes. Everyone has talents.
    Her interview was the cutest. She is bubbly and has that personality that you would want to hang with her all day and not get bored.

  • leila

    Awww she’s so sweet.

    I love it when she does interviews like this, because Ellen seems to make it fun, and just really light natured. Lol, love the ‘REEEEEHAAAAAAAB!’

    I would KILL for her legs, seriously!

    Love her, and Zac.

    Zanessa Forever! <3

    Dont forget … VOTE!

  • http://yahoo elaine

    She is so adorkable.She can make fun of herself and laugh about it.

  • susan

    that was a good interview she was cute’
    so sweet and so funny.I really admire that in her.

  • leila

    Awww she is so sweet.

    I love it when she does interviews like this, Ellen seems to make it much more fun and light natured. Lol, love the ‘REEEEEEEHAAAAB!’

    I would KILL for her legs, seriously!

    Love her, and of course Zac!

    Zanessa Forever! <3

    Don’t Forget …VOTE!

  • Shannon

    she has a great personality it’s impossible to hate her she doesn’t cove off stuck up and she never did IMO she’s very likeable it’s so hard to hate her and she looked good on the shoe loved her outfit!

  • aw

    That was a fun interview. The twitter thing is crazy, it’s creepy that someone would pretend to be you and have thousands of people believe it.

  • ♥Zanessafan4lyfe♥

    She’s so stunning and I’d kill to have her legs ♥

  • leila

    sorry posted twice :/

  • ivanka

    stunning and adorable, i want to see her movie, and KEEP VOTING FOR HER IN MTV

  • justjaredfan

    ellen is right she is a very talented girl.
    vanessa is beautiful

  • V…4ever

    @21 Zannessaluver
    That is not being weird. It’s called being comfortable with yourself enough to talk about body parts you think are imperfect.
    Gotta love her and don’t forget to vote vote vote

  • fairycake

    Shes so funny, great sense of humour, just love her…

  • marie

    Does anyone know the song that she was introuced to on the Ellen show?

  • zanessaloverss123


  • http://jjj yankeejetsmomma

    @zanessa misser:
    was this from last night? i was looking to see if they were there but my tv screen had the score thing in the bottom right hand corner and i couldn’t see anything. are there anymore pics?
    they are a super-couple. so perfect!

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