Selena Gomez & David Henrie: Totally Tutored

Selena Gomez & David Henrie: Totally Tutored

Selena Gomez and David Henrie have a hair raising experience in this new still from Wizards of Waverly Place.

In the upcoming episode “Tutor, My Tutor,” Jerry (David DeLuise) hires a tutor named Tutor (guest star Paulina Olszynski) to help Max (Jake T. Austin) pass a test at school. After both Alex (Gomez) and Justin (Henrie) bond with her, they devise a plan to provide her full time work but it involves Max failing his test.

“Tutor, My Tutor” airs Sunday, May 30 @ 8:30PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

10+ Wizardly stills inside…

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Photos: Peter Stone/Disney Channel
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  • AJ

    This show has such a great cast! New episode sounds a bit boring though, but with Selena and David, I”m sure I’ll laugh alot :D

  • mary

    can’t wait!

  • viafarita

    hate this series, love Selena.
    i don´t know what the hell SEl do in this series!!

  • http://deleted dave

    Tutor is pretty

  • @patricia0709

    omfg i couldnt wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ray

    alot of new wizards have been boring lately…
    i hope this one is good. but i’m sure they’ll do something to make it good.

  • katharine

    David Henrie is so HOT! my gosh….

  • Flyaway

    this show has improved so much. the last few episodes were hilarious, i can’t wait for this one! WOWP rocks!

  • jbr

    they are so talented !


    yea SOME PEOPLE keep saying the eps have been boring lately…..

    but I allways stay laughing! ROFL

    I wouldn’t watch it if it didn’t make me laugh or atleast chuckle. :)


  • kc

    BAD NEWS! Selena’s album has been pushed back and the people at oceanup are shredding her to pieces (dumb*** Miley fans). They are saying stuff like Disney is delaying her album because they need to edit her voice more. They people need to be proved wrong! If your a Selena fan, support Selena by still buying her album and getting others to buy her album.

  • delsy

    Considering the last few episodes are floping not likely that this episode is going to be any better sorry but it is true. Hannah is beating it by 1 million now even JONAS and Sonny beat it lol

  • TV

    Um Sonny is NOT beating Wizards. Sonny only beat Wizards in the 6-11 demographic, in other words, stupid little kids. Wizards is getting the 12-14 group, teens. Hannah Montana ain’t doin’ so well either. Heck, non of Disney’s shows are doing well. Surprisingly, it is actually iCarly that’s been having 5 million or more viewers each week. Nick is slowly beating Disney.

  • Maggie

    I’m so excited for this episode! I’m even more excited for the Wizards movie and the 3rd season! There’s also gonna be tons of merchandises! Yay! Disney is finally giving this show some attention!

  • jenny

    I have no idea WHY people think disney is better than nickelodeon!!! nick is waaay funnier!!!! But i miss shows like Unfabulous, Drake and Josh and ‘Kenan and Kel’…but still wizards is good, but i WANT DEAN TO COME BACK, the last episode which i loved was “Future harpar”…..
    I love demi lovato but her show is just so….”bad”!!! i don’t know, but its not at all funny, especially since the creators are the CREATORS of nicelodeon’s “ALL THAT”
    Hannah Montana, its so not funny, i think kids like it cause it’s all musical and everything cause in the wizards episode where selena and david sing “make it happen”, i think the viewers were more when that episode aired…

  • skippingsarah

    are selena and david like together?

  • Tameka

    I hope they are together! The y would make a cute couple! I love the show. The only one that was boring to me was the one where Harper worked a fashion show for Mr. Finchy. I kinda hope Harper and Justin get together! :)

  • evrim

    gerçekten çoook güzel bir dizi bayılıyorummm:)))


    Wizards and Sonny are getting boring for me -.-

    It’s weird that Wizards is getting more popular but SLOD gets better ratings

    Hannah, Suite Life On Deck, and Jonas make me laugh xD

  • Joyceeee

    Wizards is the only show I watch and its the best. It gets pretty good ratings too!

  • Meagan

    Wizards does not have jokes that are as funny as Drake and Josh or That’s So Raven. But the whole teen wizard concept is appealing to kids and that’s why it’s popular. Hannah Montana fans converted to Wizards because it’s just like Hannah Montana but the music is replaced with spells. Although Wizards is actually entertaining, the ONLY show on disney that is worth watching is Phineas and Ferb.

    Sonny with a Chance= seriously crappy Disney
    JONAS= Too soon to judge
    Hannah Montana= good but getting old
    SLOD= pretty funny
    Cory in the House= Almost as bad as SWAC, deserved to be cancelled.

    Disney is good but Disney Channel is crud.

  • chuchi

    i agree with of lots ppl’s opinion but idc as long as wizards is still on.. i love that show and i like wizards and sonny and slod better than hannah montana and jonas… i mean i give props to miley i just dont like her show. and in jonas they’re trying to hard to be funny.. which looks like kinda retarded… i only watch some hannah bc of jackson and emily and jonas because of the new girl… i give props to them all i just like wizards and sonny and slod better as i said b4…selena and demi and taylena rock :) they’re like the best. i love them

  • Annie

    Selena is very… blrr. I hate Selena Gomez! Selena Gomez is very very very scary :DDD XOXO GUYS AND LOVE PEACE AND HATE SELENA GOMEZ

  • go_wowp

    love this show! this is the only tween show that i’m watching since i find it very hilarious and their stars does not look very trying hard unlike the other shows. I don’t get it how icarly gets more viewers than wizards.

  • louieee.

    She’s my role model and I don’t care what people thinks about her but I highly respects everyone’s opinion. Everyone has their own point of view. So if you hate her, its perfectly okayy. :-bd

    BTW, Selena will surely rock in 3rd season so are the other casts. \mmm/ =))


  • kiara

    I LOVE WPP I CAN’T WAIT selena is awesome david is HOTTTTTTTT jake t austin is cute

  • Alex

    Did Alex’s dad grow a mustache??? I don’t like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I loooooove selena! I guess they haven’t had new episodes of wowp cuz david deluise’s (jerry) dad just died like last week….. so sad… :( i absolutely love alex’s style!

  • nanah spatti

    eu amooooooooooo de coraçao o justin e a selena eles sao d+ bjssssss te amo justin e ale rsrs

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