Selena Gomez is Gal Friday Gorgeous

Selena Gomez is Gal Friday Gorgeous

Selena Gomez channels her inner Gal Friday in this new shoot from Vancouver last week.

The 16-year-old actress, who is on location to shoot her new flick, Ramona and Beezus, has recently been linked to New Moon‘s Taylor Lautner. The duo was seen walking back to their hotels in the rain after a dinner date earlier in the week.

Selena‘s BFF costar Jennifer Stone dished to E! about the blossoming relationship. She shared, “Just because they’re hanging out together doesn’t mean they’re dating, you know. A lot of girls have guy friends.”

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Photos: Albert Michel/Simon Images
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  • http://jjj miley

    selena is awesome but i think she and taylor are an item!

  • Vanessa


    besides the fact she looks like a 40 year old woman:)
    probably when the offer came up she was like

  • Marie

    Selena Gomez looks so beautiful in the pics.

  • joanne

    she looks old

  • Lauren

    she looks beautiful…but she doesn’t look sixteen at all..even though shes nearly 17 she looks 18 going on 19ish
    i dunno must be the clothes the make-up the hair…

  • okdocky

    I would love if you post Taylena pics here. The pics of them hugging in the rain are so adorable! I don’t get why it’s not in Justjared.. :(
    They are my 2nd fav after Zanessa

  • swe3t23

    wack she loos like a %itch and stuck up. SHE LOOKS snobby

  • alee

    She is beautiful ♥
    but i hate when they dress her like my mom ):
    god, she is just 16 let her look a little bit more…NORMAL!

  • hsmzanessafansite

    replying to all ppl who hate these pics:

    She didn’t pick out this outfit to wear, its for her new movie that she is working b4 you criticize someone during a photoshoot, think b4 you comment…

    i don’t mean to sound so rude, but its the truth…

    I love Selena and I think she looks great..

  • hey

    She’s def a pretty girl, and a good actress. But I’m shocked she’s going into singing! Not just anyone can suddenly become a performer and her voice is too ordinary.

  • sam

    pretty and sophisticated. Love the whole red lipstick thing

  • Adam

    @swe3t23: STFU you stupid b*tch! Selena is looking lovely as always. She’s far from being stuck up. Go back to with all the other Selena hating losers!

  • http://justjaredjr simnel

    she looks coool and i think selena and taylor are so cute

  • http://justjaredjr simnel

    she looks awsome but she looks older then 16
    and i think selena and taylor are so cute

  • staci

    wow she looks stunning
    she could play the role of an older actress as ardrey hepburn

  • sophie

    dont get me wrong she looks nice but i think she looks too old

  • kara

    wow she looks horrible

  • casey


    Kira she looks the way the stylist wanted her to look ,they gave her the older look,which she looks gorgeous

  • Maria jonas

    oh my god.. she looks like a freaking douchebag… she is disgsting

  • Anna

    ewwm i don’t liKe this .
    she looks bad.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    well, I must say:

  • taytay

    she looks old

  • #19

    wow i cant believe im saying this but……. these photos do not flatter her at all!

    and what is up with this old time photo trend shes got going on lately???

    her looks are slowly fading away! remember when she was sooo pretty with her chubby cheeks……LAST YEAR!?

    i dont know whats been going on with her lately…….but its sad.

    im not a hater. i mean come on if any of you have been on a selena post you have seen me supporting her.

    i still do! but she looks so dull……….




    IDK Y IT PUT ” #19 ” ???

  • bellamor

    She has a weird, tiny head. I don’t really like Selena. She looks like an attention w*ore.

  • Jenn


  • migui

    she looks alright in the pics, they arent all that,,, still love her!!!!!!!!!!!!


    she helowe i love you selena you are the best
    selena gomez & taylor swift

  • One sock left

    ewwww…she don’t look good

  • Sarah

    A lot of people are saying that she looks old.
    And that means she can be a model too!
    It’s obvious that the idea was to make her look mature and
    judging by the comments she succeeded!
    But it’s really annoying people saying she looks ugly,
    unless you’re prettier (which I highly doubt)
    just shut your mouth!
    Go Selena <3 her


    i think she looks younger in these pics. she looks like a little girl playing dress up. this isnt meant to be offensive by the way. just making an observation

  • misty

    she is too yong to do this photo,s shot too bad



    SELENA G. & TAYLOR S. FTW!!!!!

    …..i still dont think these pictures flatter her in any way

    she looks like she just stepped out the 1960s……and not on purpose.
    maybe if she would have smiled………

    still luvs her tho :)

  • lover

    gorgeouus!!!!!!!!! i love her… and with taylor, i love her more!!!!!

  • Steffi r

    like she looks really pretty but then the clothes look like theyre for a 30-year-old but she looks only small and sweet like a 12-year-old…

  • marianunez

    bad prom hair do or should we say DON’T

  • lala


  • brooke

    She looks like a business woman lol. I think she is pretty but she does look a lot older in this nd the looks isn’t to flattering.

  • kc

    @#19: I agree. I LOVE Selena. But I think she looked a lot better last year when she had that long straight hair look going on. But old fashion does not fit her. She’s TOO pretty to have makeup caked on her face like this. That’s for Demi :)

  • Abby

    Haha I love how everyone is like “OMG she doesn’t look like a normal 16 year old!” Well did it ever cross your minds that she ISN’T a normal 16 year old girl? Same goes for Miley. I really hate how people think they have to look like every other teenage girl out there. Lets face it their hollywood stars their not normal nor will they ever be.

  • Jonas Brother Fan!

    I agree why do
    they dress these little
    girls like they’re 40?
    Its weird. Selena is ok
    at acting but when
    it comes to singing and
    modeling, not so
    much. And Selena fans,
    no offence to any of
    you if this even
    makes you feel

  • mate

    She looks like a little girl playing dress up!! her face looks like a baby toddler face nice and round and she has no fire no fun in her eyes. Red lipstick does not look good on her and the hair did not help what t happen to selena hair lately!! for some strange reason she looks younger even with those cloths! what that all she does is magazines photos shoot!she sure loves herself a lot!! Miley has done more things than her and she not always hugging the mag all the time. she only on mag recently!! but selena is like on them all the time??? annoying!!!

  • mary

    love her!

  • katie

    this girl is utterly plain looking. her beauty is so exaggerated by the media.

  • marvin

    Selena has the perfect complexion and hair for bright red lips. So few women look good with bright red lips but she looks wonderful. She looks great with pale lips too. Let’s just call a spade a spade: Selena would look marvelous in a Hefty bag.

  • fgadsfasd

    she looks like an ugly old hag.

  • sophie

    i really dont like how she all.

  • aw

    She’s pretty but her face is just too young to be able to pull off such an adult look.

  • cf

    Do I sense a hint of jealously radiating from half of these comments? Yes, yes I do.

  • meg

    Seriously, This girl… oh wait, I mean “woman” annoys the hell out of me! They say MILEY’S trying to grow up fast!?!?!? Shit! Selena looks like a 40 year old woman with the face of a 12 year old! GOD! I try so HARD not to hate her, but then she does something completely annoying (like this) and it makes me dislike her! In all honesty, Selena does not have a matured face, even my face is more angular and developed than hers, and she has no curves what-so-ever. She’s like a 12 year old. The only thing giving her points is that she’s “pretty” and acts “mature”. She does not look anything NEAR a woman and she sure as heck shouldn’t be dressing like one either! And NO, she CAN’T model! SHE FAILS AT MODELING! She has absolutley NO presence at all! When I look at her pics, it’s likle she’s staring right through the camera, not at you. She looks bored and plain. She has no emothion. SHe does not look model-ish at all. Miley and Demi actually jump from the page when I see them, this girl is just there, no emotion, no presence, nothing!

>>>>>>> staging1