Robert Pattinson: Rad in Plaid

Robert Pattinson: Rad in Plaid

Robert Pattinson reaches for the car door as he leaves a studio in Venice, Calif., on Saturday afternoon (May 9).

Actress Emmy Rossum was also seen leaving the same studio this afternoon. Robert, 22, held on tight to an unmarked CD and script.

Robert and his cast mates Kristen Stewart, Ashley Greene and Rachelle Lefevre also spent some time together at the New Moon Wrap Party and Eclipse Kick-Off Party happening at Blue Water restuarant. Head on over to Vancity Allie to check out more about the party.

15+ pics inside of Robert Pattinson

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Photos: Element/Fame Pictures
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  • Soy

    Hmm wonder what was on the CD

  • Soy

    Hey Jared, do you know why Emmy Rossum was there by any chance? Recording?

  • Anonymous

    HOT!!.. show the photos of him and Kristen, later that nite

  • jane

    oooohh…. HOT!!

  • sharri

    omg, so fcking gorgeous.

  • jade

    he was probably recording the voiceovers for new moon or sth..
    lookin good as usual :)

  • makita


  • Amanda


  • dannie;

    he looks absolutly gorgeous

  • jess00

    Any chances Emmy Rossum’s landed the leading lady in remember me??

  • LALA

    oh sooooooooooo damn hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooottttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  • chamita

    omG !!!! he is hotttttttttttttttt!!!!!1

  • tory

    xD cute!
    is the same outfit from last night’s party
    oh, i love his simplicity =3

  • http://jjj miley

    he looks so casual and normal! love him! :)

  • anna

    he isss sexyyy (:

  • b

    is that the same outfit from last night´s party………………
    wonder why he didint change clothes maybe he didnt sleep in his hotel

  • jan

    Rossum’s an awful choice for Remember me but probably cheap. Bad decision Summit. Why am I not surprised.

  • hannah

    Pattinson flew straight from the party to LA. Thats why no change of clothes. What a shame its Rossum. she’s a terrible actress and supposedly a nasty person in real life.

  • hannah

    Is that is music. That looks like his face on the back of that cd

  • laura

    Bad decision if they pick Rossum

  • mia

    YUMMMMMMMMM. Love him.

  • No name

    Hannah- Emmy’s a sweetie Met her a few year ago when she did Romeo & Juliet at a theater festival. She gave a strong performance (she’s not a bad actress but not suited to the actiony roles that she’s done in her last few films) as Juliet and after the show she chatted with fans a lot, signed autographs and took pics.

  • mel

    what shoes are those i’ve been dying to know anyone?

  • alison

    Rossum is god awful. No rob find someone else for Remember Me

  • ef1

    Summit obviously dont want to pay for good actresses. Such a shame.

  • skip

    Rob looks hot but Rossum is a terrible choice. Maybe Summit are leaking her name to see what the reaction would be.

  • shelly

    Cant the director pick a better actress than this girl. She’s a watered down Ann Hathaway

  • emily

    Any news on Bel Ami? He’ll have lots of leading ladies in Bel Ami.

  • judith

    Rossum woule be a terribel choice. She’s pretentious and a lot of people think she;s a b*tch. Ohhhhh deeearrrrr Also her career is on the skids so what does this says about the project . Rob needed a better actress to work off.

  • em

    I adore Pattinson but if Summit give him a third rate actress like this for the project it will sink. Sounds like its a cheap production. They needed to pay for a Kat Denning kind of gla.

  • sandra

    Rob looks hot as per usual. Bad casting choice.

  • Chelsea

    God, he looks awesome!!! So gorgeous.
    Now that that’s outta the way, I REALLY do not want Emmy Rossum anywhere NEAR him. She’s a total bitch!! Bring in someone more worthy, Summit. You almost screwed up Twilight, don’t screw this one up for Rob too!

  • Steffi r


  • Tak

    Remember me of Sophie Kinsella….??

  • asya



  • Fabiola!!

    Oh My Goddd!!!! Rob!!!!!!!!
    I Love Him!!! Is the most beautiful man in the planettt!!!
    He’s so pretty, gorgeouss!!
    I’m in Shock!!!

  • Courtney

    SO HOT!
    Remember to vote for Rob at the MTV Movie Awards site

  • saudia

    mm yummy .. Rob looks SOO good in plaid .. hottie

  • ATwilightKiss

    Rob is one of a very few who can wear the same set of clothes for god knows how long, and still look clean and handsome. How does he do it? LOL

  • Kate

    After the party, Rob flew right away to LA. So poor guy didnt have a chance to change. He works a lot and hes only what 22?

  • ivanka

    hee looks cool=)

  • heart

    ok, i did NOT watch Twilight, but I really-really think that this dude is HOT!

  • nessa

    gosh i absolutely adore Rob.
    he’s talented and handsome what more can a girl ask for? and he’s sweet and nice and doesnt care what ppl think and is such a bad ass

  • sandy

    Not Rossum. Nooooooooooooooooooooooo Summit are useless

  • shawlette

    Pattinson looks edible but the choice of actress is atrocious.

  • wendy

    Id rather see Rob in Bel Ami. That role is perfect for him.

  • sarah

    I wish he;d dump Kristen Stewart

  • skerry

    Pick another actress for heaven’s sake. Rossum. ugghghghgh

  • EAC

    i absolutely adore rob.
    so talented and gorgeous, too!


    Ahh my good