Selena Gomez Covers 'Teen Vogue' June 2009

Selena Gomez Covers 'Teen Vogue' June 2009

Selena Gomez may have spilled the beans months ago but here she finally is — on the June/July 2009 cover of Teen Vogue, on stands May 19th.

With upcoming made-for-TV movies The Wizards of Waverly Place and Princess Protection Program, the 16-year-old Disney starlet is racing up the Hollywood ladder. But as magical as her life is, Sel is quite the realist: “I like to dream, but I also like to be realistic. Sometimes, when something is so nice and sweet, I just crush it. I don’t mean to, but I don’t want to be let down.”

PPP mirrors the supportive relationship Selena and BFF Demi Lovato have: “We’re both surrounded by adults 24/7, and we have to act professional, but when we’re together we can just be sixteen. We watch movies, talk about boys, and do each other’s hair and makeup.”

As far as love goes, Ms. Gomez admits that what she looks for in a boyfriend has changed a lot lately. With one serious relationship behind her—she dated super famous Nick Jonas—she happily confesses: “I used to say that I wanted someone cute and nice, an actor too, so he’d get it. But now I think it would be good for me to date someone who’s not in the business. I want someone honest, someone who’s very sweet to my family and friends, and polite to the other people around me. Being cool, having a ‘cool’ energy, is just not attractive to me… I want what I deny. I want someone who is crazy about me, who treats me like a princess. I want the picture-perfect fairy-tale stuff.”

For more on Selena, visit And don’t miss the video from the cover shoot!

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  • jenny

    Nick probably did not treat her like a princess! I hope taylor is! I love taylena! she looks really pretty here!

  • jenny

    She looks really pretty here but maybe not in the cover! As much as i love NELENA, i don’t think nick did really love her! I love TAYLENA!

  • rii

    ehhh selena is a pretty girl i think they coulda done better than these shots. and does anyone think the last pic of her sitting down next to the pails of flowers kinda doesnt look like her? lol

    and the commentary about the boyfriend part, does she or has she ever confirmed dating nick jonas? or does she in this mag? it seems pretty much true because there have been pictures and whatnot.. but neither has confirmed it i think.

  • karen

    love her! she’s o pretty and sweet.

    btw JJJ, the background image on this site is giving me creeps.

  • dani


  • okdocky

    I guess she change her mind when she met Taylor!!

    I love Taylena!!

    Pls post Taylena pics Jared!

  • secret

    no, i take back what i said, i saw the photos up close, it looks better! she looks good…there are more photos on

  • Sarah

    @ secret

    this cover is ugly i saw bette teen vogue cover

    pls no Taylena!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh PLEASE if you were on a teen vogue cover (what’s never gonna happen, just so you know)
    people would ask Teen Vogue for money to watch it just because it would be the ugliest cover EVER!!
    So unless you’re some super famous celebrity who earns millions don’t talk shit about Selena b/c she’s better then any hater out there
    and has a career!
    You should definitly stop hating on any person, especially Selena who actually doesn’t give a F*CK about if you hate her or not!

  • Adam

    Selena looks very pretty, especially if you’ve seen the video from the cover shoot. I love her!

  • winnie

    awww.she looks gorgeous but not on the cover.
    her eyes are so different.
    ah,shes still beautiful.
    hey,follow me at

  • Lauren

    i think its great because shes wearing totally different clothes and shoes and what have yah that not many people wear or could pull off…she should dress different more often…
    i remember that she said whens she comes out in her band with her album and tours that shes going to be wearing new clothes and a new hairstyle – i’d love to see what she means

  • listen to mayday parade

    They both confirmed that they went on a few dates but never fully committed to each other. The media just assumed they were dating that whole time. It’s crazy how we believe what the media wants us to believe.

    I also hate that all these female celebs that were linked to the Jonas Brothers come out making them sound like mean guys. They are insanely busy, with barely any down time. So if they go weeks without seeing someone it comes off as rude but its their career.

    I love Selena though, she is gorgeous and seems to have a head on her shoulders. And I love that we again are assuming her and Taylor are dating – but yet they havent been linked together since that one week of papz pics… Shes probably dating Jonathon from FTSK and not letting on. lol

  • ceren

    I didn’t like her hair bye

  • sarah

    selena is so cute!

  • sean84

    well shes relly beuatifull on dis cover nd well i lik her butt i dunt wanna date her i wanna date miley lol

  • Marie

    Selena Gomez is so Beautiful.

  • http://jjj miley

    she is awesome!

  • rii

    @listen to mayday parade: i can see where you are going with the female celebs linked with the JB and all. but like you said with us assuming who has dated, you are assuming that the JB are saints that can do no wrong. i mean there has to be a bit of truth in it all since theres been more than one person whos kinda spoken out about how the JB are such bad boyfriends.

    AJ (and Aly) came out with Potential Breakup Song, Miley with 7 Things, and Taylor with Forever & Always and the phonecall thing(which you hafta admit, breakup by phonecall or anything electronic is a d*uche move). even if you are a fan of the JB, i think you hafta admit that the JB are probably sh!tty boyfriends and better friends. and if the JB are such gentlemen, they shouldnt be with people if they know they are gonna hurt them and leave them alone for weeks at a time because they are so busy. but then i see someone like Miley whos just as busy as the JB with a steady boyfriends of like 7/8 months. so whats your logic there? i think the difference is that there will be people who actually try to commit to their relationship (like danielle/kevin and miley/justin) and people who dont really care where the relationship goes. (nick/miley/selena and joe/aj/taylor)

  • durrr

    not a very flattering cover shoot.

  • Tory

    ugh why did they ruin such a natural beauty!! they never make people look good for teen vogue!! miley looked weird too! i mean seriously, COMBAT BOOTS?!?!

  • Anonymous

    selena is so beauiful, cute and a great actress(:

  • sarah

    @rii: yeah and don’t forget about camilla and joe. I mean it was kinda wrong to break up with taylor that way, but camilla and joe have been going out for like 6 or 7 months, so it seems to me that they care about each other and are trying to make their relationship work. And no one ever said that the JB’s are saints but I do know that they try to be the kind people they were raised to be. I would much rather be their friend though than a girlfiend like Chelsea Staub said.

  • Jenny

    Not only is Selena pretty and a very talented actress, but she’s a very good role model for children everywhere! She’s smart, classy, humble, poised, articulate and has so much potential. From all the interviews I’ve read and all the videos I’ve seen and all of the good things I hear about her, Selena seems like a very sweet girl. Especially since she’s the spokesperson for UrVotesCount, the spokesperson for State Farm’s safe driving, the spokesperson for Unicef, the ambassador for and she also does everything she can to make Earth a better place to live by recycling, making people aware of the Year of the Frog, volunteering in a children’s hospital, planting trees/flowers and saving animals. Not only that, but she obviously cares so much for her fans, she has showed her appreciation in many ways by calling them on her SayNow, staying in touch with them whether it’s on Youtube, MySpace, Facebook or Twitter. She even stood in the rain as an apology to her fans who stood hours in the rain while waiting in line to meet her. I think she’s very inspirational and admirable. This girl deserves to be on the cover of Teen Vogue!

  • lalle

    SHE IS UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wandaland

    Selena is gorgeous! love her!

  • jo

    whats she wearing!? Dont like the wardrobe at all.

  • winnie

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    and please sub me!
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  • winnie
  • twilight__bitch



  • jamz

    Where does Disney find these kids? I personally don’t think she got star quality even as she gets older, I guess Disney is just using them for the kids purpose only. Wish her luck in the future.

  • kj

    She doesn’t look very good on this cover! She wanted someone in the business who would understand the demands on her time. I have no doubts that Nick treated her well. Unfortunately he has way more demands on his time than she does. So, then she realized what she really wanted is someone who has nothing to do except cater to her demands/wants every day. That way she’ll feel like a princess. Maybe she’ll grow up eventually and see that a relationship isn’t all about her.

  • selena supporter

    don’t really like the cover but the pics inside are pretty


  • Nicole

    She’s a cute girl but she annoys me.

  • rii

    @sarah: are joe and camilla still goin out? the rumors are that they already broke up. but even if they have been going out for a while, a relationship like theirs isnt gonna work out. people say justin is a famewhore but camilla is just as much as one even if people have heard of her before. even if they are famewhores i think the miley/justin relationship would last longer since she actually seems to be the type to not dump someone and move on right away. and i just dont believe that the jb are trying to be the kind of people they were raised to be anymore. whats up with changing the meaning of their purity rings? it had always been the abstinence and other “pure” things and now its just being nice to women and their mother. seems like one of the jb have broken the purity ring promise already and are tryin to cover it up. =/

  • Anna

    ohh goshh .
    selena looks UGLY in the cover !
    what is up with these bad photoshoots recently?

  • yessica

    loveee selenaaa

  • lol


    I agree with both of you – the 2 younger JB have not treated girls right – but Miley has NOT learned from it – she was controlled by Nick & then she met Justin – he is sweet & she was always able to be herself with him & he never stopped her from having friends – he was too good to her – she used him & stomped on his heart & is on her way to Atlantis where Nick is waiting for her to spend the week before she performs. The control freak, Nick will ruin her life again – dumb girl. Miley is dumb if she thinks she can have all her ex boyfriends as bff’s – all of a sudden that is Justin’s title – how does that work with sitting on their laps & making out with them, etc, etc – sounds like a boyfriend to me.

    SELENA has the right idea – she wants a nice guy who treats her like a princess & cares for her – no drama – hey Sel, how about Justin? Anyway Selena is beautiful & she has proved she is smart too. Take a lesson, Miley – too late – Justin is HOT – if he is smart he won’t be your puppy dog anymore and he won’t let you treat him like a doormat. Soon Justin will find a sweet girl who deserves him.

  • wandaland

    @rii: shut up, this is about SELENA!

  • Jonas Brother Fan!

    wtf is she wearing???
    Very tacky.

  • nessa


    she’s gorgeous i guess
    but not on the cover!

    wanna know why its not a flattering picture?
    because hardly any photoshop and the pic is straight on..

    haha that tells you a lot!

    i think demi is prettier.. she seems more real and has a girls body! not a boys aha

  • cam

    I agree with everything you said except about Miley. She has dumped Justin for that Nick jb again & is on her way to or may have landed in the Bahama’s to spend the week with Nick before her show – yes her mom & sister are with her – but read her twitters – she & nick are def back together – poor Justin – he has gotten a bad rap for no reason – he did not use her – miley used him – her goal was to get that jerk nick back – so she paraded Justin around like a pet & once she got back to nick – broke Justin’s heart. I have lost all respect for Miley.

  • rii

    @lol and cam:
    miley hasnt dumped justin yet. even if you read her twitter you can see that. perhaps the past tweets were kinda vague, but the current ones lead us to thinking shes still with justin. plus, justin just went to mileys recent photoshoot that she tweeted about. heres a pic of them hugging and theres more pics from the site.

  • The Monster Under The Bed :}

    @Jonas Brother Fan!: I could’nt agree more than I already do! Selena is tacky and she’s NOT cute at all! Total ewwwwww.

  • rii

    @wandaland: well ive already commented on how i think selena looks in the magazine and im bored and wanna keep commenting on here. other topics came up so whats the hurt in talkin about it here? its either that or i keep on commenting how i dont think this photoshoot looks good.

  • rii

    new link from what i posted above, i guess the other site had to take it down?

  • cam


    Miley has many twitter accounts & on one she wrote:
    the best feeling is the scared/happy/hesitant/satisfying/nervous tummy pinchy feeling when you start communication with an old friend again.
    about 20 hours ago from web

    this tweet is def not about justin. nick is a sneak & miley will have to keep it on the DL – but she won’t be able to because she thinks she is so in love with nick & besides on all the talk shows she did to promote the HM movie she kept saying how much she was texting nick. Sure she tells justin on twitter that she loves him – soften the blow & let the fans think she is so sweet & she will have them believing that justin dumped her – but he is the one tewwting early this morning: I misss @xmileyycyrus.

  • rii

    @cam: uhh miley only has one twitter account. one that she has publicized and that several other verified tweeters are following/talking to her. justin has one too that seems to be real since the real miley cyrus and her friends/family talk to/follow him too.
    if your not following those twitters, then you are following fake mileys/justins. because miley made vague tweets like the one you posted, someone is probably just posing as her to stir up rumors. miley already tweets a lot on her official one and gets personal sometimes. i doubt she would make another one.

  • francesca

    not the best picture of her

  • andrea

    the cover look ridiculous. why do they transform her into a circus clown

  • mary

    love selena

    she’s gorgeous!

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