Demi Lovato is an Ambassador of Education

Demi Lovato is an Ambassador of Education

Demi Lovato arrives at the 2010 Honorary Ambassador of Education Awards at Mondrian Hotel on Monday (May 11) in West Hollywood.

The 16-year-old Sonny With A Chance star received the 2010 Honorary Ambassador of Education Award. Congrats, Demi!!!

Ms. Lovato recently tweeted, “I wanna go to Bittersweet [Cafe & Bakery]. If you live in the Burbank area… go to Bittersweet. THE BEST cinnamon sugar muffins ever.”

Burbank-ers, the Bittersweet address is: 1723 W Verdugo.

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Credit: rubianess; Photos: Jordan Strauss/WireImage
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  • vane


  • yay

    did she get a tan? lol

  • Just Jared

    @yay: She and BFF Miley love getting their tan on!

  • will

    woah! hasnt she come a long way?

  • jodee

    i dont really like demi nowadays….the old demi is more natural and beautiful….shes too tan and the old fair demi is really pretty…and her boobs look like he either done plastic surgery or wearing push-up bra which is too push-up….still love her though

  • bob

    Whoa. She looks so professional here. She has certainly changed a lot in a year.

  • Mercedes

    she looks sooo different from when she started out.
    she looks much older. but i do love her loubs, they’re gorgeous.

  • :)

    Congrats Demi!

    You’re so beautiful inside and out! :D..

    I wonder why she was pouting..:|


    wow sorry to say but no matter how much she tans and/or looses weight its still not gonna make her face look better.

    i know that was mean but hey its my opinion.

    its like you look at her body and her fake tan and its like she looks nice!…..but then you get to her face and that smile! errr!
    im not “trying” to hate
    I LOVE LOVE her music….but thats about it.

    positives. love that dress. she looks very um “toned”

    when i open a post about her. i never know which demi im gonna see…….lol

    but still LOVE LOVE her muzik :)

  • mike

    yeah, wtf happened to demi?! she looks waaaaay different from a year ago, almost too old for her age.

  • Honeychild

    OMG I need this dress :O

    Does anyone know, where I can buy it?


    the dress is beautiful , but the tan is a bit too much it makes her look a little to orangey (on the last pic) but otherwise beautiful !

  • Luciilockett

    I reckon she’s lost a bit of weight, not that she was fat to begin with.
    Those 5 inch heels would add a bit of length to her.
    She looks really pretty though, love the dress!!
    Please don’t go ano on us Demi!
    : )

  • Liv

    I think these Disney girls are gorgeous enough to not wear so much makeup. It’s kinda making them look ridiculous and kinda ugly…

  • Joe

    She has a gorgeous figure. She’s rocking the cleavage and the itty bitty waist.

  • Lauren

    she does look really good…and the best ive seen her in a while – but the faces shes pulling in the first and seventh pictures does not do her justice

    i wish i had some christian louboutin pumps at her age

  • Lauren

    i wished* i had some christian louboutin pumps at her age

  • courtney

    she is so pretty….she grew up so fast

  • Marissa

    She is such an amazing person!! And she looks GORGEOUS too.

  • jenny

    Congrats!!! I was comparing a photo of her in camp rock and now….she’s looks so different….but i love her both ways! She has been dressing way better than before..she looks so professional and beautiful here!

  • Emma

    Is she slightly orange in the close up pics?
    Shes looks amazing as usual tho!

  • LJ

    Congrats to Demi ! So jaw droppingly gorgeous, as always. She’s grown up & matured so much : )

    LOVE her <3

  • Steffi r

    she looks so great here :D

  • jo

    Rockin the cleavage!! Hey, great for her, her body looks awesome. She’s maturing, its OK not to dress like a nun.
    I agree, she’s been looking better than ever.

  • Lauren

    ive just been looking at the shoes – and on her legs don’t look like they’ve got fake tan on, it looks just like shes been tanning on the beach or something, even thought the pictures up close look a bit orange it doesn’t look fake…for example, ive always been tanned without going on holiday or being in the sun a lot, or wearing fake tan but then this past year ive lost some of my colouring an im quite pale now, but if i went on holiday i’d have it all back – if you get what i mean?
    so i think all the people saying ‘oh, shes fake, la la’ just shut up because i don’t think its true to be honest

  • zoe

    I love those shoes!

  • chloe

    her complexion is completely flawess
    and her outfit is perfect
    plus i <3 her louboutins

  • chloe

    oh and as far as being “orange”
    i think it’s just the way the light is hitting her face
    because the 2nd last picture isn’t orange and the last one is kind of

  • chels

    honestly she looks weird, her body is shapped like a triangle.
    broad shoulders and thin hips. and she’s flat….

  • bod

    Ha I have that dress

  • casey


  • josephine m

    she looks beautiful im proud of her and she will be 17 in 3 months and 18 next year shes growing up and being happy and loving life which is all good for me cant wait for new album 20 year old huge fan here hahaa love her

  • korinn

    i love you…………she is beautiful!!!!!!!!

  • korinn

    she is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

  • Jess

    She looks gorgeous!

  • Andy


  • Katkout



    the TAN is TERRIBLE
    i’m still a huge fan, and there’s nothing wrong with changing at all, but the way she does is …

  • bailey


  • anon

    she sai herself she was orange..she made fun of herself so stfu! demi is hot and sexy im just not liking it here! sorry demi ur still so Gorgeous though!

  • sophie

    wow she looks good, she may have fake tan but if its wat she wants then fine, personly i love the dress demi :)

  • jo

    she’s so orange. sorry girl it’s not working

  • Maila

    Demi for sure has had something done, she looks different, its not just the awful tan. Its her face, theres something different about it.

  • Sara lynch

    i have that dress. i wore in October of 2008 for a auction to raise awareness for kids with autism. its by BCBG Maz Azria:)

  • nandile

    she looks minger.

  • Helen walsh

    Don’t get the reason why she would tan herself.

  • Andrea


  • Kirsty

    she looks hot

  • Hannah


    this is the speech she said on the night

  • lala

    her face just pisses me off
    and even with a push up bra, she still small LOL