Demi Lovato is an Ambassador of Education

Demi Lovato is an Ambassador of Education

Demi Lovato arrives at the 2010 Honorary Ambassador of Education Awards at Mondrian Hotel on Monday (May 11) in West Hollywood.

The 16-year-old Sonny With A Chance star received the 2010 Honorary Ambassador of Education Award. Congrats, Demi!!!

Ms. Lovato recently tweeted, “I wanna go to Bittersweet [Cafe & Bakery]. If you live in the Burbank area… go to Bittersweet. THE BEST cinnamon sugar muffins ever.”

Burbank-ers, the Bittersweet address is: 1723 W Verdugo.

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Credit: rubianess; Photos: Jordan Strauss/WireImage
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  • sean84

    well shes so gorjess on these pix lol butt i wood preffer she shows less cleevedge nd well dats relly cool 4 her aboot the ambassador off educkashon fing lol well it reminds me i fink i shood go back 2 shcoll cuz avery1 tells me i cant spill lol

  • bonnie

    Why is she being given this award? Has she done something remarkable in the field of education? Is she even a high school graduate?

  • alex


    What brand is it? I must have it!! haha

  • sam

    She’s not cute anymore. She’s sexy :P Atleast she’s not disney squeaky clean, because if she was we’d know she’d be hiding something. I love her.

  • andrea

    disney loe tho hire porn stars. look at vcanessa hudgens breaking news i want to make nudity film to break from my image next is demi than selena . its a trend
    way to teach our kids disney

  • justin

    she’s not orange! haha, a r u crazy gyus!! haha. she looks gorgeous. cleveage…pretty shocked…but shes beautiful here!

  • Bod

    its from BCBG

  • justin

    andrea, today everybody talking bout sex! so kids, teenagers are so in!! don’t fool yourself! its 2009!!!!! XXI!!!! disney make great cartoons, movies, tv show, but they can’t take control of PERSONAL life of their workers! if your boss tomorow tells you “DON’T PIC YOUSELF NAKED! DON’t WEAR THAT! SIT AT HOME ALL TIME” hows your react?
    so people stop talking bullshit bout disney it’s absolutely choice of their actors, teenagers as you!

  • camilla

    yeah, justin, you right!!!!

  • camilla

    @justin: yeah, you right!!!

  • Marie

    Demi Lovato looks beautiful.

  • hailey


    Last year she was sooo different.

    Her tan is really annoying me.

    Stop tanning Demi!

  • layla


  • nessa


    shut up shut up shut up!

    demi is gorgeous inside and out!!

    demi has a different look and face.. its fresh and new!!

    she is pretty and who cares if she wants to tan???
    wtf like ashley tisdale doesnt do it? or miley cyrus??

    demi is hispanic.. she can pull it off!


  • nessa

    @lala: so what the hell is your point??

    im flat.. but still gorgeous!
    you’re ignorant people like you haters are stopping the human race from evolving..

    ignorant bitter people!

  • Meagan

    @chels: Wow. I actually see the triangle

  • jjjjjjjj

    omg ppl leave the poor kid alone she only what 15? 16? get over it and move on with your life!

  • V

    . I love Demi, but with the fake tan, and all that, it does not even look like Demi anymore. I was like “Is that really Demi Lovato?” If she did not tan herself she would have looked A LOT better. She is amazing, but I like her better without the FAKE tan, a natural tan is fine, but a fake one makes her look fake. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and this is mine

  • vicky

    umm a litle too much spray tan?

  • just a girl

    does anyone see resemblance between her and Melody from PCD?:D

  • celebrityobsessed.

    She looks amazing here…. what happened?

  • .

    I love that she is maturing and everything but she has changed wayyy too much wayyyy too fast, you’re supposed to gradually add changes to your appearance when you’re in the spotlight not come back looking like a completely different person; I miss the demi in camprock…yeah I know she was playing mitchie but still I think that if she wore her hair like mitchie did but not dye it back, she would look way less fake…right now she looks too old

  • Toni and Angela :)

    OMG! Demi is just drop dead gorgeous here! Personally, we think she looks better with black hair than with her natural hair color. We also don’t like when she laughs, her smile is to big and it makes her look weird but she’s still cute. Demi has a perfect body and she is NOT fat. If thats fat, then I’d like to know what skinny is. Probably anorexic to most people. People just want her to be skin and bones like Lindsay Lohan and when she gets to that point (And with you idiots, she WILL get to that point because you’ll make her lose her confidence.) Then you’ll be like “Oh, she’s to skinny!” Make up your minds! You guys are truly hypocrites! Demi is healthy, isn’t that enough? Stop being so damn jealous of Demi and go do something with your lives because if you haven’t noticed, Demi has a life and she’s not gonna stop living it for nobody. She’s strong and I know she’ll keep going. Demi is talented and sweet. We love her and there’s nothing you insecure haters can do to change that. Go Demi! :D

  • brooke

    Wow… lol she is changing wayyyyy to much! She needs to stop tanning it is starting to annoy me! I can’t help it so don’t hate me just because I’m pointing out the obvious! I still love her, but c’mon already! Take it easy with the tanning Demi!


    she looks gorgeous. i actually like her with darker skin because of her ethnicity. it just fits her better in my opinion. i love that outfit, those shoes are great

  • brenda


    love her dress!!

  • cassy

    whats that award for? somebodeh tell me

  • Danica

    OMG i now have a celebrity look alike!

  • christine

    OMG! her dress is SUPER cute !

  • eos MOM FROM nj

    Thank you Demi and Ned Spektor for becoming APFED’s Education Embassadors. A video of their speeches is on You Tube
    and there’s more about their involvement on APFED’s site:

  • eos MOM FROM nj

    Thank you to Demi Lovado and Ned Spektor for becoming APFED’s Education Embassadors, just in time for National Eosinophil Awareness Week. More information about their involvement can be found at and there is also a video of their speeches available on You Tube (just search for APFED or APFED and Demi Lovado). Their help is greatly appreciated by so many of us who are dealing with eosinophilic disorders. :-)

  • jessica

    i miss the old demi. i understand she’s growing up, but i used to love her unique rocker-chic look. you know? the fake tan and big bust don’t suit her at all. -.-
    please demi. just be yourself. you can look girly without having to making bad, drastic changes to your look!

  • beth

    she is jaw droppingly beautiful these days.
    gosh, love her.

  • chels

    and how do you know your still gorgeous? try biased opinions.

  • Mary

    Whats wrong with people..Her style haven’t changed. Of course she’s gonna have to wear something nice for a special occassion. Its not like she wears that everyday…Do you expect her to wear her rock style outfit while she’s giving a speech and getting an award? Leave her alone I think she looks beautiful no matter what.

  • CDK

    demi is GORGEOUS! haters and fake fans fuck off

  • wicked lady

    demi look beauitful no matter what is wear or she put on her body

  • Mel

    but I hate her tan
    love her black hair

  • Heather

    She looks stunning that dress is so beautiful, i just can’t get over how much she’s changed though!

  • cookie

    It’s no alibi that everyone changes.
    This is no more the same Demi Lovato.
    “And no, I’m not gonna change like I promised in La La Land.”
    You did, girl, you did. Sadly.

  • D@niel

    She is so beautiful!!!! I luv u so much!!!! I am a #1 fan.I luv this pics.I dream that I could date you.

  • aeryn

    nice dress but she kinda needs to pop her boobs in





  • Dustin

    Yeah, I do prefer the fairer-skinned Demi myself, but don’t get me wrong: She’s very beautiful either way. What I love most about her is her smile, her eyes, and her princess’s chin.

  • sacha

    @will: she sure did

  • Ana

    Hello demiii I ♥ YOU!!!!!!!!!!I FROM IN ARGENTINIAN

  • Rocio Oriana Centeno


    MI MSN ES: