Selena Gomez & Taylor Lautner: Dinner Date Night

Selena Gomez & Taylor Lautner: Dinner Date Night

Selena Gomez and Taylor Lautner chat it up together as they leave a downtown Vancouver restaurant on Tuesday evening (May 12).

Since Selena, 16, came to Vancouver to film Ramona and Beezus, the duo have been spending a lot of time together. Sel even gave Taylor‘s dad, Daniel, a big hug as they parted ways.

Selena‘s costar Joey King tweeted this afternoon, saying, “Will you guys go and see Ramona and Beezus? pleeeeeeaaasssse? thats the movie I am shooting now with Selena.”

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Credit: Whittle ; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • max


  • Wilnete

    they are so cute

  • Karina

    Ohh, they’re soo cute togetherr !!

    FIRST ?

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    …I still haven’t seen them around here. And I went around all day Saturday and Sunday. Aha, sounds like I’m a stalker or a paparazzi….lol. But aw…they really are adorable. :D I LOVE Selena’s outfit.

  • casey


  • anop

    he is so HOTT !

  • ME

    If I were Selena I would be all over this guy
    Hes the hottest thing out there next to Zach A.
    Their both equal in looks and man shes so lucky

  • ThatGirl

    Awwah.They are so cute together. And anybody that thinks otherwise can suck it=P

    I love love love Selena’s outfit. And Taylor is lookin’ HOT!!!

  • anop


  • cat


  • anna

    she strikes me as the kind of girl who is just trying to get into the public eye using the guys she dates and hangs out with, pretty self-centered

  • Anonymous

    They don’t fit together!!!! I’m not hating either. I’m just saying that they don’t look right together. It’s like buying a guitar without playing it first.



    but i really can’t say that yet. because nothings official.

    i wanna see some pix with them holding hands.

    then i’ll believe. BUT I WANT THEM TO BE AN ITEM SOOO BAD!

    PS. i promise i want become like 1 of those niley fans LMAO :)

  • francesca

    they’re not dating!
    jennifer stone (selena’s best friend and costar) said they were just friends.



    oh SUX! that you feel that way.

    well ANYWHO…… :D :)

  • megan


    or maybe they hang out because they actually like eachother.. ?
    ever thought about that.?
    and who knows they could be just friends,
    nothing is confirmed. however, they look cute together!

  • a mom


    come on – all this kid has been doing is working on movies – 2 in the past few months – I don’t see any trying to get in the public eye or self centerdness. She seems like a nice kid & so does he. Good for her she is rid of that loser N.Jonas & good for her if she is dating a nice guy who does not hide in the shadows like a sneak. Looks like Taylor treats her like a lady – good for them.

  • Carolineee

    Dangg when i saw this it made me so jealous. But its so very cuteee. (:

  • chad

    oh anna, go and do your h/w first
    little child

  • michelle

    They look absolutely adorable together. :) I think that Jennifer Stone is just saying that, but really, who knows more than Selena or Taylor themselves? Selena has been my idol teen actress since the beginning + she has nice clothes.

  • christinee

    he always wears the same jacket,
    but their a cute couple.

  • jo

    Dont love Selena, but theyre cute.

  • ivanka

    i think they are just friends, until i see kissing i will consider them a couple

  • ivanka

    i hang out with m friends like that.. and im not dating them -.-

  • mellissa

    i agree with @anna but dont get me wrong or maybe its just jared that post the worst pictures of selena. CAUSE SHE DOES SEEM TO TRY TO HARD TO ACHIEVE THINGS, BUT AS LONG AS SHE IS IN DISNEY PEOPLE WONT VALUE HER TALENT.

  • ellie

    I love them! They are so cute. I don’t even like him.

  • bailey

    shes super gorjuzz. without makeup she is still really striking. plus she just seems so genuine and down to earth. btw, some of you are so dumb. yes they ARE dating. just because theres no pictures of them kissing or holding hands, doesnt mean they arent a couple. I mean, remeber how many people were like ‘no miley and nick never dated! taylor and joe are only friends! selena and nick arent a couple!!!’ So, preeetty sure these two are an item. He seems like a bit of an arrogant tool though. She could do better. Just sayin’

  • kc

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE SELENA! Now, I also LOVE LOVE LOVE Taylor! Jared, there are way better pictures out there of them actually TOGETHER in the shot. On, there were pics of them hugging intimately in the rain!!! really cute

    WORK ON FINDING BETTER PICS, JARED! Otherwise, you’re doing great.

  • kc

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE SELENA! Now, I also LOVE LOVE LOVE Taylor! Jared, there are way better pictures out there of them actually TOGETHER in the shot. On, there were pics of them hugging intimately in the rain!!! really cute

  • Meagan

    Ok, chemistry is like OOZING from the two of them. Sorry, I can’t find another word to describe them at the moment lol. too adorable that’s what they are.

  • kay

    anna. must suck to think like you

    i think they are absolutely the cutest.


    @bailey: an arrogant tool, really? he seems so far from that. if you watch videos of him hes very nice and he really sincere and loves his fans. but thats your opinion so i have to respect that. im just stating mine on the topic

  • diane

    they’re adorable. Selena and Taylor are really cute together. They must be really happy with each other. Taylor’s crush was Selena and that’s who he got. I hear wedding bells. lol. jk too young.

  • titi

    i don’t like them together. i love Selena and Nick jOnas

  • mariana

    awwww she are so cuttee

  • Chelsey!

    awwwww..this is so cute! haha i love them together.

  • brenda

    she’s so shameless!!

    oh, like paparazzi are taking me photos in this moment, I’ll give a big hug to taylor’s dad!


    no longer go to see new moon for THAT taylor!!!

  • staci

    brenda…your very inmature to ven say such a thing
    they dont always know when the paparazzis following them
    and we can say the same thing about miley when she was dirty dancing for the paparazzis at the there what you got to say about that,lets see you defend your idol
    so yeah were goin to defend ours..which is selena

  • Zac F Ron

    @brenda: your grammer sucks

  • Jobro Lover

    they are so cute together
    she has such good tast in guys!!

  • crazy for JONAS

    they looked so cute together…awww



  • me

    it just seems like an attention, wannabe in the news relationship

  • meg

    they are so cute together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!were do you guys live, it like 5 o’clock were i am

  • steph
  • http://justjaredjr simnel

    soooooooooo cute together

  • Leah

    This couple is just too darn cute LOVES thanks jared for posting it my daily Taylena fix! I want more please and thank ya!

  • selena looks 30

    Ehhhh i cant satnd all these disney tweens! Theyre all so attention seeking (numerous twitter, youtube, myspace accounts) and have absolutely no natural beauty that magazine editors have to airbrush the hell out of their photos.
    And Selena looks like shes 30 its really creepy…

    Taylor deserves better.. Lets hope they are “just” friends….

  • Luciilockett

    They look like brother and sister = P
    Damn it why does Selena get all the cute guys? First Nick, then Taylor. Who’s next Zac?

  • chels

    @anna: I highly doubt that. It’s people who look her up that keep her in the spot light. People who give a damn about her. Apparently, people like you and me.