Ashley Tisdale: 'Aliens in the Attic' Poster!

Ashley Tisdale: 'Aliens in the Attic' Poster!

Peep the new poster for Ashley Tisdale‘s new flick — Aliens in the Attic!

The 23-year-old “Masquerade” singer stars as big sis Bethany Pearson in the summer movie. Aliens follows a group of kids who must protect their Maine vacation home from invading aliens.

The comedy also stars Austin Butler, Carter Jenkins and includes the voice talents of former Drake & Josh star Josh Peck.

Aliens in the Attic hits theaters on Friday, July 31.

Bigger poster inside…

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  • Andrea

    OMG ! I love Ashley !

  • amelia

    looks like they changed the title!

  • littlebadangel

    Omg! I cant wait to see the moviie!!
    She looks great in the poster

    Love her Ashley!!<33

    Note: If you are going to comment plz commnt something SMART ..NOT bull*shits

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Wow, did they really change the title ? ..Hm. Guess they did.. Aha, I like the poster. OH !! Josh Peck is in it too !? ..Er, he’s voicing one of the aliens but that’s so cool !! July 31st !! :D ..Seems so far yet so close.

    Vote for Ashley for Breakthrough Female Performance on !!

  • wuzthavo


  • lottie

    I love Ashley, but personally I don’ think this movies gonna be amazing and I don’t think it’s going to show her amazing acting talents. She really needs to step away from kids stuff and try something more serious.

    Unless of course she plans on forever doing kids stuff and is fine with it. Up to her.

  • lilly

    omg! love ash!
    vote for ashley at for breakthrough female preformance!!! i just did :D

  • kate

    shes beautiful

  • lucia

    so cute
    can´t wait to see it

  • mileycyrusfan

    Omg, I hope I win this contest to meet Miley Cyrus or get a phone call from her! :

  • kate

    ^^cool but fake

  • francesca

    this movie looks awful

  • saudia

    looks terrible .. this should just be a straight to DVD movie

  • nina caplan

    wohooo, am sooo excited. it looks soooo cool. i’m also excited to se doris roberts on the movie, she’s soo hillarious :P
    cant wait for the movie

  • ashRocKS

    oh am gonna wtch this and her new songs especially acting out is awsum!!!!

    i will buy the cd

    i will vote for on mtv!

  • ashRocKS


  • me.

    lmfao, ALIENS IN THE ATTIC?! i prefer TCFU waaaay better. this new title sounds so cheesy. well… it does look like that.

    but anyway, ashley really needs to move away from kiddy movies. i’m not saying that she has to do an R rated one, but movies that will really showcase her talent. if she does something like 17 Again (cause she’s good at comedies), i think more people will see that she’s more than a Disney actress.

  • Dark night

    I love Ashley but I think she’s asinger more than actress cus most of her charcters are the same porsnalty or acting with few diffends

    Sharby , mandy , p&f sister

  • Dark night

    I love Ashley but I think she’s asinger more than actress cus most of her charcters are the same porsnalty or acting with few diffends

    Sharby , mandy , p&f sister and this film too

    And I’m not going watch this movie seems selly I think vanessa’s movie “bandslam” is more fun and funny and teeny I love the first view 4 it and I can’t wait to see it

  • kate

    the Moive is gonna be awesome

  • Megan fox

    Poor Ashley , her movie is so sick , I hate the both , Ashley and her movie

  • ash17

    sorry ash ..
    but i am definitely not gonna see this ..
    it’s nothing special and theres no originality about this at all..
    i showed my 4 and 6 and 7 year old brother, sister and cousin the trailer for this and told them about this and they didn’t even wanna see it..
    srsly ashley your —23— year old . and this is a freaking Baby movie…
    and obviously the people that went and saw it didn’t like it at all because they had to just weeks before its scheduled release re-shoot/film more scenes.. that’s srsly not a good sign…
    ohh well i still love you ashley :D

  • ZJ207

    OMG!! the poster is amazing <3333
    I can’t wait for the movie! it’s gonna be amazing!
    so excited <3 :D:D:D

  • jane

    looks awesome!! cant wait to see it! i bet its gonna do well i mean after all it is a fox movie! and the producers are awesome too!! and of course, ashely’s in it!! YAYA

  • ash rockz

    The poster looks cool (:
    I think the movie will be great, because it has so many great actors in it!
    Luv Ash <3


  • ZJ207

    btw @haters: No one really cares about your thoughts on the movie! and i don’t get it, how do you judge something without seeing it?!

  • Jason

    @ash17: You sure you would? Feh, I said I won’t ever watch High School Musical since it’s a stupid disney movie movie but I did. And it was great. So what if this is a “baby” movie? It’s a freaking Alien movie. :\

    All I know is, you WILL watch it. One way or another. You will just watch it on Youtube. Someday. Girls, and they thought they aren’t watching baby movies. Like you’re an adult.

  • ZJ207

    @Jason: haha yeahh i know he would :P lol

  • jamz

    @lottie: I totally agree with you, you rock!

  • ashley tizz truefan

    OMG i cant wait ashley looks so good in the poster :)

  • aliens in the attic

    A group of children attempt to defend their Maine vacation home from invading extraterrestrial forces as the malevolent aliens make their way from the upper floor of the house to the ground level. High School Musical’s Ashley Tisdale stars in the 20th Century Fox production, with Tim Meadows, Kevin Nealon, and Gillian Vigman filling out the cast.

  • Junalyn

    .. I love Ashley Tisdale a lot!!!! Can’t wait to see the movie!!!! She’s my idol!!!! Love her on The suite life of zack and cody!!! I love her!!!!

  • Sly Fox

    Ashley is an awesome actress, much better than anyone gives her credit for, and my biggest celebrity crush, so I’ll def. be going to see it ASAP.

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