Ashley Tisdale: Masquerade in Miami

Ashley Tisdale: Masquerade in Miami

JJJ readers Tina and Erika sandwich in Ashley Tisdale at the meet and greet at Y100 studios in Miami on Monday afternoon (May 11).

Tina writes to us, “Me and my best friend Erika met Ashley and got to listen to some tracks off her upcoming album! She then signed some photos for us and we got to take a photo together! She was so nice and her style is awesome!”

She continued, “She spoke a lot about her album and how her single ‘It’s Alright, It’s OK’ is about a past relationship where she was cheated on, but that she came out of it stronger.”

Check out some of Ashley‘s rehearsal pics and peep the on-the-road video too!

Ashley Tisdale – On-The-Road Video Blog

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  • :)

    I can’t wait for her album (:


    LOVE YOU ASH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    VOTE FOR HER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • layla

    i like that one song. but the movie coming out looks dumb. :(

  • thelittlebadangel

    Lovee you Ashh!!
    Cant wait 4 Guiilty Pleasuree..!!
    Ashley Tizz Rockks!!
    She’s amaziing :)

  • wjs

    she tries too hard to be rockerish. stick to what you are best at ashley…POP

  • kate

    They are Soo Lucky!
    i wish that was me

  • kate

    she is pOP too

  • lucia

    she is such a great role model for me!!
    love you ash!
    lucky girls

  • maúh

    i like her! i’m the first fan that heard It’s Alright, It’s OK here in brazil, in one promotion of the warner music *-*

  • ivanka

    i hate she tries so hard at everything she does

  • dani

    she isn’t good poor ash

    i prefer blond

  • dani

    #7 role model???????????????O_o yeah sure ¡?

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    ..Goodness me, ‘Masquerade’ sounds SO amazing !! ..Even though I only heard a bit of it, it sounds so good. ..But we’ll see once I hear the FULL version. :D Oh, and her style IS awesome !! I love what she’s wearing where she’s singing.

    Well, at least she’s trying something new. Its nice to see some celebs trying new sounds and stuff.

    Vote for Ashley for Breakthrough Female Performance on !!

  • lol

    luv her new songs sound amazing :D
    i luv acting out
    has sum gud lyrics so far

  • lucia

    please Dani, look you at the mirror!

  • de

    Sl*t!! No wonder the boy dumped her!

  • zashleyroxzanessasox

    @de: wat is she doing thats making such a slut in ur eyes

  • Brian

    SHE’S THE BEST!!!! :p

  • de

    #16: everything!!! The b*tch can’t sing to save her life, nobody cares about her anymore!!! Get over it!!

  • mileycyrusfan

    Omg, I hope I win this contest to meet Miley Cyrus or get a phone call from her! EEEP! :

  • jamz

    @de: Hi de: Give the 23 year old credit at least she still appeals to the young deaf ears!
    I guess it’ll be awhile before she starts doing more mature roles as long as she has the very young fan base.

  • kate

    Haters wish they were in Ashleys place!!
    what poor losers! i feel so sorry. their lives probably Suck
    TEAM Ashley xoxo

  • zashleyroxzanessasox

    @de: but how is she being a slut

  • zashleyroxzanessasox

    @kate: i totally agree with you they just need to get a life. if they dont like her then y do they come to her post. that just really ticks me off when they come here n talk trash about her for no reason

  • de

    #24: she is FAKE!! Do u get it now? Or do I need to spell it for you? F.A.K.E!!!
    jamz: hey! And LOL I agree with u. But dont worry she’s already fading.

    Her songs are horrible!! She can’t act!! And her upcoming movies sounds so stupid! I mean can’t she get some REAL roles? Oh yeah, she can’t, because she can’t act! Why doesn’t she just stick going to clubs and twittering, at least she’ll get attention with that! And thre all she wants.
    attention wh*re!

  • kate

    ^^ DE- SHUT UP we dont care what You say!! if she cant Act or sing she wont be famous!! your the Wh*re ha

  • de

    kate: I’ll shut up when I want to!!! And I dont right now! Dude ur such a sl*t! Just like ur idol, great role model u got there.

  • kate

    ^^^really what are u 5!! you dont know me… and i didnt say she is my role model… idiot

  • rena

    #27 OMG ur calling ashley an a** really
    you knw not all people are like you
    and if you hate her that much why are you
    here wasting ur and our time commenting
    and plz explain how in the world is ashley tisdale F.A.K.E

  • overated.

    ..Where is the love? The love,the love? Ha. Couldn’t resist.

    @de: Who’s your role model? Paris Hilton? If anyone’s the attention wh*re, its you. Your wasting 5 minutes of your life by commenting on the person you dislike.

  • Solange

    @de: do u have brain??? i guess not. b/c wasting time bashing other ppl is so immature and impolite. You’re jealous with her, get over it. You’ll never be a piece of her.

  • vashlenaluver :)

    @de: WTF? You are like the only one here saying sh*t about her, and calling her names, no offence. Don’t call anyone else anything cuz you are the only one being a serious b*tch!

  • nina caplan

    OMG., so cool songs,,, cant wait <3

  • dany

    i love her !! she’s my idol !!

  • dany

    omg !!! i can’t wait for gulty pleasure !! these songs soo amazing !!

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    how can someone call her b…ch
    i dont know
    this people blame me when i say miley cyrus is a b…ch but she has naked pictures and more.
    and ashley ?
    what did she do abaout to being a s*** ???
    csan you answer please?
    and ashley is a great role model alright ?
    if you’re role model is i dont know paris hilton,lindsay lohan(like like) congratulations !!!!
    vote for ash <3

  • lol

    she looks good man!

  • witchygirl

    we missed her :(

  • ash rockz

    I’m sure her album will be GREAT!
    Can’t wait for it!
    btw: She looks gorgeous!


    @de: You’re so abject & pitful. Nothing more to say.

  • ZJ207

    De: you’re just a stupid b****! WE CARE ABOUT HER! so you’ll have to get over it! Ashley have an amazing fanbase that cares about her… She’s amazing! And idk if it was u but someone said that she’s trying so hard at what she does… well, duuh!! that’s the secret of her SUCCESS!!! seriously, why are you bothering us here??? i don’t get it with haters…

    She looks amazing!! AND OMG! her songs sounds like REALLYYY GOOD!!!! <3 I like them even better than her first single :D:D:D she deserves all the success she’s getting and more! she just love what she do and works so hard for it. <3

  • masquerading

    omg!!!! i love her new songs!! <3 can’t wait to hear the full thing! she looks absolutely amazing <3333 can’t wait for guilty pleasure :)
    i love you ashley! u’re my rolemodel

  • Scashley Lover; x

    Haters are really getting on my laast nerves! What’s the point coming her commenting if you hate her? And the weird thing is…. THEY COME ON EVERYSINGLE POST! Like seriously guys you hate her fair enough we can’t change that! But dont come here and bash on her! Go on google find a i hate ashley fansite and bash her their. Not here where her fans wonts to comment. Just get a life LOSER’S! And “JAMZ!” or wotevaaa… your a little a** liker darling! F**k out of here! FOOLISH CHILD!

    Lovee you ashley! Where PROUD ov your girl.! xxxx

  • jamz

    I’ll have you know that this is an entertainment thread, anyone can post their views and comments just as you have so get use to it, not everyone likes your fave celeb, that’s life so accept it and move on.
    And for your information #42, I’m not a LOSER, a little a**liker darling and a FOOLISH CHILD! I’m a very responsible adult who gave an honest comment about my thoughts regarding you fave celeb. Her fan base is majority young children from elementary to intermediate ages maybe some high schoolers but that’s because of her disney association to the present. Your fave celeb just hasn’t got what it will take to move onto more mature roles so she’s keeping what security she has left which isn’t wrong I admire her for that. It’s just you young’ns who come onto these threads that post so much hate because that’s the language that you and the so called other tweens language are these days that we older generation while still interesed in these young stars quality need to fit in somehow. So the name calling, bashing, hate posts are all because of the generation now and for real though it’s so sad to know to what extent the education level are these days. My suggestion is; redirect you train of thinking so you’ll feel so much gratified about yourself. There is no need to protect your fave celeb because honestly they don’t care, it’s their profession and their life all they’re going to do is laugh at you for being obnoxious! Have a Great Day, Study Hard and Cleanse!

  • Carl

    i love u ashley

  • kate

    again i love Ashley tisdale :)

  • masquerading

    ok, so… to Ashley fans: JUST IGNORE THE STUPID JEALOUS HATERS! for me i think it’s the best way to handle their “childness” and immaturity… and OMG, I just heard a preview of “What If” and this song is just… well, it ALMOST made me cry :)) <33333

  • Scashley Loveer ;x

    @jamz: Okeeyy then, but if you hate her why do you even bother coming here!

    At least she has young little fans looking up too her, and they see her as a role model….Just because she dosent get a lot of comments here on just jared it dosent mean they she isnt famous! She has a youtube account and the ammount of views she has is over a million, and she alos get’s loads of comments from teenagers and some older people, im sure you know little kids’s aint good at useing computer and typing :P ! Theirs soooo POINT!

    And dont you ever think that she hasn’t auditions for any roles ATM! Before disney she has been in loads of films! and adverts.

    Its kind of obvius that you like Vanessa, And i don’t…. But im not like YOU and go too everysingle post and post about her and be mean because its not right, and its mean…. So i just keep my opinions too myself but you simply cant do that! If you hate somone you dont waste your time on them… Just like haters you have at work, or school.
    And you do seem kind of prejudice you always comments about her nose and stuff. if you dont like then look at somthing else on JJR you always hve too come here and cause a fuss.! And you said tthat your older or somthing….. YOUR NOT REALLY MATURE!

    Why bother commenting wasting your time if youu her???

  • Scashley Loveer ;x

    so if some bits dont make sense i type kinda fast and somtimes i miss out on the words.

  • ZJ207

    @jamz: you older generation?? HA! how old are you?
    and about “There is no need to protect your fave celeb because honestly they don’t care”: then why do you “protect” vanessa in her posts???? please you’re trying to act mature, but you can’t!! just face it, Ashley is and will always be the role model of millions of people, and not only teens! so go away, cz we don’t care about your opinion! And btw, if you don’t like people to criticize your precious vanessa then we don’t like you to come here anymore!!! what a kid! leave us alone!!

  • http://iloveashley lama

    احبك اشوووله حيييييييييييييييييييييييييييل


    miss ashley tisdal

    and ilove jonas

    miley is bad

    i love selena

    with my love

>>>>>>> staging1