Joe Jonas: InStyle's Heartthrob

Joe Jonas: InStyle's Heartthrob

Joe Jonas gets drenched from head to toe in the June 2009 issue of InStyle magazine.

The 19-year-old musician revealed to the mag the best thing is about being a JoBro. He shared, “It feels great when you’re on stage and girls are screaming for you. I become a different person.”

Joe also dished on what type of music he really digs, saying, “I like Spanish music and the female singers. I can’t understand what they’re saying, but as a songwriter I get it.”

Be sure to check out the JoBros new single, “Paranoid,” now available on iTunes!

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Photos: Brigitte Lacombe/InStyle
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  • Ashley

    He looks good. He’s got a really deep tan though.

  • vee.

    joe looks so handsome ;D follow me on twitter! :]]]

  • Sarah Jonas

    DAMN! Thats hot!!! I love that he likes spanish music :]

  • Jonas Hater

    What A Loser. He Can’t Even Sing. Why Do Even People Love Him? Yuck! he looks like a female

  • Sarah Jonas

    probably because of camilla. thats cool though.

  • Alice

    that was really stupid Joe, so u like spanish songs, u dont get the lyrics but u get what they’re saying???
    that’s really dumb

  • AJ

    Hot damn! Can I just say I had some really evil thoughts haha ;)

  • trish

    Okay, does anybody see a SQUARE bicep besides me???? He’s hot , but whats up with the weird muscle??? totally weird,,, it is SQUARE!!! It looks like a lego is stuck in there… anyways, I know this is weirder than the muscle thing, but I completely LOVE spanish music and don’t know a word…. what is that crap,,, all I know is I have listened to it forever and I guess I get what he is sayin, dumb or not , I kinda get it,,,, what I’m not gettin is a SQUARE muscle and nobody noticing it….. I guess Camilla is proud that leash is in there…. go girl… whip it up

  • Marioenrique

    daniel craig… really???

  • swe3t23

    haha what he said he likes to be on stage and girls screaming at him. SOUNDS LIKE A DOUCH BAG answer

  • karina




  • nessa

    yessss hispanic women :] !!!!!

    wooo hooo

  • Victoria

    ok…i am all for nick!


  • victoria

    that is not a flattering picture (with shirt).
    the close-up one is cute tho.



    sorri joe ur NO zac efron hun! LMAO
    this just looks like a photo shoot that zac would do. it just looks off….
    ROFL !!!

  • Francesca p



  • MariaFromPanama

    HE’S SO HOT..
    obviiously spaniish roocks!.
    even though he don’t understand.. its really cool.. to know that he likes u ameriican ppl.. hav 2 learn more spanishh.. like.. us.. the spaniish ppl learn englishh.. since kindergarden. (: i think u should.. u just know a few woords… & thats completly awkward for us.. cuz im sure ..if u come & talk with me im pretty sure that i can give u a normal conversation.. we know like the basic englishh.. & u guys.. just know.. like 5 or 6 words.. u_u not cool. ANYWAYY!
    loveee joe’spiicss!..gaaash!
    .thatts hott! he’s hot. really hot. man..
    p.s listen to spanish muusiic. is an amazing way to learn spanish.. cuz u wanna know what they’re sayin.. so u look for the words.. & then know what it means!-..& period! just as simple(:


    it looks like he’s trying tooo hard…..2 do a sexi pose?? its just making me LOL

    im not “trying” to hate on him……its just my opinion

  • jerseygirl

    Nice face Joe. Let’s go to dinner! :D

    Simply gorgeous!


    suck he looks like a female
    not manly as much
    not better than ZAC
    I hate him

  • MariaFromPanama

    *kindergarten ..
    they’re just amazing ·_·
    omg.. i dont even know why haters look this..its completly awkward.. i mean.. if u hate them DONT WATCH THIS!.. its stupid ._.
    it is ..

  • jazmin

    This is going to sound stupid as heck, but before i really got a look at it AND DIDN’T READ THE TITLE, I thought it was Pete Wentz. x] It’s the wet hair all slicked down over his face, that’s why.

  • katie

    swear to god i stopped breathing!!!! my god that is sexy!!!!!!

  • Sonia

    joe is the sexiest man alive!!!!!!!

  • Alyssa

    Gah, he is amazing!
    Freaking sexy beast right there!
    WAYYYYYY Better than that Zac Efron, he is uglyyy.

  • mikaela

    he looks weeirrdd
    and where’s the other two?

  • Don’tmesswithme

    Where is the other people. It not just joe

  • rii

    ehh the up close shot looks better than the red shirt one. its like hes trying too hard to be sexy in the red shirt shot. plus, i just really hate when guys wear really big v-necks/scoop necks lol.

    also, just because you dont understand the words to songs doesnt mean that you cant enjoy listening to them. i listen to loads of jpop/jrock and a bit of french music and i cant understand either language. even without knowing the meaning of the lyrics, songs can still be catchy or soothing. its kinda like listening to just instrumental music.

  • abby

    @trish: hahaaa his muscle IS square!!! but sweet baby jesus…he is HOT

  • adfgungarg

    That’s disturbing. I don’t see why stars with such a juvenile fan base do these soaking wet, sexified pictures and think they’ll get away with it without any scrutiny!

  • Lil’ Miss Smarty.

    Holy hot tamales!
    He is hooooootttt!!!
    OMJ I love him soooo
    much! So sexy! :P

  • Sticker.

    om jonas he is so hot!i love it joe is so hot i love the 1 with his face only and i love the other 1 to but om jonas he is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo hottttt!

  • maddie



  • Lil’ Miss Smarty.

    Wet, sexy and manly wooooooohoooooooo!
    I <3 him.

  • Sticker!

    Sooooo HOT!!!!!!!
    I love him.

  • gabi

    he is so freakinh hot!!
    he will kill me one day!!
    sexiest man alive!!

  • kay

    granted, he looks really good. but a part of me is just concerned for him. i just hope he’s ok. it kind of seems like he needs the crowd to be himself, he needs the girls and the screaming. eh. he looks hott, but i know so much more defines him.

  • meeee

    uhhmm he looks like a drunken hobo.
    sorry.. he loooks better when he’s not wet &grungy looking.
    i don’t like his haircut either.
    it was sooo cutes&hotter like 1 year agoo
    iluv the jonas brothers! esp. when you look me in the eyes
    i like nick most of all tho!

  • :)

    Does any1 else realize that in the picture of the red shirt the article next to it says joes celbrity crush is Daniel craig? The guy from casino royal… Awkward


    GO HE IS GORGEOUS. where’s nick and kev though?

  • de

    EWWW!! He’s so ugly!!

    Zac Efron is sooooo much hotter!!! Zac is HOT!

  • Toni and Angela :)

    @EVERY1ROXX LMAO!! =D I agree with you 100%, hon. Joe is nothing compared to Zac Efron! ;)

  • Toni and Angela :)

    @EVERY1ROXX LMAO!! =D We agree with you 100%, hon. Joe is nothing compared to Zac Efron! ;)

  • ca

    i loveeeee joeeeeee jonassss!!

  • jonas lover

    wow he looks amazingly hot but i wish kevin and nick were there to
    i love the jobros new song paranoid

  • sarah

    @kay: I completely agree with you. And who cares if he is not hotter than zac efron. There is so much more to a person than their looks. I think its time to grow up people.

  • cc27

    He is SOO HOT!!
    I Heard He Won Sexiest Guy IN That Magazine Photoshoot , Thats Why He Did Those Pose *.*

    So Much Hotter than nick and Kevin … Nick and Kevin [ Adorable ]
    Im Sorry!! :( But WOW JOE!! Seriously ! ? HOT!

  • chelsea

    so so so so hot<3
    he’s so heavenly :)

  • me.

    lmfao. why are people even comparing joe to zac?!
    it’s obvious Zac is soo much hotter, esp in photoshoot like these.
    i mean look at joe’s muscle, it’s freakin’ SQUARE. freakyyyy :/

  • Marie

    Joe Jonas is so hot and sexy.

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