Joe Jonas: InStyle's Heartthrob

Joe Jonas: InStyle's Heartthrob

Joe Jonas gets drenched from head to toe in the June 2009 issue of InStyle magazine.

The 19-year-old musician revealed to the mag the best thing is about being a JoBro. He shared, “It feels great when you’re on stage and girls are screaming for you. I become a different person.”

Joe also dished on what type of music he really digs, saying, “I like Spanish music and the female singers. I can’t understand what they’re saying, but as a songwriter I get it.”

Be sure to check out the JoBros new single, “Paranoid,” now available on iTunes!

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Photos: Brigitte Lacombe/InStyle
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  • zac

    Joe, stop trying to copy Zac. He is 100% much more talented and better looking.

  • http://yahoo yenibb8

    He’s soooo HOT!

  • kevin

    coming from a straight guys point of view… ahahah this makes me LOL so much, joe’s music is cool, but he just looks like a wannabee here, trying to look all dangerous and dirty, but the truth is, the only disney star that i think can pull that off is zac efron xD you cant compare joe to zac, have you seen zac’s body? the dude is ripped, and he can model for a newbie haha. this kid looks like a hobo that just finished eating a whopper from burger kings and needs a ride to his house :)

    compare this

    to this

    i think the first one has more bad boy talent xD :)

    joe stick to singing.

  • ari

    joe looks hot!!! nuff said
    and all you haters if you don’t like him don’t comment
    it just makes u look retarded,u dont like him yet u take time out of ur non liking him lives to comment on him.

  • Crazyfor JBfromCOSTARICA

    i think is awesome he likes spanish music….!!

  • mandy


  • Cassie

    @Alice: I have a feeling he was just messing around in this interview! I mean, c’mon his celebrity crush is Daniel Craig! lol

  • overated.

    @swe3t23: That’s what I thought. He likes girls coming at him, apparently he “becomes a different person”. He becomes a different person when girls are screaming at him? And frankly, I don’t like the hair on his chest. Gross. If he’s trying to be sexy, he should go back to 2007 where I actually thought he was hot.

  • gerox

    @trish haha! your correct! square muscle???? that’s weird!!!!!

  • eriza

    hot hot hot hot!!
    i stop breathing when i saw this picture!
    gosh!!he is soooooooooo hottttttttttttttttttt!! lol

  • Anne

    honestly, this is a PHENOMENAL photo of Joseph he looks very handsome and uber fit but i must say reading this comments pisses me off there is way more to Joe than his looks and if you can’t realize that then why like him?

  • Sam

    @overated.: Haha, I’d rather him have hair on his chest than for him to wax it off like a girl.

  • Chris

    I don’t know who advised him that this shoot was a good idea, but they need to reevaluate. I wouldn’t be proud of these pictures. I agree the upclose one is good, but the red shirt one looks terrible.

  • marilina

    WOW!!!he’s so hot……………!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why do you hate him??? she is so gorgeous so hot so cute!!!!
    <3 joe jonas!!

  • delani

    i have to admit, i jumped when i saw this.
    sexiest picture everrrr

  • nkeeyah

    He looks freakin’ hot! I’m a Nick fan but Joe looks WOW!

  • claudia


    thats all i can say when my mouth is to the floor


    soo hooot

  • Angela

    The close up picture is CUTE! I like him there! But the one with the red shirt… well… it’s just not there for me. He shouldn’t do photoshoots like this. It doesn’t suit him… sorry. Don’t hate me. =]

  • Irene

    OMG!! He’s soooooo hooot!

  • Meggg


  • amanda


  • Meela

    He looks like an idiot!

  • Sherydan


  • me.

    i prefer nick in that. wake up, joe. you’re not hot anymore!
    …yes, i hate saying that.

  • DemiFan

    Jonas is way sexier than EFRON,. Joe dosen;t have to try unlike EFRON. And Joe not hot anymore? seriously, what have you girls been on lately? Joe is the sexiest Jonas in the group! The next is KEVIN. NICK is kind of GROSS. HATE HIM.

  • Sav

    He looks like he’s trying to hard

  • anonomous!

    EEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKK……overload!!! WOW! joe, man, thats sweet! But who’s he trying to impress, camilla????

  • ceren

    ewwwwwwwwww he’s ugly and he looks like a monster bye

  • jenny


  • amanda

    @ceren: WOW how exactly old r u??? 7??

  • m

    he has the most PERFECT face the guy can have. seriously, people who r saying ew r probably a 5-year old boys or they don’t see very well…
    cuz there’s NOTHING ew about this guy!!

  • Peyton

    This picture almost killed me yesterday.

    SO HOT.

  • vikki

    wow judging by his pics he does not look like a purity ring wearer maybe hes lying about being a virgin?????

  • ivanka

    he is such and hypocrite!

    the interview says he is so angelical, so unable to say sexy but cmon,.. like he was a little boy, im sure he has experience with camilla in the “sex” thing..

  • http://none judy

    joe much hotttttttttttttter than zac ok
    please shut up
    zac =make up always
    joe simply beautiful

  • Georgia

    I don’t like it. He looks too mature..I hate the whole ‘disney’ label, but i prefer it to this.

  • karola

    wow!!! JOE!!
    he looks soo hot and I think he looks better then Zac Efron…
    for me Zac is only handsome in 17 again … but JOE – always!

  • Megan

    Someone is trying to rebel ;)

    Give me Kevin anyday.

  • Julie

    i’m so over him. he’s not hot anymore. especially not in that picture.
    he tries too hard. i think the fame got into the jobros’ heads

  • LaurenBrooke

    Oh my god!
    I am going straight to hell for the thoughts in my head right now!

  • c

    oohhhhhh emmmmm geeeeeeee

    thats ALL miiinnneeeeee right thereeeeee[[:

    joseph adam jonas♥

  • Laura

    Don’t hate me for this. I am a huge Jonas Brothers fan. However, he is trying way to hard to be “sexy.” Also, best thing about being a Jonas Brother is the screaming girls? Come on now. Honestly? We know he has changed, and it apparent in everything he does. Spanish is beautiful. However, he needs to get his priorities straight. Sorry. This is from an older (kevin aged) fan.

  • Laura

    @adfgungarg: TRUE

  • Laura

    @Alice: Agree

  • Laura

    @Alice: Agreed, read my comment I said it polietly. lol

  • Nydi

    OMG!! this man is so hot.

    He deserves a fine for walking in this look..

    He want kill me!! :|

  • jayajoejonas


  • Clarissa

    i agree… i like the jonas brothers, but this is just weird and makes me feel awkwards just looking at these. i don’t like when they try to be “sexy.”

  • Stacy

    WOW!!! Hes soooooooo hot and sexy, I always knew it too but now WOW. Hmmm maybe someday he will be in playgirl, that would really be hot.

  • Courtney

    Joe is so beautiful :)

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