Joe Jonas: InStyle's Heartthrob

Joe Jonas: InStyle's Heartthrob

Joe Jonas gets drenched from head to toe in the June 2009 issue of InStyle magazine.

The 19-year-old musician revealed to the mag the best thing is about being a JoBro. He shared, “It feels great when you’re on stage and girls are screaming for you. I become a different person.”

Joe also dished on what type of music he really digs, saying, “I like Spanish music and the female singers. I can’t understand what they’re saying, but as a songwriter I get it.”

Be sure to check out the JoBros new single, “Paranoid,” now available on iTunes!

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Photos: Brigitte Lacombe/InStyle
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  • Ashleyiii

    Ohh! Ez oan édeeeeeeesssssssss! so sweeeeeet!!!!!

  • tara

    UCHHH this is horrrrriiiibbbbllllleee :P
    ew ew ew ew ew
    he doesnt even look good..

    he is gonnaget in serisouse trouble for this..
    i would hit him.
    i love them..
    but ewww
    LOVE U NICK <3

  • katie

    @trish: Yes I see the square muscle also

  • ♥Zanessafan4lyfe♥

    OMG, hottie allert ♥

  • hah

    lol at the teenies here.

    Get over it people, he’s growing up, everyone does that.
    He’s almost 20, he can do whatever he wants.

    And how in the world is he trying to be Zac?
    Zac wasn’t the first person who did those poses, seriously.

    And people who are whining about his ‘square’ muscle…I bet all you have is pork.

    And he’s changed yes.But not for the worse.
    He’s 19 people, he can’t act like 16 anymore.

    All I’m just saying is that he’s growing up and maturing, you guys should try it too.

    Older fans like me actually like those pictures, wanna know why?
    Because it shows that he isn’t that clean-image boy Disney wants him to be, he’s himself.

    You guys should be happy for him and of what he is, not whining about what you want him to be.

    Nobody’s perfect.

  • katie(:

    I lost respect for Joe

  • katie(:


  • katie(:

    im a huge JB fan, but this is gross & innapropriate, I lost respect for Joe

  • jasmine!

    AYE PAPAi!
    haha lmao<33
    I love it he likes that salsa bby!
    I officaly love joe jonas
    even more!<33

  • Lil’ Miss Smarty.

    Is there a problem
    that is sexy muscles
    are square???
    It don’t matter thats HOT!!!

    And I can’t believe the
    FANS!!! That are actually
    losing respect and
    love for him. Whats the
    big deal? He didn’t choose
    to do this InStyle Magazine
    wanted him to do this. So
    obviously you guys
    arent really the most
    dedicated fans! And JB haters,
    You guys SUCK! Lol :P

    Love JB 4 EVER!
    Even if they take pictures
    like this.

  • Lil’ Miss Smarty.

    Sorry I meant HIS sexy muscles.

  • Just Interested

    he’s NOT hot ;]]
    & no joe obsessors i’m not jealous & i ain’t blind

    he’s a douch i dislike him & i hate his voice

  • Rachael

    So Nick, is my all time favorite.
    But, DAMN!
    He looks so hot!
    Wooh, Nick needs to do a photoshoot like this.

    I love them.
    So talented.

  • anon

    soo good looking my friend!!!
    stop hating on him people! you’re all wasting your time!!!

  • nina caplan

    eeeeeeeeeeeew, thats grooooooose…… ew

  • sophie


  • kate

    O MY GOSH!!!!! I think i just died and went to heaven!!!He is soooo SMEXY!!!!!

  • ella1170

    lmao seriously that is hot! And yes hispanic girls!!!

  • Karina

    Ohh, joe ‘s sooo hottttttttttttttttttt !

  • shae

    Wow. He is gorgeous lol.

  • adkvmfbod


  • Madi-Son



  • paolaa!

    joe is verry hot :P ilove youu nicholas:D

  • Katiejb

    I think there okay I wouldn’t go crazy over him but I really understand his passion for music because music is my passion because that’s all i’ve got left and I love how he so freakin hilarious he could make anybody laugh!

  • Kami

    honestly he doesnt look very attractive there…hes trying to hard

  • Alyssa

    @Just Interested: Hun before you go and say things to try and piss someone off, learn how to spell, OK?

  • zac fan

    omg Joe is sooooo ugly

    Zac is so much hotter

  • JonasBroADDict!

    I love the jonas brothers and everything but the only thing i dont get is why did joe put daniel craig as his celebrity crush….?thats a guy….And joe’s not gay so whyd he put that?

  • Alina

    @Jonas Hater: Shut up if u hav nothing nice 2 say then don’t say SHIT at all. Ur just jelous that he and the rest of JB are WAY HOTTER, TALENTED AND BETTER PPL than u’ll ever be. Don’t worry, maybe if u sit out on the street with a piece of cardboard saying “I’m a lonely fuckface”, some fellow hobo could go and pick you up! Have funn!

  • Alina

    @EVERY1ROXX: Shut up if u hav nothing nice 2 say then don’t say SHIT at all. Ur just jelous that he and the rest of JB are WAY HOTTER, TALENTED AND BETTER PPL than u’ll ever be. Don’t worry, maybe if u sit out on the street with a piece of cardboard saying “I’m a lonely fuckface”, some fellow hobo could go and pick you up! Have funn!

  • Rachel

    @trish: he doesn’t have a square muscle. its s shadow from his head.

  • jonaslover!!!

    because it’s not only little kids listening to there
    music it’s mostly teens,
    if you look in the audience at a jonas concert.
    there are a few little kids
    and a buuuunch of teens and young adults.
    barely any little kids.
    so yeah…….and i doubt any little kid
    jonas fan is going to even see these pics.
    or look at the magazine.

  • jonaslover

    are you guys blind? the shadow is making his muscle appear “square”

    jeeze. shutup

  • Cindy

    wtf?!?! zac efron is hella ugly
    Joe Jonas is f***** sexy
    Joe is so much hotter then zac efron
    I love joe jonas!
    when I saw this I was like….”HOT DAYUM!”

  • Alyssa

    @zac fan: Haha! you are funny, Zac is so ugly.

  • Alyssa

    @JonasBroADDict!: He probebly meant his favorite spanish singer or something, cause he said his celeb crush is Jessica Alba.

  • kar

    Ew! is he trying to be Zac [Efron]? It’s so not working for him. He’s not hot at all. I don’t see what other people see about him that’s to die for. He’s not handsome, either.

  • lillian


  • Yay!

    @Jonas Hater: Fuck you.
    you waste your life “hating” them.
    What a loser?
    A loser that’s in INSTYLE.
    What are you?
    Some cunt on the internet.
    Exactly proving my point.
    Get a life. It’s people like you that make JB even more famous.

  • no, no, no..

    oh God°

  • no, no, no..


  • sabrina

    hi jared?

  • lalala

    why does he has to be sooo hottttttt !!!!!!!

  • danilkamarie


    that’s true. american people only know a few words in spanish while we, the hispanic people, have to learn it, which is good for us because we can travel without any problem but yeah, it’d be cool if they could learn some español. hahahahaa!! joe talking in spanish, a good spanish, not like “fiesta y hola”… that must be really hot! hahahhaha!!


    It looks like he’s wearing a red scoop neck blouse. YucK! And at least Efron had abs!

  • steph

    i think that the jonas brothers are into hispanic woman…idk why but i mean camila belle,selena gomez spanish music..hmmm???

  • steph

    Its funny how people are saying JOe is trying to be ZACK…
    did you guys forget that ZACK is trying to be ROBERT PATTZ..??

  • Jason


  • shan

    He looks female, yeah? I think you need your eyes tested (Y)

  • Paula

    i think the the spanish girls voice,is the last thing joe is thinking about

>>>>>>> staging1