Taylor Swift + Lil’ Wayne = Rap Duet

Taylor Swift + Lil’ Wayne = Rap Duet

Taylor Swift called into Detroit radio station channel 955′s Mojo In The Morning to dish on collaborations, mixing musical genres and dating in the public eye. Check out what the 19-year-old musician had to say:

On mixing musical genres: “I loved it when Tim McGraw paired up with Nelly. I thought that was so cool, like when you mix musical genres and it works I think it can be something so special.”

On one of her many dream collaborations: “YES!! That would be awesome [to collaborate with rapper Lil' Wanye]. I would want to sing one of his hooks. Yeah, that’d be awesome.”

On being in a relationship that you’re not ashamed of: “I think it’s all about like that fine line. You don’t want somebody who’s just dating you so that they can shout it from the rooftops and you also don’t want the guy who, you know, is on the opposite end of the spectrum. So it’s like you just wanna find the guy that’s in the middle of all of those spectrums, of all those things that you want, you wanna find that guy that’s got a little bit of everything that you’re looking for. And I haven’t found him and I’m not in a rush to find him. I’ve never really needed a boyfriend all the time.”

Check out the full interview @ Channel955.com.

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  • hannah


    i love taylor she is amazing!!

    on a sid enot please vote at the mtv movie awards for all taylors friends- miley, hsm3 cast- especially zac and vanessa for best kiss!!

    peace out!


    c qui cette pute?

  • me

    THat would be kind of cool. I love Lil’ Wayne and I like Taylor Swift, so it would be awesome if they did something together. As long as it’s not too over the top…Taylor’s voice doesn’t seem like it has that much range.

  • Annabel

    I don’t think a Taylor Swift and Lil’ Wayne collaboration would work that well. Sometimes meshing genres can sound good, but I think Taylor dueting with a rapper would be kind of… corny, for lack of a better word. Just as long as she doesn’t start actually rapping again. I saw her performing Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” once… yikes. I caught a case of secondhand embarrassment there. Oh well, if it happens it’ll at least be interesting, I suppose.

  • edf

    it could work. wayne is not your typical “rappper”

    its not gonna be some thugged out song or what not. It could literally be about anything.

  • Lauren

    i have a feeling if she puts her mind to it she could do anything..she is truly amazing, id love to meet her she is truly my favourite star at this moment in time

  • lokomotor

    I agree.

    I don’t think of Taylor as a teenager anymore but as an incredibly intelligent and capable adult musician/businesswoman stuck in a 19 year old girl’s body.

  • kay

    love her. could come out cool

  • ~DIEBA~

    i love Taylor..
    but rap..
    its sound weird for me..
    but we’ll see..
    Hope it turn up well…

  • Kayla Smith

    I think that if taylor and wayne can pull this off it will put a whole new version to a new syle of music.
    Good luck taylor. It sounds exciteing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    #1 fan!!!!!!!!!!!! Truely

  • Roger


    I’d say that pretty much nails it.

  • Leah C

    I love taylor so much! I can’t wait until she comes to Michigan with Keith!!!

  • La la la

    uhm , she stole Taylor Lauter from me and I really dont Like her , I only Like one song by her which is “You Belong With Me” . so yeah , well bye :)

  • Megan

    i tihnk drake & taylor swift would make a better duet…i would want to see that