The Jonas Brothers Run For Their Lives!!!

The Jonas Brothers Run For Their Lives!!!

The Jonas Brothers struggle to keep a foot ahead of screaming fangirls in this new still from their new series, JONAS.

In the upcoming episode “Keeping It Real,” Sandy (Rebecca Creskoff) is upset to see her boys growing accustomed to the perks of fame so she calls for a more normal home environment. However, Kevin, Joe and Nick find it hard to complete even the simplest of tasks, like taking out the garbage, without being mobbed by fans. Then, a growing crowd of fans trap them inside a local store and now the guys must devise a plan to make it home in time for their normal family dinner.

JONAS airs THIS Sunday, May 17 @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

10+ JONAS stills inside…

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jonas brothers run for life 01
jonas brothers run for life 02
jonas brothers run for life 03
jonas brothers run for life 04
jonas brothers run for life 05
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jonas brothers run for life 07
jonas brothers run for life 08
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jonas brothers run for life 11
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Photos: Jaimie Trueblood/Disney Channel
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  • lori ezzedine


  • tara

    OHMYGOSH :) i cant waitt :)
    i love the show JONAS, and the boys :D
    they are amazing ppl :)
    i cant wait for their world tour..
    i hear they are postpoing mexico’s show cuz of swine flu :(
    i dont live there, but im sad for the fans there :(
    any ways,
    im so excited :D

  • tara

    OMJ :) i bot Paranoid on Itunes yestreday and already its one of the most played songs on my itunes :P hha
    i love them jonas boys <33
    i wanna met them so bad.
    i cant wait for their concert
    im their #1 fan.
    i am and i can prove it! :)

    LOVE U NICK :)


  • tara

    JONAS – LYFEE :)
    boys i hearttt u

  • JJJ fan

    the one where joe and kevin are like saluting or something – isn’t that from the groovy movies episode? Joe’s even holding the cake mix.

  • Chris

    Can’t wait to see this episode.

  • maria

    we finally get to see the episode where they are running from girls, the first ever promo we saw of the show back in january. it seems like a good episode, with the type of storyline i expected JONAS would have (as opposed to pizza girls haha).

  • swe3t23

    jonas = epic fail ………their song drop #2 on itunes to #22 is 2 days wow

    no cares anymore hahah

  • Lil’ Miss Smarty.

    Wow if I was
    one of those girls,
    they wouldn’t get away
    from me lol :P
    I’m super fast. No
    mean to brag. I can’t wait
    for this episode!

  • cc27

    JOE JONAS!! :)
    Soo Adorable!

    Can;t Wait :)

  • lauren

    #8 you r stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lil’ Miss Smarty.

    @swe3t23: You wish. The JB’s are AMAZING, TALENTED AND…….SUPER HOTTT! So SHUT UP you looooooooooosssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  • Anamaria

    some ppl r soo sad! stop hating!! they are amazing, talented and GORGEOUS and i cant wait to meet them!! when r they coming down under????
    love u JONAS xoxox

  • margi

    can’t wait 2 see the episod ……please telecast them in india as soon as possible……u guys r amayzing……

  • Teresa

    I really love the Jonas Brothers. I can wait to see the new movie and this serie.Love you guys.

  • mrs. Jonas, the 1st and only

    u know, the jonas brothers may be the hatred of some, stupid, stupid people, but they are truly very down to earth people that everybody should enjoy listening to, young and old. so u can put them down and say that they suck (which they don’t) but when you post that insult, think about this, the jonas brothers are real people who have real feelings. so how about u think about how u feel when somebody insults u. so before you post that insult, an old saying can come into play here. if you don’t have anything nice to say (or type) then don’t say (or type) anything at all

  • Chris

    I always thought this would be the first episode. I’ll be watching it this weekend. Nice that we get two episodes in two days and at least this time they get a Sunday timeslot. It’s hard being home on Saturday night.

    There will always be people who are jealous of those who at a young age have worked really hard and are really talented and are able to pursue careers that others will only dream about.

  • Yvonne

    That pic of Kevin behind the glass door—-WOW!

  • trish

    does anyone find it funny that they say in the pizza girl episode that no Jonas will ask out someone they all have a crush on? if it was like their real life didn’t they all crush on Camilla? just sayin,,, and jokin around

  • Marce

    oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!! COME TO COLOMBIA

  • msfreek93

    OMJ kevin look sooooooooooooo cute with that jacket and glasses and the ep. look amazing can’t wait love you guys =]

  • Teresa

    Jonas are the most lovely boys in world. Kevin looks really hot in that glasses, Joe are amazing and Nick is so cute. And Chealsea is to cool. And pretty

  • tara

    i just watched this episode today :) ITS SO AWEOMSE =)
    love dem jobros!!! :)
    i serisouly cant wait for summer.
    NICK :) :) :)

  • liv

    i can see that happening too.

  • gabriela

    i love you Nick and Joe
    so you re fantastic singers

  • gabriela

    the JB are hot and fantastic singers….

    The JB’s stole my heart

  • http://jobro zeeni

    well i like u guys.kevin dude ur sweet and nice guy .and joe ur hot and sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxyyyyyyy.nick dude u r of my age man me ur cute.i love u guys.keep rocking and joe dont hurt urself becoze many people r attached with u guys just for ur fans dont hurt ur self kevin me u r understanging boy.i will like u guys when u would me of80

>>>>>>> staging1