Mitchel Musso - "Hey" Official Music Video

Mitchel Musso -

Mitchel Musso rocks out on the colorful sidewalk in his brand-new music video for “Hey.”

The 17-year-old musician recently dished on what the song means, saying, “It’s all about being done with a girl and she keeps coming back. I’m kind of just like, ‘Dude, I’m done.’”

Mitchel‘s self-titled, debut album hits shelves on Tuesday, June 2. Be sure to pick a copy up!

Mitchel Musso – “Hey” Official Music Video
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  • riana


  • Hanna Lovato

    noo wat is it with disney people who are amazing at acting tht wanna sing

    Demi Miley Are Fine At Singing But Selena Emily And Mitchel Keep Acting Its Your Best :) xxx

  • t

    another whiny-punk-teen song..

    gosh his face annoys me


    bad comments you better stop wasting your time and just don’t comment!



  • chloe

    emily osment, mitchel musso, selena gomez, etc. should stick to acting.
    they’re actors not singers.
    miley & demi are the only ones that can be both.

  • loko!

    its just one more generic song about nothing.

    YES! his face is so whiny

  • jenae

    I have to admit that his dancing is a little awkward. But, I love the song! Nice job, Mitchel <3

  • cceeeee

    i dont mind his voice, or the song,
    better than most things that demi whatsherface puts out.
    I just dont like the way hes jumping around
    & the face hes making.

    or that he just puts his arm around some random chick
    at the end of the video haha,
    if i was that girl id be like, hey at least introduce yourself :D

  • nay

    this songs actually really catchy, and
    love songs whether good or about breakups,
    they sell.

  • swe3t23

    actually the song is alright….but some of his songs on his upcoming album are more like a metro station vibe.

    he worked with the lead singer from Boys Like Girls Martin

  • chris

    Its amazing to see how many people hate. Look obviously he impressed a label and he’s making money doing it. He’s also a good kid. Cut him some slack boys and girls. If you can do it better go and try

  • Natalia

    if you don’t have anything good to say just shut up!!!!
    the song and video are wonderful and…. he’s amazing….

  • disneygirl323

    The video was so amazing I was blown away so original, it was so OMM ^_^ I love all the colors n u can totally feel the eneregy the pasion he put in 2 it. So out of this world MiTcHeL♥ is just so aMaZiNg. I can’t wait 2 get the album June 2nd almost here YaY =D


  • aaldi

    cool ;)

  • aaldi

    I love u michel ;)

  • Julia

    suprisingly, the song is decent. i remember when he used to rap, that was bad. but stick to singing and he’ll be fine! :)

  • KARENjbfan7

    Mitchel musso is pretty cute but the music video is kinda boring and i didnt really like the song that much either. But he is still really awesome at acting!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WhatChoNameiz


    Yeah because it’s so HARD to pick up a script and memorize it. Demi and Miley can’t act. Yeah, they’re good singers but acting is not their forte (sp?).
    Anyway, Mitchel’s voice isn’t bad. He just wasn’t meant to be a singer.
    Leave it to Mason to sing, Mitchel. :)

  • chastin

    Awwww, A for effort.

  • Melody rose

    I really like this guy’s voice!
    I think the song is catchy too, though I’d like to see the deeper side of Mitchel. I bet he would do really well!

  • BRiana

    wow just another wanna be singer!
    this song is kinda weird!
    ya i think he should stick to acting!

  • ashRocKS

    we should support ashley tisdale!!!

  • bohosky

    that song is so awsome and ur super cute

  • emmylou

    how can people say he cant sing and should stick with acting!?!?!

    he is an awesome singer and the video is awesome too!

  • Jannii

    Well, the song is kinda good but the guy is really awful!
    And he can’t dance! ^^

    *ha ha* # 20 … I agree with you =D

  • Rooney

    Mitchel, Emily, Selena should all just keep acting. That is what they are good at!

    And Jonas Brothers should just stick to the singing, for their acting is really bad and specially on their new show: “JONAS” which is also boring!

  • love_miley

    Mitchell is awesome !!! yes selena gomez is actress not singer! Mitchell is actor and singer! Emily too! They can sing !!! and Miles she is AMAZING!

  • DRew

    i love mitchel so much!!! i love all of his songs! and this one is wicked too!!! go mitchel!!!!!!!

  • Nirina

    DUDE!!!! this video is totally off the hook! i absolutely love it. HEY, I’M SCREAMING AT YOO!! <3

  • cami

    OMG, I’M IN LOVE <3

  • Tash

    What on earth is going on? That’s a Ryan Gillmor song. How come he has it?

  • steponme

    follow the yellow brick road :]

    awesome..but coulve been better..

  • shania phillips

    this song is really cool he has an awsome voice

  • shania phillips

    thus song is so cool he has an amasing voice it would be so cool and hey mitchel if your ever on here u are amazing

  • bianca

    surprisingly i like this, dunno why it’s just…. catchy.

  • Brandi

    Mitchel’s awesome!
    Love the song.
    The video’s a bit wierd, though..
    Like him and the girl at the end of it..haha

  • Kaylaa

    OMFG, I looovvveeedd itt!!! ♥ :D :)

  • http://justjaredjr.con Jessica

    what? how can u people say that! Miley, emi, selena,Demi and stuff are good at both singing and acting. Mitchel is hot and he has a great voice so why cant he share it with the world?

  • hugemileyfan

    How come EVERYONE on the diney channel SINGS!

    it allright for the jonas brothers,demi lovato and miley cyrus but it is NOT okay for (no offence to all these peolpe who are huge fans of these singers) Emily and Mitchell to just start singing!

    Selena is okay because she was alredy a singer before she joined Disney !

    It’s like the rest of the world just wants to join the entertainmnt industry all of the sudden and that leves less and lesser people doing other careers like cooking and science.and I heard that less and less people are taking up science as a career!

    No offence about the last paragraph because I know how feel in fact I want to become a musican myself someday!

    Mitchell you have a great voice and your music video was great but (this is for all the disney channel stars who want to take up singing)just stick with one career please!

  • lilz ♥

    nice song!
    good job mitchel!

  • Joe

    Gillmor is way better!

  • sarah

    I disagree with most of you, I happen to like his (Mitchel) voice
    , yea mabey he doesn’t have a “beautiful ” voice (soprano )
    but its catchy and unique. I also think Demi Lovato rocks at singing.
    I think everyone else in disney inculuding Miley suck.

  • arantxa



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