Simon Curtis: Miley Cyrus is Incredible

Simon Curtis: Miley Cyrus is Incredible

Simon Curtis is here to set the rumors straight — Miley Cyrus isn’t a diva.

The 23-year-old actor called into WZAP Radio yesterday night to dish on his upcoming guest spot on Hannah Montana and told host Zach Sang that all the rumors about Miley being uptight and stuck-up are lies.

Simon shared, “It’s so clear that all of that is so fabricated and couldn’t be farther from the truth. Because she was a joy to work with. I didn’t know what to expect as far as Miley is concerned. But she was the sweetest, most hilarious girl.”

He continued, “She showed up to work every day. No entourage. Just her. Wet hair, no makeup. Totally chill. Knew all of her lines. Incredible work ethic. So respectful of everyone on set.”

Simon‘s episode, Once, Twice, Three Times Afraidy, debuts Sunday, May 31 @ 8pm ET/PT on Disney Channel.

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Simon Curtis – WZAP Radio, 05/14
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  • Kenzie

    I don’t know this guy, but I totally love him. I don’t understand how people can hate on Miley, she seems like such an amazing, sweet girl.

  • mileyfan

    I knew Miley was hilarious,awesome,incredible,sweet,great,cute,downtoearth,respectful etc.!
    And now what i said came true!

  • Lauren

    i knew she would be a joy to work with – she’s a great personality, when shes in interviews she never changes she acts like a 16 year old kid, acting around, she was on the jonathan ross show when she was in london, and it was hilarious…she acts as if shes just hanging out with her friends as if being famous and doing all this work is just the normal (i suppose for her it is) but, i dunno, shes a great role model for people because shes just being her and having fun

  • jamz

    That’s what they call acting my friend, what do we know before she gets there. She is one smart cookie, she knows when to put on her work face and that’s all you’ll see.

  • ALY

    i <3 Simon Curtis now! He seems soo nice! But to all the haters..miley is a rly nice girl! =D! And you havent met her so you rly cant say anything bad!

    Simon Curtis + Miley Cyrus = Sweet Couple

  • katie

    simon is so adorable and is such an inspiration <3 heh, i always thought he and miley would make a cute couple–too bad he’s not younger!

  • lili

    love him! such a sweet dude, a good actor, and a great singer–hope he goes far!


  • jenny

    @ALY: Whoa, ur just way over ur head! Just cause he said all that about her, suddenly they make a “sweet couple”! Get over it! He’s 23!!! but probably she wouldn’t care since she’s datin a guy who’s 20! she looks like a freak! simon’s probably saying that cause he doesn’t want to be mean!

  • m

    well i knew all along that Miley is a sweetheart!!:D

  • carl

    omg! of course miley is very real she like the only artists that is real to all her fans!! everyone else are just robot.

    Miley is great you can tell that she hilarious!!

  • mimi

    awwwh miley is so sweet you can totally tell she a sweet heart and a total professional! she is very real to all her fans. miley is a great girls we all know that!!

  • Victoria

    and ive never thought any different of miley. i always knew she was sweet!
    love her <3

  • karla jonatika

    love cyrus

  • jen

    <3 Miley


    also vote for best song “the climb”

  • jo

    EVERYONE that works with her says the same.
    He seems like an awesome guy himself.

  • ALY


    Would you shut up! Thats what i think…and no one asked you! Your just a pathetic miley hater how thinks your always right! ughh…get over what i thnk!

  • billythekid


    Sorry my dear, but no one is that good an actor, or that great a con. Anyone who has seen or heard Miley in various tv or radio interviews know she basically wears her emotions on her sleeves, and there is just no way this girl spends all day on set being a fake to all the people around her. Those same people who all agree that she is not phony, and is a generally decent person. You, on the other hand, just don’t like her and choose to believe what’s so obviously false.


    Ditto to you.

  • barbarasa

    she is the one!!
    arriba miley! I love you

  • Toni and Angela :)

    You know what? Simon Curtis is right. He is 100% right. You wanna know how we know he’s telling the truth? Well, we’ve actually met Miley ourselves and she really is a nice girl. She’s extremely down-to-earth and so full of energy! She has a sweet and fun personality and we can’t see how anyone can hate her because she’s just an amazing person! :) Miley Cyrus isn’t a stuck up diva and we have proof. We love Miley because she isn’t afraid to be herself and have fun, and sure she’s made mistakes but who hasn’t? We think that just shows how real she is. And @lauren: Thank you! :) We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! You are so right, hon! :)) God bless.

  • 251458


  • Amanda

    love him:) milez is so nice and amazing ahaha she told me to write that and love yall

  • Ashley


  • .

    pshhh #6 like his age wud make a difference to her n her family!!

  • mitsie

    i think she has a great personality. and her face is unique yet so pretty. go miley! i followed her on twitter and she’s awesome!

  • miley♥jonasbrothers

    miley is sooo pretty
    ..i love her hair , eyes and everything about her.
    miley has a great personality and a beautiful smile
    u just gotta love her

  • HMCT

    Its true she really is a sweetheart and down to earth person, yes she has alot of energy but she is suppose to she is young! She is hilarious with some of the things she jokes about and that gets her called a diva by those who don’t understand her humor, well you know what your loss, its not her fault that you don’t have a sense of humor and try to attach something negative on everything she says. Maybe some of the kids who get on here with their negativity should follow suit and go burn off some of that energy instead of putting all their energy into posting hateful comments or better yet get off those bad attitudes and try to enjoy life like she does instead of complaining about everything! If I complained and nit-picked about everything I didn’t like I would be miserable, just like some of you guys on here posting. Seriously MOVE ON, and let the ones who enjoy her and her talents, enjoy it and you can go enjoy that EMO stuff, which is basically just a rehashed sub-culture from the eighties only we did it better and didn’t borrow our little sisters jeans!

  • hugemileyfan

    GOOOO MILEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

    you show those hates that you are no stuck up snob

>>>>>>> staging1