Taylor Lautner: Fire Hydrant Hop

Taylor Lautner: Fire Hydrant Hop

Jacob Be Nimble, Jacob Be Quick!

A jumpy Taylor Lautner tests out if he can jump over a red fire hydrant in the streets of Vancouver on a rainy Monday afternoon (May 11).

The 17-year-old New Moon actor successfully leaped over it!

Before Twilight came along, Taylor starred in The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D. What does director Robert Rodriguez think of Taylor now?

Rodriguez told MTV, saying, “He was the first actor we saw for Sharkboy and Lavagirl and we picked him right off. He was the first actor who came in, and we knew he was the guy. It’s no surprise to me that he was going to go on to great things.”

10+ pics of hippity-hoppity Taylor Lautner

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taylor lautner fire hydrant 01
taylor lautner fire hydrant 02
taylor lautner fire hydrant 03
taylor lautner fire hydrant 04
taylor lautner fire hydrant 05
taylor lautner fire hydrant 06
taylor lautner fire hydrant 07
taylor lautner fire hydrant 08
taylor lautner fire hydrant 09
taylor lautner fire hydrant 10

Credit: Dzilla; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • RTTloveeer ;

    OMG! So cool! I wanna do that too, hah!

  • wjs

    awww i love Taylor! he is so sweet. that jump was awesome! :)

  • m


  • lily

    <3 Taylor

    He’s Like So Fiit n Jumpy Lol

    Cant Wait To See Him In NewMoon XD

    Team Taylor/Jacob

  • http://lala@hi5.com lala


  • saudia

    Taylor is so hot .. sooo hot!! :)

  • Mireeeeeyyaaaa


    i L O V E him


    that’s such a cool pik with him jumping over the fire thingy! lol

    ok. my 5 seconds of excitement is over. his post are a bore with out selena!

    hey she maybe alittle of a bore sometimes 2 but he’s more exciting 2 me with her!! yup yup


  • Leah

    What the devil is he doing? You would never catch Rob Pattinson doing that. He is far too cool.

  • ivanka

    why he is he always wearing black clothes?

  • Nikki

    there is something about his face that looks weird! like FEMININ!!

  • Jenny

    Why are some people hating on Taylor so much? I personally prefer Taylor over Rob but it’s not like I’m hating Rob either

    Team Edward & Team Taylor

  • arantxa

    Taylor (L)

  • caroline

    he’s soo cute !! love him !

  • Anon

    people hate on him because they think he more negatives comments about him that are made somehow props Pattinson up.

  • Timcsi

    He’s 17 and a little hyperactive. So what?
    He’s adorable and SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Leave him alone!

  • katie

    Leah’s juss sounds like a snob. ‘Oh, you’d never catch Rob doing that..’ Yeah and who gives a damn?!

    (And I think Rob would do something like that..)

  • mae-mae

    i noticed he always wears black,maybe cause he looks so good in it. :)

  • Russian girl

    Taylor is absolutely ADORABLE! One of the most charming guy I ever saw!)))

  • http://zacefron.ws Lauren

    ahaha. how adorablee.

  • soph

    the best ever pics of taylor! hes awesome. im liking him more than rob now-a-days ;)

  • shanann

    at least he didnt slip and fall. but that looks like so much fun :)

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/superstar73041 anop


  • jessica

    lol thats funny i tried that and fell falt on my face! it’s was halarios i call that a skill compared to me ! lol

  • jessica

    lol thats so cute ! thats somting i would do! can’t wait till new moon ! I LOVE YOU TAYLOR !

  • meghan

    nice jump taylor!!!!!!!

    i am team taylor/jacob all the way!!

  • anna

    omggggg! freaking sexyyyyy!
    taylor lautner is soooooooooo hotttttttt!
    like omgg! whenever i seee him its like :O
    hes soo hottt<3

  • http://www.justjaredjr.buzznet.com Teresa

    OMG… Taylor is so hot and pretty. I really love him, and i love his films… Twilght is fantastic

  • http://Www.justjaredjr.com jordan

    Bloody gorgeous..
    And my age too ;)

    @mae-mae: totally agree!

  • Nika

    every one only likes rob cuz of his character


  • miss zanessa

    hehe he`s just a big kid ^^
    how cute
    sometimes it´s ok to get out our inner kid :)

  • http://Justjaredtmjr. titiania

    taylor is sooooooooooooooooo hot


    i LOVE taylor lautner. his body just makes me want 2 melt
    look at that jump. he is so SMEXY

  • http://www.mficonnect.com Christian.

    What shoes is he wearing? never seen those before.

  • tahnee

    OMG that was so amazing! I wish i was there to see that he is so energetic! I LOVE YOU TAYLOR!!!!!!

  • Eviilbunny1938

    lol i would do that to! hes cute too =[